Record stores in San Fran?

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    Him and his brother both where radio DJs and they collected records well before opening the store in 1985. In fact Tommy worked for Rod's Records on that street, he then just did all the work there until Rod said one day, you want to buy the store? Tommy and Robert bought it, changed the name and worked out of that same location. A few years later a bigger store front opened up on the same street, so they fixed it up to move into.

    So they worked that store through all the down turn for records, but had CDs also it's a music store. It has been really good for him with so many people getting into records again, as they are getting closer to retirement age. But he loves what he does and get lots of used records in still. Then the fact of all the new stock that's being pressed these days.

    Every once in a while he'll need to look up a record because it's something rare and wants to know how the price is reflected. However he's never sold something like that to me at top dollar, always leaving some meat on the bones If I want to sell it later. Hell if you find some high dollar records in boxes of common titles you might have paid 50 cents to a dollar a title, it's not hurting you to sell it at half price and move it fast.

    This is the longest I haven't been in the store for a very long time. I'v been going through my records here and he's been going through his collection at home. Can't wait to see some of the gems he'll be finding.

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