Rega Planar 3 vs Technics SL-1350

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by lprecords-on-vinyl, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. lprecords-on-vinyl

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    Hello friends,
    Does anyone have any experience comparing a modern Planar 3, versus a vintage Technics direct drive?

    In one of my systems, I have two SL-1350’s... One is sporting a 2M blue, and the other has mounted a V15 Type 4. They are feeding into a McIntosh MX 130... One through the Mac photo input, the other through a modest pro-ject phono box input.

    I am pretty happy with the sound of both of these... they are being used as single players; not changers or repeaters.

    I am wondering if I can possibly do better, for approximately US$1000.

    My options for auditioning at home, from local dealers, is limited. So, I am hoping you all might give me some feedback.

    Again, I am happy with the sound of the 1350s... just wondering what new options might bring to the table, whether the Rega, or something else.

    Thanks for any advice!
  2. lprecords-on-vinyl

    lprecords-on-vinyl Active Member Thread Starter

  3. Crabcakez

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    Baltimore Maryland
    I don’t know about the SL 1350, but I upgraded from a debut carbon with a 2M Blue to a Planar 3 w/ elys2 and while I loved the debut carbon, it was definitely a jump up.

    I’ve since upgraded the Elys to an Exact and will probably stay there for a while....
  4. lprecords-on-vinyl

    lprecords-on-vinyl Active Member Thread Starter

    Thanks Crab...good to know. Seems like a number of people have been reasonably happy with the Elys, but I upgraded anyway, to something else.
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    I don't own either, but don't you have to spend extra to get a speed stability upgrade for the P3?

    I have a vintage Technics but I am not convinced about whether the P3 would be an upgrade.

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