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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Daniel Falaschi, Aug 17, 2018.

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    Hi all, I thought this might deserve its own thread.

    It is old news by now that as part of the agreement, Eagle Rock will re-issue several classic concert films from their archives including Atlanta (1989), Steel Wheels (1989-90), Voodoo Lounge (1994), Bridges To Babylon (1997-1998), Four Flicks (2002) and Bigger Bang (2005-2006).

    The first one, called Voodoo Longe Uncut is set for release (I guess probably by the end of the year) as spotted by members of the IORR blog.
    It is most probably the MIami 94 show.

    New dvd release: Voodoo Lounge Uncut
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    Any further word on this?

    Looks like a 2cd & Blu-ray/dvd or 3lp options.
  4. breakingglass

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    I love that tribal percussion that preceded Keef launching into Not Fade Away as the opener.
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  5. hbbfam

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    Big fan of Voodoo Lounge studio album. Wonder how much of that is in the live set?
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    ...november 16 th....
  8. bbanderic

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    Anyone know for sure whether this will be the a re-release of the original Steel Wheels DVD or will it be Atlantic City 1989 (PPV) (hopefully)?
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    It looks like Universal / Eagle Rock are once again offering only digipaks with CDs in the US, while in Europe, they are also offering single-disc Blu-ray and DVD editions.

    Blu-ray EAN: 5051300537371

    Blu-ray/2CD EAN: 5051300537579 (

    DVD EAN: 5034504134577

    DVD/2CD EAN: 5051300210120 (

    You can plug the EAN codes into any Amazon site and they should come up, although right now, in the US isn't listing the single-disc Blu-ray or DVD, as those will likely be considered "imports", and listed later and for more money. The single-disc Blu-ray and DVD are up at international Amazon sites, but not live yet.

    All formats are listed at the non-US link for the release from Eagle Rock:

    versus the default US link:

    which omits the single-disc video versions.

    The Japanese release will be November 9th, 2018, but unlike the previous release of the San Jose show, there are no bonus tracks on either the video or the CDs, just Japanese subtitles, and SHM-CDs. Japan will get separate Blu-ray, DVD, Blu-ray/2CD and DVD/2CD editions, as well as a 500-piece Super Deluxe Edition with the Blu-ray, DVD, CDs, Black LPs, Red LPs, and a T-shirt, which is exclusive to the Universal Music Japan store.
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    Is it only me or the mix of Voodoo Lounge Uncut is weird.

    Mick and Charlie are in front and all over the place (like they are singing/playing on a separate stage, sometimes with Darryl). The rest of the band is under the curtain. Guitars are low in the mix. That infamous Keith's solo in SFTD was doctored.

    Mixed emotions after all.
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    I haven't even listened to it yet, and that was my impression from all the sound bytes I've heard. I was actually waiting for someone to address the sound on this before buying it. I typically get Stones releases right away, but a couple of the live releases I've backed off of. Glad they are releasing them though.
  12. Picca

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    Doesn't sound right.
  13. J_D__

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    I'm disappointed that "Love is Strong" live wasn't played and or included.
  14. hbbfam

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    I really like "Thru and Thru" . Always reminds me of a favorite Sopranos episode.
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    Pity it’s not on Voodoo Uncut but you couldn’t get much of a better set list to be honest.
  16. Oatsdad

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    The Miami show may have been the only 1994 show at which they didn't play "Love Is Strong".

    I saw the "VL" show 7 times and Miami was the only 1 of the 7 where I didn't hear it!

    No idea why they dropped it. Clearly related to the altered pay-per-view set, but if they thought "LIS" worked in the show at the other concerts, why not for the PPV crowd? :confused:

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