Recommendation for Thorens repair / setup

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Mfj55, Aug 4, 2022 at 10:06 PM.

  1. Mfj55

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    Can anyone recommend someone to work on a classic Thorens turntable. Has the void left by Dave from Vinyl Nirvana’s retirement been filled? Thx!
  2. Swann36

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    Lincoln, UK
    letting us know where you are in the world might help getting a reply
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  3. Mfj55

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    sorry. Long Island, New York.
  4. Thorensman

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    They are quite straightforward.
    Arms are easy to fit.
    Suspension easy to set up.
    Plinths are plentiful.
    Motors and powersupplies are available.
    One mod I swear by is to use standard
    Screened wire to connect to sockets on rear of plinth.
    The complete amount of freedom
    Allows for a Superb bounce.
    Good luck
    Roksan Nima an excellent choice for a tonearm yey no one ever considers it.
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  5. Thorensman

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    Look for a service engineer familiar
    With Linn LP12.
    Don't be afraid to to specify changes
    You would like.
    I fitted an SME 111s tonearm and Linn
    ASAK which has been retipped.
    To my TD150.
    It really sings, yet some will say the 111s was not SME's finest moment.
    When I heard this arm I was simply baffled by the negative reaction to it.
    Of course people base their remarks
    On hearsay.
    Listen to any combination you can.
    You may be pleasantly surprised
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  6. Vagante

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    St augustine
    STS in Tennesee. Greg Metz. Gre@t guy, great service. He did TD165 and a 125 mkII. Did 2 more for a friend. Very nice experience
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