Records or Audio Gear?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Airbus, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. Lonson

    Lonson An Old Disestablishmentarianismist

    It's the music made by the system and the records I love. Sometimes I focus more on one than the other. . . great music compels my attention. . . getting it to sound its best demands my attention. . . I'm the weak one stuck in between.
  2. costerdock

    costerdock Forum Resident

    Prescott, AZ, USA
    My gear makes me happy - my records I get tired of and I'd need many records to always be happy.

    If this was a question - music vs gear - I'd choose music - but in this case - I have a huge IKEA Expedite full of records - that sometimes I can't find one I want to listen to.

    I choose gear that provides wonderful streaming.
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  3. Bananas&blow

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    I megalike this post. Can we get a megalike button? That way you could know if I only liked part of your post. Or the whole enchilada. I like the whole enchilada of this post.
  4. This answer resonates the most with me....
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  5. Kyhl

    Kyhl formerly known

    Hmmm, they are both worthless without the other however every time I upgrade a piece of gear I find I like my records even better. Lately I have a tough time turning the music off each night because I want to hear one more. I don't know what that means but I do like the music the records and the gear make together.
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  6. Bob_in_OKC

    Bob_in_OKC Forum Resident

    Dallas, Texas
    I say records. I’d rather listen to good music on a bad system than bad music on a good system.
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  7. tyinkc

    tyinkc Forum Resident

    They go hand in hand. One is useless without the other. I go through stretches where I lust after a new piece of gear, but I also couldn't live without my music.
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  8. chervokas

    chervokas Forum Resident

    I don't really love records...I love music, not records. Audio gear? Well I really enjoy it, tweeking it, learning about it. Playing with audio gear is fun in and of itself and as a means of listening to music, but I love is too strong a word. I love my family, not pieces of gear.
  9. GyroSE

    GyroSE Forum Resident

    I like my records and my gear as well but as someone mentioned above- I'm in this for the love of music.
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  10. BrokenByAudio

    BrokenByAudio Forum Resident

    I agree with just about everybody that the music is most important but as the owner of a pretty massive collection of music I really get far more jazzed by system upgrades than I do by adding another title to my collection. I know that's not the gist of the question, but it is certainly a tangential consideration.

    I can buy pretty much any recording I want, and I do, but I'm far less casual about components costing many thousands of dollars. And if and when those thousands do get spent in an upgrade the quality of the listening experience of my entire collection gets enhanced.

    Having said all of that, there are a bunch of recordings that will only ever be "okay" regardless of how great the musical content is. There's gradations of "okay" of course, but they will never get past their own sonic limitations.
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  11. CCrider92

    CCrider92 Forum Resident

    Cape Cod, MA
    Records > the sounds within the grooves that is! I've never missed a piece of gear that's gone out the door for various reasons, but when I sold off a sizable chunk of my lps 14 years ago it really hit me a year or two after the fact, so I've tried very hard and was successful in replacing what I missed the most.
  12. cdash99

    cdash99 Forum Resident

    One of the mags did a write up on two types of audiophiles: people who buy gear to audition their music and people who buy music to audition their gear. Most of us here are in the first group, I suspect.
  13. Chris Schoen

    Chris Schoen Forum Resident

    Maryland, U.S.A.
    I can't easily replace my record collection.
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  14. Chris Schoen

    Chris Schoen Forum Resident

    Maryland, U.S.A.
    I only buy new gear when a component fails. My music collection evolves continuously.
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  15. JimSpark

    JimSpark Forum Resident

    That describes me, too. To me, the music I own and play is what's most interesting, and having gear to play it on is just a necessity. That doesn't mean I'm happy with lousy components, but I never felt that I needed to get anything more than "mass-market" components to get the quality of sound that I'm very happy with. To use an analogy, software is way more interesting than hardware.
  16. SandAndGlass

    SandAndGlass Twilight Forum Resident

    I only started getting back into music and audio back in 2011, after many years absent. Today, I guess that I have between 200-300 records.

    Having a couple of vintage TT's, just really touching the tip of the iceberg, with the records that I have.

    Unlike some of you, I don't have those large collections that have been curated over four decades. I can easily source replacements for the entire collection.

    But my audio gear, It has taken a lot of effort to get the gear that I currently have. A good bit of it being vintage or my model, being no longer manufactured. There is a lot of gear that has been modded.

    I have a sizable investment in gear, much more than records. But records are only one source of sound, there are CD's, digital files, streaming music, DVD's and Blu-ray's.

    So, I have to go with gear. But... now that I have the gear, I can turn more of my attention to music.
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  17. juno6000

    juno6000 Forum Resident

    Pembroke Pines, FL
    Sometimes I turn on my system. While it is warming up, I look for something to play. Nothing strikes my fancy so I shut it off.
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  18. SandAndGlass

    SandAndGlass Twilight Forum Resident

    Sometimes, it doesn't seem to matter, and no matter how large your collection, you can't seem to find something that you want to play right now.

    So I turn on the streaming box, select Pandora One, and stream the day away. Works for me.
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  19. juno6000

    juno6000 Forum Resident

    Pembroke Pines, FL
    My wife has Pandora. I put a cable in my preamp for her ipad. I have done the same thing! I usually pick Latin jazz or a channel of a band I like and discover new things
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  20. dividebytube

    dividebytube Forum Resident

    Grand Rapids, MI
    Records.... and whenever I go crazy spending too much on audio gear, I remind myself that I could have bought N number of records instead!
  21. SandAndGlass

    SandAndGlass Twilight Forum Resident

    BINGO! While I take the digital output from the streaming box and bring it through a digital input on the Peachtree iNova and let the iNova's ESS saber DAC handle the D2A conversion. I also have a long cord with a 3.5mm connector that is connected to one of the analog inputs of the iNova so that we can listen with someone's smartphone or tablet. I was amazed at how good it can sound coming off of an inexpensive smartphone.
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  22. jawaka1000

    jawaka1000 Forum Resident

    And guitar bands are out !
  23. weavzy

    weavzy Needle Dropper

    Both are equal parts of the joy for me.
  24. juno6000

    juno6000 Forum Resident

    Pembroke Pines, FL
    Yeah. I was impressed with the sound straight out of the iPad. As a matter of fact, one evening she went to Take a shower. Upon returning she accused me of shutting it off and putting on a record or CD. It sounded that good
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  25. robertk

    robertk Forum Resident

    Both. I've been accumulating records via mail for 42 years now. My job is to get the best pressing of something I want.

    Bought upper mid fi gear in 1976 starting with Klipsch and moved up the ladder to high end by 1979.

    Now, I have both.

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