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  1. Szeppelin75

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    Going to Vegas tomorrow for a few days. Any good record stores to visit while im there?
  2. fluffskul

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    albany, ny

    However, I would hit up Ceasar's Palace and the Bellagio!
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  4. Partyslammer

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    I went to Moondog Records today during a short 2 day stay in Vegas. I basically had 1 hour and one store to choose so this was it. They have a pretty solid selection of used lps, very well organized by genres (rock, punk, metal, country, soundtracks, ect) and a wall full of rarer, pricier lps, some autographed. Also a bin with mfsb, half spped, rare “collectable” records by mostly classic rock bands like Stones, Who, ect. Prices are reasonable for usual, easy to find LPs but they get silly prices for the better stuff. I asked about a VG+ unboxxed 3k stamped Stones Beggars Banquet and was told $300. So there you go.
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