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    From their FB Page...

    We're not souled out so let's do it again! We put out way more vinyl last week than we even had tables for. So we're having an encore sale starting this Saturday at 10am. Actually, you can come right now (10am-5pm) and dig through last week's unveiling but we will debut another box or two on the weekend.

    Here are the details from last week:
    We're back with the sweet sounds of vintage soul records, thumping dance classics, and healthy handful of hip-hop this Saturday at the Music Direct Warehouse.

    There are the hits but also deep catalogue from long-running vocal and funk groups. A few imports and some real obscurities too.

    Condition definitely varies a lot but we're happy to report a good amount of old but sealed LPs. We do have a turntable if you're concerned about just how noisy a pressing is- or whether the band is funky or smooth enough. The vast majority of the music is from about 1970 through the mid-'80's.

    Most of the albums are at the $3 and $5 price points but there are many at only $1, a healthy amount of $8-$15 long-players, and some super-rarities in the $50 and up ranges.

    So call it soul, r&b, disco, rap, or funk- we have it. We will have separate boxes for newly-unearthed 12" singles and hip-hop. Still no real quantities of 7-inchers and we've trimmed back on the shellac a bit (for now).

    Besides this week's specialty, there will be some new titles in other genres plus a box of audiophile favorites and recent pressings. There are still the thousands of albums in every genre that remain out on the tables and in the shelves.

    If you can't make it on Saturday whatever isn't sold will be available for perusal and purchase the following week from 10am to 5pm every weekday. On Sunday the warehouse is closed.

    We also have great deals on trade-in and demo gear - especially speaker towers - and we're featuring several turntables previously not offered.

    We recently debuted our headphone listening station. We're featuring five great sets of headphones (Andeze, Focal, MrSpeakers, Audioquest, and Acoustic Research) and three different audiophile amps (Icon, McIntosh, Marantz). The sound is so good you may forsake your speakers for months! We are running a special in-store sale price on the Nighthawks that is the lower we've ever offered them before. You have to be here in-person for that special price.

    Yes, we're still doing Sugarcube demos on request on Saturday. The most amazing de-clicker and de-popper we've ever heard. With one of these in your system you may never worry about noise on the dusties or new pressings again.

    Music Direct's warehouse is at 1811 W. Bryn Mawr in Chicago, just west of Ravenswood Avenue and the Metra tracks. There's plenty of free street parking on Saturday. On the weekdays if you're having trouble finding a spot, park for a second in front and ask what we can do for you.

    See you Saturday! (Or Monday or Tuesday or.... )

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