"Roll Up!"; 50th Anniversary of Magical Mystery Tour - The Beatles

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by mBen989, Nov 28, 2017.

  1. jmxw

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    Ah, they weren't heard together on LP. I Am The Walrus ended side 1. Pause. Flip the record over. Hello Goodbye begins side 2.

    It's a bit like saying Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite doesn't lead well into Within You Without You or I Want You (She's So Heavy) doesn't belong next to Here Comes The Sun...
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  2. Pawnmower

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    I love "Flying" too.. And the Sirius Beatles station plays it at least 5 times a day.
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  3. MaccaBeatles

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    To anyone wondering what the official 'canon' is: (since someone asked for an explanation as to why Magical Mystery Tour would be the most famous US album today.
    There were 217 Beatles EMI studio recordings officially released during the years 1962-1970.

    These can be found on these albums
    Please Please Me (UK album)
    With The Beatles (UK album)
    A Hard Day's Night (UK album)
    Beatles For Sale (UK album)
    Help! (UK album)
    Rubber Soul (UK album)
    Revolver (UK album)
    Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
    Magical Mystery Tour (US album)
    The Beatles (White Album)
    Yellow Submarine
    Abbey Road
    Let It Be
    and Past Masters (compilation album rounding up all the remaining singles and E.P tracks)

    This has been the standardised catalog for 30 years, so it comes to reason that most younger generations would be familiar with these album configurations. :)
  4. MHP

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    This fact gets overlooked by those who doesn't think of MMT as an 'album':
    The album was 100% blessed by The Beatles to be an album release in the states. They got the call from Capitol about EP's not being accepted and they went along with idea to release an album. One of the main points in their renewing of their contract with EMI, was that they could gain control of their releases everywhere, which is why the butchered Capitol releases stopped in 1967. Capitol could not have released MMT as an album without The Beatles' blessing.
    Further evidence stems from an news notice I have read, that stated the above. It was posted on here once.

    Furthermore: The Capitol album was released BEFORE the EP: US release - November 27. UK release - December 8.
  5. My sister got the MMT album when it was released. She was 15, I was 11. I listened to it a lot and when we got a reel to reel tape recorder I made tapes of all her albums by setting the microphone between the speakers of our portable stereo (my version of fold-down mono I guess.) She moved out 3 or 4 years later and took her record collection with her but at least I had those tapes to listen to. I smuggled the same tape recorder into the theater when she and her boyfriend let me tag along to see the Let It Be film so I could record it. When I got a job and had some spending money I bought a copy of the US MMT. A bit later, I went into completist mode and bought a copy of the German MMT. I then bought a couple of copies of the UK double EP when the record stores started selling more imports.
  6. milankey

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    At age 14 I got sad when I heard "yellow matter custard dripping from a dead dog's eye".
    Why did the dog have to die? These are not normal pop music lyrics...
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  7. Price.pittsburgh

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    My 30 year old nephews favorite Beatles album.
    Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane elevate MMT the way it would have Pepper.
  8. A well respected man

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    Madrid, Spain
    What about The Fool on the Field? ;)
  9. bherbert

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    I had the 1987 cd for years but never gave the album a proper listen for some reason. I bought the Beatles in Mono cd box 2 months ago and I started listening to the mono cd. It’s great. A strange mix of dark and happy music. Cheerful but haunting at the same time.
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  10. andrewskyDE

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    Since 'Strawberry Fields' and 'Penny Lane' were included in the Sgt. Pepper anniversary box set I think a proper expanded edition for Magical Mystery Tour will be skipped, so let's hope for a nice fat White Album box.
    Btw, I'm happy with the MMT film/EP deluxe set.^^
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  11. andrewskyDE

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    New Zack Island
    I like Magical Mystery Tour more than Sgt. Pepper and that's not even an album!
    First copy I had (and still have) is the 1987 remaster on vinyl, was surprised there was no booklet in it.
    And when the 2009 remaster series came along this album was the first CD I bought (together with Please Please Me).
  12. Colocally

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    Surrey BC.
    The song made you feel emotion, that's what good lyrics and melodies do, irrespective if they are surreal or not. I loved all the "weirdness" of the lyrics in this era, still do. I it so much more interesting to me than the millionth way to say "I love you" or "My baby left me".
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  13. Colocally

    Colocally One Of The New Wave Boys

    Surrey BC.
    Should have just gone all the way and did a 1967 box to include all the tracks which were released or started in this year. With early takes, demos, alternates etc.
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  14. Jose Jones

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    John Lennon said it was one of his favorite albums. Is that enough of an endorsement for all scoffers out there?
  15. andrewskyDE

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    Actually I wished that, too. I love their psychedelic period.
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  16. HfxBob

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    So the corrected statement should be: MMT is the most famous Capitol album among younger Beatles fans. :)
  17. Bullis

    Bullis Forum Resident

    Love the owner here and of course walrus. So underrated in my opinion
  18. ibanez_ax

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    I got this for Christmas in 1967, the Stereo (more or less) version. I no longer have it.
    I own the 2009 mono and stereo CDs, the 2012 stereo vinyl, the 2014 mono vinyl and the EP that came with the movie super-duper deluxe set.
    I guess I prefer the stereo.
  19. A well respected man

    A well respected man Some Mother's Son

    Madrid, Spain
    It makes sense. It seems that they are doing these deluxe editions placing the songs in the context of the sessions for each LP. MMT was not an LP they created as such, so no deluxe edition for it.
    Anyway, the special edition from years ago is very good.
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  20. konajinx

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    I got my first copy (US vinyl, no booklet) when I was in middle school in the mid-'80s and first discovering The Beatles. I wanted it for "Hello, Goodbye." I thought it was a great album when all was said and done after the first playthrough. My first experience with MMT, though, was when Night Flight aired the movie one weekend. However, I wasn't into The Beatles at that point and just watched the first five minutes or so.

    Second copy I owned was a short time later and was a UK vinyl import with the booklet included. I was happy to finally see it in all its glory and had fun imagining what the movie was like. I wouldn't find that out until my high school years when Apple reissued MMT on VHS and I got a copy of it then. Around that time, I also got my third version of the album, which would be the US CD pressing. I remember being struck at how clear "Baby, You're a Rich Man" sounded compared to my vinyl that I had been used to hearing for so long.

    The fourth version I owned would be the 2009 remastered CD, which I thought was OK, nothing major. The fifth and "newest" version I bought a couple years ago is the 2014 mono vinyl version, which I think is fantastic. I feel that that whole series of mono albums repressed from the original tapes are just terrific in general and definitely worth buying all.

    I never owned MMT on cassette, although I did have quite a few other Beatles albums on tape, like the MFSL Help! and Rubber Soul, Sgt. Pepper's, the US Revolver, etc.
  21. Bruce Burgess

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    Hamilton, Canada
    My first Beatles album, which I purchased back in 1968. Last night, I listened to the original stereo version with the last three songs in fake stereo. That's the way I first heard it.
  22. Anthology123

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    I have many copies and iterations of MMT:

    US Green label Capitol stereo LP
    US Green label Capitol mono LP
    UK Parlophone Gold vinyl LP
    2 EP set stereo
    2 EP set mono
    German Apple (no Horz Zu) LP - 2
    MMT CD - EP Collection
    1987 CD
    2009 CD stereo
    2009 CD mono
    USB Apple

    MMT - DVD version
    MMT- Blu-ray deluxe box
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  23. Hardy Melville

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    New York
    I remember the girls across the street and one of my best friend's sister were always the first to get Beatles albums when they first came out (not that they were racing each other, to be clear). I recall going over to that friend's house with all the Christmas stuff already up and hearing this, not sure if it was the first time, but I do remember that moment. I always associate this album with this time of the year as a result (just as I associate Pepper's with the summer). Speaking of Pepper's, part of what made MMT so great was we still had Pepper's ringing on our ears when it came out. I don't remember consciously thinking of it so much as being of a piece as it were, but there was something seamless about that time and those two, and of course the Strawberry/Penny single had been out for some time. It all felt good, all fitting together, and for myself we did not know it at the time, but looking back it (67) was the high point of the Beatles. It was both of its time and at the same time timeless.

    Ftr Pepper's is my favorite, but after it and Rubber Soul (US version) this was/is my third favorite Beatles album. One of the things I love about it is that I listen to it all the way through. I don't have the problem some have with Blue Jay Way, for example. I love it's kind of dark feeling. At the other end I don't consider myself a huge fan when Paul goes English music hall MOR on us, but Your Mother Should Know totally works here. Sing it again indeed. Meanwhile Penny Lane is imo one of Paul's best songs ever. And Strawberry Fields, Walrus and the title song are fantastic, among my favorite Beatles songs all time. Hello Goodbye and Love are also excellent.

    In addition to the stereo version of the LP, which I still have in fairly good shape, at one point I got a cassette of it, that did not hold up. I also have a cd of it.
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  24. genesim

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    Actually my example was bunk because Hello Goodbye is what belongs!

    The examples of the the bonus tracks were the Strawberry Fields single (which on my homemade bluray set I put before Sgt. Pepper being released in February 67) and All You Need is Love single (after Sgt Pepper being released in July 67).

    Magical Mystery Tour wasn't released until November and sounds like a sequel to the sound established by the singles and album.

    I didn't have time to answer properly today but that was an error on Hello Goodbye because as you stated with your examples that is what the Beatles do.

    However the bonus track singles stand out like a sore thumb to me and have no place on Magical Mystery Tour.

    By the way, I put Its All Too Much in between Sgt Pepper and All You Need Is Love. It fits nicely there actually. Yellow Submarine I have broken apart because the album is a mess anyway...and in stereo..ugh.
  25. WolfSpear

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    First Beatle album I ever owned, and I love it!

    Always that hidden gem for me.
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