Should The Beatles' A Hard Day's Night Be Colorized for a New Generation To Enjoy?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by 2141, Oct 1, 2018.

  1. 2141

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    Inspired by a bunch of off-topic posts on the White Album thread, thought we might talk about it here.

    As many probably know, A Hard Day's Night was made in glorious black and white so they could make it on the cheap. Plenty of color film stock existed, that was not the problem. It was just a lot more expensive to do and the film studios thought sure The Beatles were a flash in the pan and wanted to capitalize on them quickly, before their sudden fame dried up. Hard to believe now, but that's how they thought about them back then. The only "concept" about AHDN in B/W was to save money.

    Many don't think it's possible to do the film justice with colorization, or just think it's sacrilege. Is that really true? I tend to think it could be done well today, and not hurt anything about the original. After all, the original would still exist. You wouldn't lose anything, only gain a new version. Somewhat the same as with the new Pepper and White Album remixes.

    And perhaps the biggest thing, I think there are a lot of younger fans who would warm to seeing this great movie in color, but won't touch it in black and white. It just looks very old, like something from another time (guess it is) and Millennials and others simply have no interest in that. Thing is, the movie is really clever and funny, so if it was colorized and looked pretty good, then I think there would be a sizable audience for it all around. Thoughts?
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  2. Prudence1964

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    Upstate NY
  3. blutiga

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    That's a No from me too.
  4. The Lone Cadaver

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    Absolutely not. Perfect as is.
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  5. EdwinM

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    There are many more reasons why 1964 movies do not appeal to a 2019 audience
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  6. Gasman1003

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  7. Chance

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    Of course not. The world was black and white until Pepper. :D
  8. But how would they decide on what color?

    Stupid idea!
  9. Pines Brook

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    No. Cleaning up and remastering is one thing, but older films should not need to be changed or updated to suit modern audiences. You may as well insert a CG Obi-Wan and Vader into A New Hope, flipping around the Death Star during a ten minute lightsaber fight that destroys half the station.
  10. 12stringbassist

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    If they want to spend the money and think they will earn it back. Why not?
  11. Daniel Plainview

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    Uh, no.

    Nor should they colorize the cover of 'With The Beatles' and 'Revolver'.

    If millenials and Ted Turner can't accept that then pffffft.
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  12. BryanA-HTX

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    I think they should re-record their voices in a Mid-Atlantic accent for a new generation to enjoy.
  13. dance_hall_keeper

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  14. kinkling

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    Hard no
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  15. LeBon Bush

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    No, and why? I love B&W movies and have no problem with AHDN not being shot in color. People who can't watch B&W cinema are ignorants in my book.
  16. audiomixer

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    FORK NO!!!
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  17. BadJack

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    I'll get thrown out of the club for this, but I don't think this movie's humor has aged well. To be fair, I don't think much humor of the era translates today, and I'm kind of an old fart now.

    But the performance clips are nice.
  18. Haristar

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    Maybe I’m biased, with filmmaking and script writing as my passion, but this thread is bullsh*t. Black and white films do not need colourising.
  19. yellowballoon

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    No way ...NO NO NO
  20. vince

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    Shouldn't the fact that 'the train scene' will remind kids of Harry Potter be ENOUGH?!?!?!?!?!
  21. x2zero

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    Worst idea of the week
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  22. Dear 23

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  23. Jimmy Cooper

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  24. Cheepnik

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    Non-issue. The colorization fad has long come and gone. Young people have repeatedly shown the ability to appreciate b&w photography.
  25. AlienRendel

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    Hell no.
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