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    Here and on other music forums, there is a lot of debate about bonus tracks and whether they enhance or detract from reissued albums. Some uber-fans want to hear every burp and fart produced in the studio, purists want only the original album with improved sound (and maybe bonus tracks on a separate disc), and others want only live tracks or only unreleased songs or only demos, etc. etc. Clearly, there are a lot of opinions out there and plenty of threads on this forum debating the topic. However, I did a search and I couldn't seem to find a thread dedicated to a discussion of which reissue series would have benefited from the inclusion of bonus tracks (demos, live tracks, studio outtakes, etc). You don't need to identify the specific bonus tracks you would include on there (though feel free to do so!), but it would be cool to hear why you think that particular release (or series of releases) would have been better with some bonus material.

    I'll start with the releases that inspired this thread:

    Can's Remastered Edition Campaign

    Given that Can were experimentalists in the studio (and live), I would have loved to hear some of the studio outtakes, jams, and/or extended versions associated with each album. I know that they eventually released The Lost Tapes, which covers some of these bases, but I think it might have been more interesting to hear some of this material in the context of each individual album. I wonder if they actually might have done this if those "lost" tapes had been found earlier!

    The idea here is not to complain about releases that already have bonus tracks. It's to identify reissues without bonus material that might have been improved if they were included.
  2. LeBon Bush

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    The Genesis albums with all their B-Sides (like Twilight Alehouse off Selling England) could have profited from bonus tracks.
  3. tinnox

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    Most bands could with unreleased and live tracks which I welcome, Duke would be one as well

    Also not that Tom Petty's Wildflowers needs any help but would love to hear the extra material Tom was talking about
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  4. tmwlng

    tmwlng Forum Resident

    Any Elton John release.
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  5. Mr wiggles

    Mr wiggles Forum Resident

    Let it bleed with honkey Tonk woman
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  6. willy

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    I'm gonna say the Stones' Their Satanic Majesties Request. There are hours and hours of studio sessions out there, lots of noodling which could've been whittled down. It's not going to happen now, unless for the 60th anniversary in 9 years' time.
  7. tmwlng

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    ELO's Secret Messages as the intended double album.
  8. Mr wiggles

    Mr wiggles Forum Resident

    Revolver with rain and paperback writer
  9. Mr wiggles

    Mr wiggles Forum Resident

    I'm not really a fan of these studio outakes at all.
    The only benefit would be for a musician interested in the musical process.
    Would you like to see an unfinished alternate version of the Mona Lisa?
  10. tinnox

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    Apples and Oranges sorry
  11. steveharris

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    Early Van Halen albums are WAY too short!
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  12. Echoes71

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    That’s a great one, especially with all the early demos and live stuff that have leaked out over the years.
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  13. zen

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    Asia's Alpha with the wonderful (b-sides) Daylight & Lying To Yourself.
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  14. You mean after the reissues that already had bonus tracks? His core albums and through the mid=80's have bonus tracks--they don't always have all of them.
  15. Mr. D

    Mr. D Forum Resident

    Still would like to see reissues of Shoot Out the Lights (Richard & Linda Thompson) and Car Wheels on a Gravel Road (Lucinda Williams), which include the earlier, rejected versions of those albums.
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  16. pbuzby

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    Chicago, IL, US
    Unlimited Edition (released mid 70's) also has outtakes from the album sessions.
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  17. johnnybrum

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    The first 2 Primal Scream albums are not that great...The reissued CDs could have, at least, included the numerous non-album tracks issued around that time, to make them more of an attractive package
  18. tmwlng

    tmwlng Forum Resident

    Madman Across the Water, Blue Moves, Victim of Love, 21 at 33, The Fox, Jump Up, Breaking Hearts, Leather Jackets have no bonus tracks. Nor does Live in Australia; could have gained from an anniversary edition with the complete concert across 2 or 3 CD's and a full DVD or Blu-Ray of the entire show. I refer to Rare Masters for the extra period tracks not present on any domestic CD reissue.

    There were two deluxe editions released in 2008 of his eponymous album and Tumbleweed Connection and they were pretty good, I recall.

    Most of his early-to-mid 70's releases have bonus tracks, I agree. But it could be executed much better and many more tracks could have been dug up. Unreleased, live, whatever. There are so many things with his entire back catalog and as a 40th Anniversary event never got off the ground, I sincerely hope for a 50th, either coinciding with his first single (March 1968) or first album, Empty Sky, which will be sometime next year.
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  19. wildstar

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    ontario, canada
    That was recorded during the 'Foxtrot' sessions, so would belong there. The problem with Genesis albums getting bonus tracks would be the imbalance. If they were to be comprehensive giving us all the relevant B-Sides for every album, then the number of bonus tracks per album would range from:

    SEBTP - zero bonus tracks

    Abacab - five bonus tracks (bringing the total CD running time to over 70 minutes - they were actually toying with the idea of making it a double album while recording it)

    Theoretically they could add unreleased session outtakes/alt takes for the albums with few or no B-Sides/EP tracks to add, but they (or at least Tony Banks is) on record as being against them (he said something like: 'as a band you're only as strong as your weakest track')
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  20. Dillydipper

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    Throught the '80s and '90s there are scads of albums that benefited from tracks that weren't included. B-sides. Dance mixes. Extended mixes. Tracks recorded at the time, that didn't get on the finished product: tracks cut for album length; tracks that didn't fit the overall scope of the album; tracks of songs arranged in another way; tracks that lost their place on the final product perhaps due to a bad decision...or a coin toss.

    And one other example a lot of collectors don't think about: tracks mixed differently to fit better on a rock radio station, or an adult contemporary station, dance station or even a country station! Maybe a guitar solo would be replaced with a piano solo, or a fiddle; drums would be louder, or softer, in some cases the lead singer would lay down another take to add a soulful moan instead of a blood-curdling scream. I remember being on an "active rock" station that was in mid-transition from all-hair-bands to a more Adult character in the early '90s, when Wilson Phillips "Hold On" came out, and ya could definitely make the case that the song still fit our sound...and then, you'd hear it across town on the CHR satation, and the mix was quite different (just not different that the average distracted listener would notice). so we run back to the promo copy we have, and sure enough - we're playing Track 3, the "Rock mix"!

    It's been a long-standing policy that the single mix the label sends to radio and record stores as a "promo copy", is often EQ'd to be punchier. But in the age of the CD single, that was taken to new heights of wankery. Whenever I run into one of these, I often think, "well THERE's an artist who 'doesn't know what his own song is supposed to sound like'..." But, if they're that significant that it makes a difference playing it on-air (which already its' own chain of processors from the studio console to the transmitter in the first place), maybe that deserves to be a "bonus track" as well.
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  21. LeBon Bush

    LeBon Bush Hound of Love

    Ah, okay - I wasn't sure about TA belonging to Foxtrot or Selling...

    At least they could've done bonus discs for the box sets, if not for every single album. I understand Tony's point of view, but still for every band there are tons of fans mad about exactly those 'weak spots'.

    Anyway, a reissue of the Archive discs would be amazing.
  22. ShayLaB

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    Northern Ireland
    The Visitors -ABBA

    Original album with ten tracks.

    Reissue added the last three. Any album would be made better by The Day Before You Came

    1. The Visitors
    2. Head Over Heels
    3. When All Is Said And Done
    4. Soldiers
    5. I Let The Music Speak
    6. One Of Us
    7. Two For The Price Of One
    8. Slipping Through My Fingers
    9. Like An Angel Passing Through My Room
    10. Should I Laugh Or Cry
    11. The Day Before You Came
    12. Cassandra
    13. Under Attack
    Edit: Ha...just reread the title of the thread. The Visitors was released with these tracks and thus greatly enhanced.
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  23. Chemguy

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    Not one. Yes, I’m one of those.

    I don’t even appreciate Groom Still Waiting going onto Shot of Love!
  24. Kingsley Fats

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    The created the "vinyl revival" just for people like you.
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