Rolling Stones Single-By-Single Thread

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Parachute Woman, Mar 6, 2018.

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    Eddie Taylor's version of Ride 'Em On Down.
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    Thank you so much for all your contributions to the thread, John! I looked forward to them each day. I learned so much from you, from Tim, from everyone. The level of knowledge here is pretty astounding. I love it!
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  3. John Fell

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    I actually wrote most of these up while eating lunch at work. They probably would have been better if I had more time. :uhhuh:
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    Wow, what a great thread. Thanks @Parachute Woman for starting this and keeping it going every day the last few months. What a labor of love and effort. Both this and the Album by Album thread from a few years back are up there with my fave threads since I've been on this forum.
  5. Parachute Woman

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    It was a lot of fun! Thanks for following along. I’m a bit bummed that I missed the album by album thread, but I’m sure there are many more great Stones threads to come.
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    Ummmmm. I believe we were promised a Dirty Work song by song thread?
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    It isn't supposed to begin until later in the week after this thread wrapped up.
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    Ah. I thought I saw Tuesday (today).
  9. Parachute Woman

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    He did say today. @ohnothimagen, you're being paged! We need more Stones discussion and you have the cure! :wave::D
  10. All Down The Line

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    No Satisfaction or even Honky Tonk Women/YCAGWYW?
  11. Parachute Woman

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    Satisfaction has never been a huge personal favorite. I prefer a lot of their other singles from the mid '60s (including the follow-up, Get Off Of My Cloud). Honky Tonk Women would probably make the top 20, but there are so many songs I love and so little space at the top!
  12. ohnothimagen

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    Released: 10/6/2016
    Charts: #27 (US Adult Alternative); #1 (US Digital Blues); #49 (US Hot Rock Songs)

    "Just Your Fool" (or "I'm Just Your Fool" as it was first titled) is a rhythm and blues-style song written and recorded by American jazz and jump blues bandleader/pianist Buddy Johnson and His Orchestra in 1953.[1] Called an "R&B anthem", the song features a big-band arrangement and his sister Ella Johnson on vocals—her "delicate and deceptively sweet phrasing was ideally suited to ballads such as this".[1] "I'm Just Your Fool" became a Billboard R&B chart record hit, reaching number six in 1954.[2]

    Little Walter recorded a Chicago blues adaptation of the song using the title "Just Your Fool". It was recorded in December 1960 in Chicago, with Walter (vocal and blues harp) and backing by Otis Spann (piano), Fred Robinson and Luther Tucker (guitars), Willie Dixon and/or Jimmie Lee Robinson (bass), and Fred Below or George Hunter (drums).[3][4] "Just Your Fool" was not released until 1962 by Checker Records (catalogue number 1013). Although he used lyrics and an eight-bar blues arrangement similar to Buddy Johnson,[5] the song is credited to Little Walter, also known as Walter Jacobs.[3]

    The Rolling Stones covered the song in 2016 for their album Blue & Lonesome, for which it was released as the lead single on October 6, 2016.[/QUOTE]
    Man, I had no idea they pulled so many singles from Blue And Lonesome! Worth it, though- best Stones album in years!
    Gimme about an hour, folks, and we'll get crackin' on it:righton:
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    I haven't had much to say since we reached the turn of the 21st Century, but I will miss this thread now that it's done. It's prompted me to spend the last several weeks listening to Stones CDs in my car as I drive around (the current selection is It's Only Rock 'N Roll). Much thanks to Parachute Woman for starting the thread and keeping it going - I'm sure it was a lot of work to keep new posts queued up for the duration of the thread.

    This was a lot of fun. I'll keep my eyes open for more single-by-single threads (Parachute Woman, who's your second favorite band?) but the reality is that there are probably few artists better suited to this type of thread than the Stones.
  14. Davido

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    Since it's Bob Dylan's birthday, I'll just thank the universe that he recorded albums of non-originals over the years because if a songwriter of his stature can acknowledge other songwriters then this may have allowed the Stones to release their own full covers album so late in their career. When I heard the Stones would be releasing an album of blues covers, I groaned hard - fearing that it would be boring recordings of the usual blues chestnuts... which I just don't need to hear after all this time. But their song selection was superb as if to show they really know and love this material and you can hear the enthusiasm in the performances. The idea of the single had sort of died by the time of this release so I did not realize there even were SINGLES from this album but the whole of the project turned out to be so joyful that I have hope for another album of originals. I doubt I'll ever listen to the earliest Stones recordings of blues covers again with any degree of wonder but this album of late work will be listened to again.
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    Hey guys, sorry I'm late. What single are we...where is everybody?
  16. All Down The Line

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    I still like the 1st UK LP and am looking towards next weeks mail with another copy arriving but this time finally with the Demo of Tell Me.
  17. Fox67

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    It's all over now.
  18. ohnothimagen

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  19. John Fell

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  20. Purple Jim

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    Little Britain
    I didn't buy that when it came out. It must have been expensive I suppose.
    So, as I still have one of the first iMacs in the basement, I recently bought the CD-Rom for a few euros and it plays fine! A load of fun and interesting to view what was considered "high-tech" at the time.:D
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  21. ohnothimagen

    ohnothimagen I don't suffer fools or trolls gladly...

    Hair o' the dog that bit ya then, boyo!:D
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  22. aphexj

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    They just released a 'new' single

    It's a previously unreleased live take of "Saint of Me" From the Vault '99 No Security San Jose version

    Shortened video clip is on their YouTube channel and the full audio performance (with an extended gospel ending, before Mick teasingly introduces "the true story of 'Some Girls'") is on other streaming services, I'm digging it on Tidal right now
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  23. Mosthaf

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    I found one. Took me years, but it’s not impossible. Don’t know about your needledrop, but the real (UK) thing on vinyl sounds a lot better than the
    Jugoton, in glorious stereo.
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    Where do we nominate for "Greatest SH Thread"?! This one really did it. A truly purposeful angle on the Stones -- looked at as a singles producing machine they are a much more clear entity. I guess that's rock and roll, then! So much great information and insight int his thread. I'm amazed. There are a lot of later songs I want to get, now.
  25. ohnothimagen

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    This thread is excellent, as are the individual album song by song discussions we've been doing lately, but IMO the mother of all Hoffman Forum Stones discussions starts with THIS one:
    The Rolling Stones Album-by-Album Thread (it's about damn time)
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