SACD - Are you surprised at the format's recent resurgence?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by soundboy, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. M2225

    M2225 Nebulus 7 intergalaxy eclipse

    Helsinki, Finland
    I have 2 players capable of SACD, a Pioneer & a Cambridge Audio. I even buy library outlet SACD's with unknown Blues or China Pan flute artists just to have something to throw at them. In a way the SACD has broadened my musical taste but perhaps not in the way originally intended.
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  2. originalsnuffy

    originalsnuffy Socially distant and unstuck in time

    There are those of us that have reasonably complex rigs with multiple sources and upscale home theater receivers. For that group, 5.1 is a given and now Dolby Atmos is becoming the new standard. BluRay, SACD, etc. are likely components.

    Then there seems to be a purist group. Vinyl and two speakers, maybe CD and two speakers.

    Then there is something in between.

    I see way too much bickering between those who are willing to invest in 5.1 and related equipment and those who aren't.

    I can't tell you how many threads have those who opine that new hi res should only come on DVD not BluRay because they won't invest in a BluRay.

    At the end of the day some of us want the hires multichannel toys and some don't.
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  3. mwheelerk

    mwheelerk If you don't mind it doesn't matter

    Gilbert Arizona
    I do hope the format remains alive especially from labels such as Intervention Records, Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab, Analogue Productions, Dutton/Vocalion and Impex. They are the ones who are releasing, or at least promising to release, titles I am interested in...
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  4. BradOlson

    BradOlson Country/Christian Music Maven

    But you get lots of Easy Listening music on SACD from Dutton Vocation as well
  5. olinko

    olinko Forum Resident

    I fully understand and would want to get into the whole multichannel music field. But that's one particular aspect above all else that shows the true class limitations in the hi-fi hobby (which is absurdly expensive to begin with). You can presumably save up for this or that piece of equipment, pay in installments, whatever (myself, I always save up for 11/11 every year) - BUT you can't really change your living conditions. And having a multichannel setup really requires you to have a big room where you can place every component properly. And I don't see that happening in my rented studio apartment regardless of how much I want it.

    (For similar reasons, I don't see myself buying a subwoofer - I've been testing my upstairs neighbors' patience as it is, let alone if I start to make their floors shake.)
  6. Fruff76

    Fruff76 L100 Classic - Fan Club President

    But you're in the industry, haha.
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  7. Kal Rubinson

    Kal Rubinson Forum Resident

    Sure but what does that mean? Do I not still have free choice?
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  8. Fruff76

    Fruff76 L100 Classic - Fan Club President

    It means you’re more likely to know a bunch of people who have 5.1 SACD
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  9. DancingSea

    DancingSea Forum Resident

    Maui, Hawaii
    I’m a SACD enthusiast and am certainly happy there are some 600 odd new releases this year.

    What concerns me about the future of SACD is that the new releases are mostly geared towards old audiophiles. I’d be more encouraged about the future if SACD was seeing releases geared toward younger listeners.

    In that light I’m far more encouraged by the CD resurgence.
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  10. originalsnuffy

    originalsnuffy Socially distant and unstuck in time

    I see your point. But realistically, SACD is of most benefit in two scenarios, and of little benefit in one.

    First I will address the area where the benefit is minimal. That is when the source material is recorded to PCM. Which is pretty much everything nowadays.

    Second, there are old analog masters that are converted to DSD. Any EQ is applied before the DSD process.

    Third, there is the rare scenario when something is recorded direct to DSD. Then DSD is really cool.

    So unfortunately, since most new music is captured to PCM, DSD is no better than PCM delivery systems. And PCM playback systems are generally cheaper and more easily found.
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  11. originalsnuffy

    originalsnuffy Socially distant and unstuck in time

    Many excellent points.

    I have heard that some soundbars create a compelling sound field with Dolby Atmos material.
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  12. DancingSea

    DancingSea Forum Resident

    Maui, Hawaii
    If true, this will spell the end of the SACD. While I understand the PCM argument, I’m not 100% convinced it’s necessarily always true. I know it’s true in theory. But in terms of appraising a resurgence, it’s largely moot.

    If SACD cannot find a way to become relevant to newer music, the format will die along with those of us who appreciate it. And in that light, my main point is a tepid enthusiasm for the “SACD resurgence”, as being more of a last gasp than an actual resurgence. Vinyl saw a resurgence. The CD is trying it’s best to see one. But 600 releases in one year - of all old folks music - is more of an omen than a resurgence.
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  13. Kal Rubinson

    Kal Rubinson Forum Resident

    I am more likely to be aware of who has 5.1 SACD among the people I know.
  14. jamesc

    jamesc Senior Member

    Dallas, TX
    Just tell all your favorite artists to start recording in DSD and there won't be a problem. :)
  15. DancingSea

    DancingSea Forum Resident

    Maui, Hawaii
    I’m quite content if they’d record in analog and convert that directly to DSD. But that’s even more unlikely.

    Paul McGowan’s Octave Records seems to be one of the very few recording in DSD. I imagine R2D2 projecting a recorded video message from Paul saying he’s our only hope. But hey, I like old people’s music and cherish my numerous jazz SACDs….
  16. weekendtoy

    weekendtoy Rejecting your reality and substituting my own.

    Northern MN
    Recorded and mastered in DSD

  17. originalsnuffy

    originalsnuffy Socially distant and unstuck in time

    Actually there are still artists recording to analog reels, so there is that.

    I never realized that Alison Krauss - Union Station Live was direct to DSD. I think I have a copy somewhere, need to check it out again

    I must admit I have a purist streak. I don't believe in upsampling of redbook or that converting PCM to DSD somehow makes things sound better. Nor, for that matter, I do I grok why people buy vinyl sourced from digital, but then again they do. If none those scenarios faze you, then by all means go for DSD from PCM.
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  18. DancingSea

    DancingSea Forum Resident

    Maui, Hawaii
    I think that not all upsampling schemes are created equal. For years I used a HQPlayer upsampling scheme and it was ok, but I preferred my Border Patrol NOS.

    Now I have a Marantz SACD 30n which upsamples all pcm to DSD 256 and the results are stunning. My decently recorded CDs now all sound like SACDs. That’s not an exaggeration.
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  19. jfeldt

    jfeldt Forum Resident

    SF, CA, USA
    The thing I like about SACDs are that there are releases that aren’t all noise reduced or heavily EQd and compressed. That to me is a huge benefit, even if the source is PCM or some garbage-tier analog tape forgotten in a shed somewhere. I haven’t found highres download equivalents or modern blu-ray releases with similar mastering to my taste yet (the new Animals blu-ray sounds like it is an exception if it sounds like my SACD).

    They are heavily focused on old music, which wouldn’t be as bad if more youngish people liked old music, but not many do. They didn’t do themselves any service releasing things like Ludacris - Chicken N Beer with a SACD layer that sounds the same or worse than the CD layer (pick your own young person example from near the intro of SACD and it often has a similar story).
  20. ChefBrunch

    ChefBrunch Forum Resident

    SACD and other similar formats just don't have much in terms of variety and availability. Stuck in the format wars like quadrophonic back in the days of yore.

    I used to have a good back then 5.1 setup and my pioneer receiver had a good simulated surround sound that was excellent with live music from stereo sources.And did good with most music.

    That being said I think in the next 10 years a conclusive winner will win the next format wars....Atmos or maybe the new 3d sound that was mentioned here
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  21. Musicisthebest

    Musicisthebest Forum Resident

    Manchester, UK
    If you listen to what a good upsampler can do then you might change your mind! Sure, I have difficulty in getting my head around WHY this improves the sound but hearing is believing.
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  22. soundboy

    soundboy Senior Member Thread Starter

    Just announced at the Japan Tower Records website, the SACD release of this GRP album (on December 7) may be of interest to some here:

    Dave Grusin - Mountain Dance
  23. ispace

    ispace Senior Member

    Sydney Australia
    Wow this will be amazing! I hope it’s not a Tower exclusive; they’re impossible to order from Australia.
  24. Musicisthebest

    Musicisthebest Forum Resident

    Manchester, UK
    If it is then CD Japan will get it for you, but they’ll add their fee to the final bill.
  25. soundboy

    soundboy Senior Member Thread Starter

    The above October 2, 2022 estimate of 625 new SACD releases worldwide for 2022 may now be an underestimate. November 2022 may be turning out to be a month with over 100 new SACD releases as the first week already see....
    • Japan Universal Music is releasing 50 classical music titles on SHM-SACD (i.e. stereo single layer SACD) on the Deutsch Grammophon (DG) and Decca labels.
    • Hong Kong Universal Music is releasing 8 titles on SHM-SACD.
    • Dutton Vocalion releasing Mac Davis, REO Speedwagon, and Ted Nugent on 3 separate multichannel hybrid SACD releases.
    To date, we are already well over 500 new SACD releases worldwide for 2022. Later this month....
    • Japan Universal Music is releasing 18 J-pop "Best of" compilation SACDs on November 16.
    • MoFi has scheduled the Eagles' "Hotel California" and "The Long Run" SACDs for release on November 25
    Michael Jackson's "Thriller" on MoFi SACD is still a possibility for a November 2022 release. Then there are a lot of classical SACD releases from Fone, BIS, etc.

    For December, SACDs from Steely Dan? Barbara Streisand? Van Halen?

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