RIP "Vangelis" Papathanassíou, 1943 - 2022*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Mr. Siegal, May 19, 2022.

  1. Mr. Siegal

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    Sitting on my sofa
  2. Who'sTommy

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    The Netherlands
  3. AlienRendel

    AlienRendel Forum Resident

    Chicago, il
    A real titan. RIP.
  4. Good Grief....One of the absolute all time greats.

    Apocalypse des Animaux will be played in his memory

    RIP Vangelis
  5. Use_Your_Koala

    Use_Your_Koala Forum Resident

    I was listening to parts of the Alexander soundtrack earlier today. Sad to read this.
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  6. Andrewb

    Andrewb Claiming squatter's rights

    Very sad news. I shall be crying tears in rain at his passing. RIP Vangelis.
  7. mr. steak

    mr. steak Forum Resident

    tempe az
    I really like a lot of Aphrodite's Child. RIP
  8. morgan1098

    morgan1098 Forum Resident

    RIP. He was one of a kind.

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  9. Jarleboy

    Jarleboy Music was my first love

    Now, that´s sad. Very gifted man. R.I.P.
  10. willy

    willy hooga hagga hooga

    Oh God noooo... :cry:

  11. zen

    zen Senior Member

    R.I.P. V.

    ....let's break some rules, Jon.
  12. rcsrich

    rcsrich Forum Resident

    Man. RIP. :(
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  13. Synthfreek

    Synthfreek I’m a ray of sunshine & bastion of positivity

    I can’t even, so many synth legends in such a short time.
  14. Progatron

    Progatron Wealthy industrialist philanthropist & bicyclist

    Ontario, Canada
    Less than a month after Klaus Schulze. :(
  15. BSC

    BSC Forum Resident

    Glasgow, Scotland
    Sad news ......I'd like to share this think it captures the spirit of the man and his friendship with Jon Anderson.

  16. Progatron

    Progatron Wealthy industrialist philanthropist & bicyclist

    Ontario, Canada
  17. jwoverho

    jwoverho Licensed Drug Dealer

    Mobile, AL USA
    Legend. His influence runs deep. From Aphrodite's Child to Chariots of Fire, to his work with Jon Anderson, so many memorable projects.
  18. Dr. Funk

    Dr. Funk Vintage Dust

    Fort Worth TX
    Blade Runner soundtrack will played in his honor.
  19. sound chaser

    sound chaser Senior Member

    North East UK.
    "I'll Find My Way Home" - there is a truly beautiful song, RIP.
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  20. nosliw

    nosliw It's a hairstyle, not real cat ears :P

    Ottawa, ON, Canada
    RIP Vangelis. He's such an amazing composer.
  21. RIP. A great talent gone.
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  22. sbeck201

    sbeck201 Forum Resident

    Wreay, Cumbria, UK
    Just saw this on the BBC news. So much memorable music from the last fifty years as a solo artist, with Jon Anderson and Aphrodite's Child.

  23. nikosvault

    nikosvault Forum Resident

    Sad news.

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  24. pantofis

    pantofis Senior Member

    Berlin, Germany
    I like to think he lead a fulfilled life. One of the few who did his very own thing and resisted most of the commercial trapfalls.
  25. Cool Chemist

    Cool Chemist Forum Resident

    Bath, England
    I have Chariots of Fire in the car at the moment on a compilation. Watched Blade Runner for the first time ever a few weeks ago. Very strange synchronicity.
    RIP Vangelis.
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