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Rhino Records no longer exists?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by child of nature, Sep 24, 2009.

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  1. child of nature

    child of nature dreaming, more or less Thread Starter

    I have it on good authority that Rhino as we know it does not exist anymore as of 5:00 PM PST. Fifty or more employees have been eliminated suddenly, including almost all the marketing, editorial and art departments.

    This is absolutely devastating news. I am shocked and saddened, as I'm sure you all are, too. Any music lover will feel this way. I feel so badly for the people who have so lovingly curated music history, presenting us with exceptional releases over the years.

    I won't be on to discuss this further, but I felt it was necessary to let you know.

  2. lasvidfil

    lasvidfil Forum Resident

    Coram, NY
    Most likely anymore Monkees Deluxe editions will now die with them.
  3. Roland Stone

    Roland Stone Offending Member

    Wow, sad if true. Rhino started the whole reissues-with-care thing, at least in the mass market.

    I would troll the CD bins just looking for the Rhino logo on the longboxes, knowing it would sound good, have informative liner notes, and represent good value and intelligent selection of cross-licensed material. I bought a lot of great stuff blind on their brand.
  4. art

    art Forum Resident

    It's true. Rhino's done.
    Oh, man.
  5. Kimmyrocker

    Kimmyrocker Forum Resident

    Do the Dead get the vault back???
  6. Maggie

    Maggie funky but chic

    Toronto, Canada
  7. clairehuxtable

    clairehuxtable Forum Resident

    Toronto, Canada
    I can't say I'm surprised, but this is still sad.

    Rhino died when they fired Bill Inglot in May 2007, IMO.
  8. jsayers

    jsayers Just Drifting....

    Horse Shoe, NC
    +1. A real shame. :sigh:
  9. apple-richard

    apple-richard Overnight Sensation

    To me Rhino meant quality and great music. They introduced me to the Beau Brummels besides Laugh Laugh and for that alone I will be forever greatful. I bought the Monkees reissues first on record and then CD. The Turtles Rhythm Butchers series was fun and interesting. The first Rhino CD release I bought was the Turtles 20 Greatest Hits. Thank god for Rhino and Sundazed. May they live on in music lovers hearts forever!
  10. surfingelectrode

    surfingelectrode Active Member

    Lutz, FL
    Any news articles about this yet? The Rhino homepage says nothing.

    I've been putting off buying the DEVO Recombo DNA set for a long time, so I guess I had better act now.
  11. Ray Blend

    Ray Blend floorstander

    The Midwest
    Thanks a lot, Time/Warner.

    It's amazing how the major labels can find a good thing, buy it, then run it into the ground.
  12. SamS

    SamS Forum Legend

    Wasn't Rhino owned by Warner? Doesn't this mean the catalog can stay in print, but there will be no further projects?
  13. All Rights

    All Rights Forum Resident

    Sad but not suprising, given the state of the music industry. Rhino was at their best when they were independant or semi-independant distributed by Capitol and later Time Warner. When Time Warner, now the spun-off Warner Music Group took full ownership, Rhino seemed more just a sub-label which would lead to the inevitable.
  14. johmbolaya

    johmbolaya Active Member

    Pacific Northwest
    I can't speak for anyone, but it would seem that way. Whatever is in print will be in print until they are sold out. I tell you, when someone said 2009 would be the year of the death of the compact disc, it seemed The Beatles remasters was "the good news", maybe one last hurrah with a celebrated band. This, no doubt, is the opposite.

    I really liked the Rhino Handmade division and what they were trying to do, and it's a bit sad that it lead to this but... what will Warner do in terms of having a reissue division? Or are they just waiting for someone to buy them up at the highest bid?
  15. Grant

    Grant Life is a rock, but the radio rolled meeeeee!

    United States
    The website is still there.

    I went to it yesterday to see if they had released any new digital 45s, and that was gone. But, I just looked and it was back.

    What is going on, and what's the real story?

    BTW, IMO, I also say Rhino died when they got rid of Bill Inglot.
  16. Pug

    Pug Elitist Snob

    Near Music Direct

    That's a shame. Rhino was a great label.
  17. art

    art Forum Resident

    No label. Catalog stays in print.
    I just got the Rod box today, as a matter of fact.
  18. J.A.W.

    J.A.W. Music Addict

    Couldn't agree more.
  19. Roland Stone

    Roland Stone Offending Member

    Come to think of it, I just received in the mail the replacements for two defective discs I purchased in two separate Rhino boxes, WHAT IT IS and ROCKIN' BONES. No demands for a receipt, no raised eyebrows about the unlikelihood of receiving two defective discs in two boxes. They just did it, no questions asked.

    My music collection and education would be so much poorer without Rhino.
  20. Grant

    Grant Life is a rock, but the radio rolled meeeeee!

    United States

    I'm waiting for some sort of official statement.
  21. fitzysbuna

    fitzysbuna Senior Member

    sad! my first cd from that label was can't get enough new wave hits vol 10!
  22. guidedbyvoices

    guidedbyvoices Del Rio Dan

    Alpine, TX
    So much of my soul music education came from their box sets, from the R&B Box set to Can You Dig It and Beg Scream Shout to What It Is... Plus the Nuggets box sets and the Punk box set opened my ears to so much great stuff, esp the punk box. A really sad day if true
  23. playbsides

    playbsides Forum Resident

    Wow. I just ordered and got a copy of Coltrane's Giant Steps 180g on the Rhino Vinyl from my friends at Jazz Record Mart. I guess I need to be looking to see if there is anything else I need from that imprint.
  24. Marcust99

    Marcust99 Forum Resident

  25. brianvargo

    brianvargo Senior Member

    San Diego, CA
    This is bloody sickening news.

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