SH Forums GIVEAWAY, new CD: "Fred Darian's American Songbook featuring JOHNNY WILLOW"

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Steve Hoffman, May 16, 2007.

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  1. lemonjello

    lemonjello Forum Resident

    This is great!! Never heard his hits. Can't wait to get this.
    Thanks Steve for always turning me to great music I haven't heard.

  2. ferric

    ferric Iron Dino In Memoriam

    Good show old chap. :uhhuh:
  3. shmuckler

    shmuckler Forum Resident

    Munich, Germany
    Count me in for this one.
  4. draftingmonkey

    draftingmonkey Deranged Mutant

  5. mavisgold

    mavisgold Senior Member

    bellingham wa
    I'm in
  6. stereoldies

    stereoldies Member

    Rensselaer, NY
    I put in an order for this cd tonight, before even reading this thread....i'm thrilled as heck to see this cd and not only to see it using the original master tapes, but true stereo mixes for some of the songs too! Pretty amazing to a kid like me who had been told many years ago that there were no Fred Darian master tapes and that there had only been mono mixdowns that got destroyed by a flood....would love to know which of the tracks are in stereo before i even get the cd, though....i think i'll go pull out my 45s of Gettysburg and Johnny Willow and give them a spin....i noticed on ebay a copy of Johnny Willow sold for $61 (!!!!) because the seller promoted the B side of the record as Belgium Popcorn!
  7. turtle2344

    turtle2344 New Member

    Washington State
    I would love to hear Fred Darian's "American Songbook." And very nice of you to do the work gratis.
  8. -Alan

    -Alan Forum Resident

    Connecticut, USA
    I've never heard of this but since it comes so well-recommended I'll definitely be picking this up!
  9. mike_c

    mike_c Forum Resident

    Houston, TX USA
    Please put my name in the hat...
  10. JasonK

    JasonK Active Member

    Tujunga, CA.
    I'm in. Thanks!
  11. pbda

    pbda Forum Resident

    London, England
    Sounds great; count me in.
  12. Matti Saari

    Matti Saari Senior Finn

    Vantaa, Finland
  13. luckyman

    luckyman Forum Resident

    Brick, NJ
    count me in.
  14. Please add my name to the draw.

    Thank you. :)
  15. Kyhl

    Kyhl On my break

    Maybe these threads should be [​IMG] after a few months. :shh:
  16. shokhead

    shokhead Head shok and you still don't what it is. HA!

  17. Joseph

    Joseph Forum Resident

    Love to hear it.
  18. DragonQ

    DragonQ Forum Resident

    The Moon
    Old threads are not cool <_<
  19. VinylNutz

    VinylNutz Active Member

    Oh oh, me, me, me!:wave: :wave:
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