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    Obviously quite contingent on the COVID situation, but there is a chance that work issues will take me to Helsinki in late April. When visiting large cities, I often very much enjoy checking out the record stores. (In this case, the Sibelius monument would be a must, too - a lifetime transformative experience was playing his 2nd Symphony in 1987). In case of Helsinki, I see a LOT of record stores on Google Maps but no real discussion of that scene here.

    Just in case someone is in the know, I figured I would ask for recommendations.
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    A bump just in case there are European nighttime readers online now.
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    Bump for the European crowd? Someone here has to have been to Finland. I'm thinking this practice of moving the questions about record stores out of "Music" or "Off Topic" and putting here is really just hiding it to the point where answers don't come. I know that prior to seeing my post get moved here, I didn't even know this portion of the forum existed.
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    (apologies if this does not apply)
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    I live in Helsinki and this is where most of my money goes in descending order: Black & White Records (good for used LPs and reasonably priced), Rolling Records (also mostly used LPs but the owner definitely stays hipped to discogs since the prices reflect this; still, I spend quite a bit of cash here), Record Shop X (in Finnish: levykauppa äx), Music Hunter (overpriced used vinyl that I find graded improperly but good for used CDs), Goofin' Records (specializes in rockabilly, '50s but has other stuff), Levykauppa Keltainen Jäänsärkijä (translates to Yellow Icebreaker), Hippie Shake, Digelius Music (lots of world music),...
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    @Odradek might chime in as well about some of his favorite record stores in Helsinki...
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    Helsinki, Finland
    Those you listed are all worth a visit in my view. As I have a constant backlog of purchased but as yet unheard records, even before the plague hit I hadn't been to any shops regularly for years, with the sole exception of Goofin' Records (which has since relocated but probably hasn't changed much).

    I only feel like adding (for jazz, Latin, ska, generally music from warmer climates, and also classical) Eronen just around the corner from Digelius Music; and also round the corner but in the opposite direction, A. H. Records, which probably has one of the best selections of pricey collectibles in town (but also a lot more besides).

    (Keltainen Jäänsärkijä does translate to 'Yellow Icebreaker', but it was the title of the first Finnish version of "Yellow Submarine" back in 1966.)
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