Shout Factory Working on a Complete-Series "WKRP in Cincinnati"

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Planbee, May 8, 2014.

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  1. Taylor, who was swift. :D

    I ordered mine on the 16th of September.
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  2. Oddly enough, I ordered it exactly the same day. Apparently it's going to be in a large box along with the Sleater-Kinney box set I ordered three weeks ago. Sounds like a lot of us are taking heavy shots to the wallet this week...
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  3. RoyalScam

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    And mine, which had zero and no idea what I was talking about. :winkgrin:
  4. Dave Garrett

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    I've found that the DVD/Blu stock varies considerably between Costco locations.

    We have several Costco stores locally, of which I patronize two of those semi-regularly. The DVD section in one of them has shrunk over the past several years to a fraction of its former size, so I generally favor the other location (which is much better stocked) when I'm intent on DVD shopping. That location had at least ten copies of WKRP, several copies of the complete Welcome Back, Kotter set, and a half-dozen copies of the Merv Griffin Show set.

    I mentioned this to a friend, who went to the other location only to find that none of these titles were anywhere to be found. YMMV.
  5. RoyalScam

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    Mine has half of one full aisle dedicated to DVDs (the other half is books). They had plenty of Merv and Kotter and tons of Wizard of Oz and Harry Potter sets. No WKRP. :shrug:
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  6. Campbell Saddler

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    Thanks for the information: I purchased this set at my local Costco for $57.99 :thumbsup:
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  7. marcb

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    I've 5 or 6 Costco's within 30 minutes of me (I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing...). The one I stopped at Thursday had about 10 copies.
  8. aoxomoxoa

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    Now that this is released, I wonder if they will stream these on Hulu, since the show is available on there (the old dvd version, i believe).
  9. Dave Garrett

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    Houston, TX
    Shout Factory's complete-series SGT. BILKO set is due out on Tuesday. I suppose it would be too much to hope for that Costco would wind up stocking that set priced comparably to what they're selling the WKRP set for.
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    The Costco SKU # is 943272, in case you want them to check in their system for stock. Unfortunately, they seem to assign the same SKU # to various products sometimes, and apparently the Welcome Back Kotter set is coded with the same SKU as WKRP. My uncle works at a NJ Costco. He saw 6 copies in their system under that SKU. Turned out that was 5 Kotters and 1 WKRP. Now, it's zero WKRP's. :winkgrin:
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    I got the same info and was advised to ask for a "visual" if calling other stores to see if they had WKRP.

    Amazed at the price differences. Costco carries WKRP and Kotter for $58 each. Amazon is now charging $110 for WKRP (not from 3rd party seller) but $82 for Kotter.
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  12. musicalbeds

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    I've just watched the first three episodes, and it's heaven! :)
    Just noticed the first of a few Grateful Dead references; during the third episode, just as Les is mispronouncing Chi Chi Rodriguez, you see Johnny has the Steal Your Face record in his hands. I'm gonna try and list them all. :)
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  13. Planbee

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    Just got the set today from a Costco member, and am surprised at how good the episodes I've sampled look on my HDTV. A lot of older shows don't fare so well on my TV.
  14. Hard Panner

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    Got this set for my Birthday a few weeks back. Been digging in - mainly second season so far - and love it! Can't believe how good it looks after watching dull VHS tapes for so long. Also, been catching a ton of lines and little scenes that have been cut out of the syndication versions of episodes. Probably haven't seen those scenes since the first run. Oh, and had to watch 'The Contest' first for that different last 1/4 or 1/3 of the show.
  15. Hard Panner

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  16. Planbee

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    The depressing part about that article is that Shout "has looked at" releasing Ed. I assume the past tense means they're not looking at it anymore. It was a colossal, inexcusable blunder on the part of that show's creators to not clear music given that Ed debuted in the DVD era (Fall 2000).

    Anyway, I've watched the first eight episodes (thought the Pink Floyd omission was handled very well), the "Hot Blooded" scene, and maybe my favorite episode of the whole run, "Baby, It's Cold Inside."
  17. musicalbeds

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    Ontario, Canada
  18. RoyalScam

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    OK...reasons to keep the Fox S1 set?
  19. mmars982

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    The end of "The Contest that Nobody Could Win"?

    I don't have the new set yet, but if the ending has completely changed on there I'd keep the old set.
  20. wayne66

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    I was going to ask about that. I got the set recently and I just watched that episode. It seemed to be a different ending then I remember. In the original Johnny walked out with the phony winner and was able to get the 5,000 dollars back. That is how I remember it. In this version, the crook got away with the money and Johnny ends up asking his radio listeners for 10,000 dollars to help in his own Johnny Fever relief fund. I might have to buy the Season 1 set after all. Why was the ending changed? Music related or something else?
    P.S. I really like the set so far(I am in season 1) The only other change that I noticed was the replacement of the Pink Floyd song and I thought that was handled about as well as it could be.
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  21. mmars982

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    Pittsburgh, PA
    You're remembering correctly. I don't know if there was ever an explanation why that episode is different than what was broadcast. Maybe that's really the original?
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  22. Obtuse1

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    Florida's my most recent version of "the big list". This should contain every song used in the series, and how replacements were treated on the DVD set. Thanks to Brian at "HTF" for his help in completing it. We worked together over there to create a similar list. This one differs, as it also adds how the music was replaced.

    There are 2 items left that remain a mystery:

    There is a small bit of music played just before Carlson's campaign commercial in "Carlson For President" which is unidentified (it could very well just be a bit of production music).

    I have identified the source of the last piece of music used in "Up And Down The Dial", but don't have a song title.

    Here we go.....

    WKRP/Shout! Factory DVD Music Guide

    S1 Ep. 1 Pilot:

    No music cuts. Running time 24:55


    Generic big band music ("Felix Mandel Orchestra")
    Hallelujah Tabernacle Choir-You're Having My Baby
    Ted Nugent-Queen Of The Forest
    Chic-Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah)

    S1 Ep. 2 Pilot Pt. 2:

    No music cuts. Running time 25:13


    Mozart's String Quintet No. 2 in C Minor
    Rolling Stones-Lies
    Bob Seger-Old Time Rock And Roll
    Rolling Stones-Shattered

    S1 Ep. 3 Les On A Ledge:

    No music cuts. Running time 25:13


    Nick Lowe-They Called It Rock

    S1 Ep. 4 Hoodlum Rock:

    No music cuts. Running time 24:55


    Detective-Got Enough Love
    Detective-Betcha Won't Dance

    S1 Ep. 5 Hold Up:

    1 song cut, one song replaced. Running time 24:19


    Van Halen-Atomic Punk replaced with generic music.

    Linda Ronstadt-Back In The U.S.A. cut (scene missing/edited out).

    Janis Joplin-Mercedes Benz present.
    Bob Dylan-Like A Rolling Stone present.

    S1 Ep. 6 Bailey's Show:

    No music cuts. Running time 25:05


    L.T.D.-We Both Deserve Each Other's Love
    A Taste Of Honey-Boogie Oogie Oogie
    Evelyn "Champagne" King-Shame
    Elvis Presley-Jailhouse Rock
    Boston-Don't Look Back

    S1 Ep. 7 Turkeys Away:

    One song replaced. Running Time 24:55


    Pink Floyd-Dogs replaced/obscured with a sound-alike. Johnny's dialog mentioning Pink Floyd cut.

    Joe Cocker-Fun Time present.
    Creedence Clearwater Revival-It Came Out Of The Sky present.

    S1 Ep. 8 Love Returns:

    No music cuts. Running time 25:08


    Ray Charles-You 20th Century Fox
    Rolling Stones-Beast Of Burden

    (Both instances of the fictitious Linda Taylor's "Kiss Our Last Hello Goodbye" present).

    S1 Ep. 9 Mama's Review:

    No music cuts. Running time 25:08


    Ted Nugent-Queen Of The Forest
    Bob Seger-Old Time Rock And Roll
    Marvin Gaye-Is That Enough

    S1 Ep. 10 A Date With Jennifer:

    No music cuts. Running time 25:07


    Grateful Dead-Shakedown Street
    Foreigner-Hot Blooded

    S1 Ep. 11 The Contest Nobody Could Win:

    One song cut. Running time 25:08 (Note: This version of the episode has an alternate ending from the version in syndication).


    Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band-Suction Prints
    The O'Jays-For The Love Of Money
    The Boyzz-Too Wild To Tame
    Rolling Stones-Tumblin' Dice
    Village People-YMCA
    Wayne Newton-Danke Schoen
    Heart-Straight On
    U.S. National Anthem ("Francis Scott Key")
    Eric Clapton-I'll Make Love To You Anytime
    Albert King-Born Under A Bad Sign
    Isaac Stern-Vivaldi: Concerto for Violin, Strings and Continuo in E Major, RV 269 "La primavera": II. Largo (Johnny's announcement)

    Nicolette Larson-Lotta Love removed/cut due to alternate ending.

    S1 Ep. 12 Tornado:

    No music cuts. Running time 25:09


    Elvis Costello-Goon Squad
    Bob Sharples And His Military Band-The Star Spangled Banner

    S1 Ep. 13 Goodbye Johnny:

    One song replaced. Running time 24:00

    The Beach Boys-Surfin' U.S.A. replaced with generic music

    Rolling Stones-I'm Movin' On (live) Note: 2nd appearance of the song has been replaced by generic music.

    S1 Ep. 14 Johnny Comes Back:

    No music cuts. Running time 24:56


    Soundtastics-Nowhere Band
    Linda Ronstadt-Ooh Baby Baby
    Van Morrison-Into The Mystic
    Styx-Blue Collar Man
    Chicago-Alive Again
    Derek And The Dominos-Layla

    S1 Ep. 15 Never Leave Me, Lucille:

    No music cuts. Running time 24:55


    Les singing "Heartbreak Hotel"
    Eddie Money-Everybody Rock 'N' Roll The Place

    S1 Ep. 16 I Want To Keep My Baby:

    No music cuts. Running time 24:45


    The Kinks-Rock And Roll Fantasy (Note: beginning of scene/song shortened from original airing.)
    Toto-Hold The Line
    Carla Thomas-B-A-B-Y
    Bob Marley & The Wailers-Lively Up Yourself
    Crosby Stills Nash And Young-Teach Your Children
    Elvis Presley-Return To Sender
    Ranndy Newman-Lover's Prayer
    James Taylor-Your Smiling Face

    S1 Ep. 17 A Commercial Break:

    No music cuts. Running time 24:45


    Johnny singing "So Long For A While" (closing theme to "Your Hit Parade")
    Bailey singing "Amazing Grace"
    Jennifer singing "Happy Birthday"
    The Coasters-Young Blood
    Blondie-Heart Of Glass

    S1 Ep. 18 Who Is Gordon Sims?

    No music cuts. Running time 24:55


    Donald Byrd-Flight Time
    Chuck Mangione-Last Dance

    S1 Ep. 19 I Do, I Do...For Now:

    No music cuts. Running time 24:49


    Hoyt Axton-Jealous Man
    Hoyt Axton-Della And the Dealer

    S1 Ep. 20 Young Master Carlson:

    No music cuts. Running time 24:56


    Jerry Goldsmith-Theme From Patton
    Van Morrison-Caravan
    Herb humming "Anchors Aweigh"

    S1 Ep. 21 Fish Story:

    No music cuts. Running time: 23:58


    Jerry Lee Lewis-Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee
    Freddie King-I'm Torn Down
    Styx-Blue Collar Man
    The Doors-Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)
    Venus singing "If I Didn't Care"
    The Doors-Light My Fire

    S1 Ep. 22 Preacher:

    One song replaced. Running time 24:29


    The Cars-Just What I Needed

    The Beatles-I'm Down replaced with generic music.

    S2 Ep. 1 For Love Or Money Pt. 1:

    Two songs replaced. Running time 24:54

    Robert Palmer-Bad Case Of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor) replaced.

    Herb Alpert-Rise replaced with generic music. Venus' dialog redubbed by voice actor.

    Earth, Wind And Fire-After The Love Has Gone present.

    S2 Ep. 2 For Love Or Money Pt. 2:

    No music cuts. Running time 24:53


    Earth, Wind And Fire-After The Love Is Gone

    S2 Ep. 3 Baseball:

    No music in this episode (other than Les' violin). Running time 25:00

    S2 Ep. 4 Bad Risk:

    No Music cuts. Running time 25:00


    The Knack-Good Girls Don't
    Little River Band-Lonesome Loser
    Rolling Stones-Bitch

    S2 Ep. 5 Jennifer Falls In Love:

    No music in this episode. Running time 24:57

    S2 Ep. 6 Carlson For President:

    No music cuts. Running time 24:58


    John Williams-Star Wars Main Title
    (Note: a small bit of unidentified music plays just before the campaign ad as well)

    S2 Ep. 7 Mike Fright:

    2 songs removed. Running time 24:45


    Sports-Who Listens To the Radio edited out. Dialog removed.

    Chuck Berry-Rock And Roll Music replaced with generic music. Dialog announcing song altered.

    Bob Dylan-Gotta Serve Somebody present.
    Martha And The Vandellas: Nowhere To Run present.
    B.B. King-Friends present.
    Waylon Jennings-Honky Tonk Heroes present.
    Andy And Venus singing "Gonna Fly Now" present.
    Sly And The family Stone-Remember Who You Are present.

    S2 Ep. 8 Patter Of Little Feet:

    Two songs replaced. Running time 24:57


    Still-The Commodores

    The O'Jays-Sing A Happy Song replaced with generic disco song.

    Maurice Chevalier-Thank Heaven For Little Girls replaced with a cover of The Carpenters-We've Only Just Begun.

    S2 Ep. 9 Baby, If You've Ever Wondered:

    One song replaced. Running time


    Jerry Lee Lewis-Rockin' My Life Away
    Mr. Carlson singing "Three Little Fishies"
    Gerry Rafferty-Get It Right Next Time
    Supertramp-Goodbye Stranger

    Michael Jackson-Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough replaced/obscured with generic music.

    S2 Ep. 10 Bailey's Big Break:

    No music replaced. Running time 24:58


    Ashford And Simpson-Nobody Knows
    Neil Young-Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)

    S2 Ep. 11 Jennifer's Home For Christmas:

    No music cuts. Running time 24:56

    Brenda Lee-Jingle Bell Rock
    The Singing Dogs-Jingle Bells
    Andy singing "Good King Wenceslas"
    Venus singing "White Christmas"/"Jingle Bells"
    Chuck Berry-Merry Christmas Baby
    Cast singing "Good King Wenceslas"
    Music Box playing "Little Drummer Boy"

    S2 Ep. 12 Sparky:

    One song replaced. Running time 24:25


    Jerry Lee Lewis-Don't Let Go

    Bob Marley And The Wailers-Survivor replaced with generic music. Dialog overdubbed.

    S2 Ep. 13 God Talks to Johnny:

    No music cuts. Running time 24:55


    Paul McCartney & Wings-Arrow Through Me

    S2 Ep. 14 A Family Affair:

    One song removed. Running time 24:02


    The Durocs: Lie To Me

    The Jimi Hendrix Experience-Foxy Lady removed. Dialog edited.

    Helen Reddy-I Am Woman
    Joan Baez-The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
    Johnny singing "Viva Las Vegas"
    Kenny Rogers-Coward Of The County
    Gene Watson-Should I Came Home (Or Should I Go Crazy)

    S2 Ep. 15 Herb's Dad:

    No music cuts. Running time 24:51


    Little Richard-Lucille
    Jefferson Starship-Jane

    S2 Ep. 16 Put Up Or Shut Up:

    One song removed. Running Time


    Herb singing "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" present.

    Herb singing "Our Day Will Come" removed. Dialog overdubbed ("Hi Bailey" changed to "Hi Babe").

    Herb singing "Just The Way You Are" present.

    S2 Ep. 17 The Americanization Of Ivan:

    No music cuts. Running time 24:56


    Earl Klugh-Heart String
    Ivan reciting "Tiny Dancer" lyrics
    Elton John-Tiny Dancer

    S2 Ep. 18 Les's Groupie:

    No music cuts. Running time 24:56


    Dr. John-Keep The Music Simple
    Johnny Mathis-Chances Are
    Les singing "Chances Are"

    S2 Ep. 19 In Concert:

    One song replaced. Running time 24:57


    The Pretenders-The Wait

    Rolling Stones-Sympathy For The Devil replaced/obscured with generic music. No dialog affected.

    Bill Evans-Remembering The Rain

    S2 Ep. 20 The Doctor's Daughter:

    One song replaced. Running time


    Frankie Lymon And The Teenagers-Why Do Fools Fall In Love?
    Bo Diddley-Bo Diddley
    Bill Haley And The Comets-Rock Around The Clock

    The Eagles-The Long Run replaced with sound-alike. Dialog overdubbed.

    S2 Ep. 21 Filthy Pictures:

    No music cuts. Running time


    Bonnie Raitt: Runaway

    S2 Ep. 22 Venus Rising:

    No music cuts. Running time


    Kenny Loggins-This Is It
    Ray Charles-Tell The Truth
    Sly And The Family Stone-The Same Thing (Makes You Laugh, Makes You Cry)
    Flying Lizards-Money
    Stanley Turrentine-There's Music In The Air

    S2 Ep. 23 Most Improved Station:

    One song replaced. Running time 24:59

    Ron Nagle-61 Clay replaced with generic music. No Dialog affected.

    S3 Ep.1 The Airplane Show:

    4 songs replaced. Running time 24:13.

    Devo-Whip It replaced/obscured with generic music. Dialog unchanged.

    Chris Karan-Military Percussion One (from the KPM Recorded Music Library) replaced with generic military drum music.

    Stevie Wonder-Master Blaster (Jammin') present.
    The Who-Had Enough present.

    Deep Purple-Space Truckin' replaced/obscured with generic music. Dialog unchanged.

    Debby Boone-You Light Up My Life removed (along with the rest of the "station call letter" audio, which was altered/replaced).

    The Cars-Gimmie Some Slack removed. Dialog unchanged.

    Washington Post - Rudolf Urbanec/Czechoslovak Brass Orchestra present. (Identified via Soundhound and TrackID).

    S3 Ep. 2 Jennifer Moves:

    No Music cuts (no music). Running time 24:53

    S3 Ep. 3 Real Families:

    3 music changes. Running time 24:50

    Real Families theme music/intro has been changed. Johnny Olsen's voice gone.

    Steely Dan-Peg present.
    Ron Nagle-61 Clay present.
    Steely Dan-Deacon Blues present.
    AC/DC-You Shook Me All Night Long present.
    Gary Myrick & The Figures-She Talks In Stereo present.

    The Rolling Stones -She's So Cold (in background during Bailey's interview) replaced by Jackson Browne-That Girl Could Sing. Dialog unchanged.

    Talking Heads-Once In A Lifetime (background during Venus' interview) have been altered. Dialog unchanged.

    S3 Ep. 4 The Baby:

    One song replaced. Running time 23:50

    George Washington Jr.-Make Me A Memory present.

    Pointer Sisters-Could I Be Dreamin' replaced with generic music. Dialog unchanged.

    Johnny singing "Peggy Sue" present.

    S3 Ep. 5 Hotel Oceanview:

    No music cuts. Running time 24:14.

    Herb singing "Theme from Love American Style" present
    Herb Alpert-Rise present
    E. Power Biggs-Toccata and Fugue In D Minor present
    Christopher Cross-Sailing present

    S3 Ep. 6 A Mile In My Shoes:

    One song replaced. Running time 24:58

    Rolling Stones-Get Off Of My Cloud replaced/obscured with a sound-alike.

    Queen-Another One Bites The Dust present.

    S3 Ep. 7 Bah Humbug:

    One song shortened. Running time 24:03
    (Note: There are a series of small edits in the "Christmas past" scene that differ from what appears in syndication. This may have been how it originally aired on CBS).

    Included (all present):

    Perry Como-Wanted shortened. Original appears at the beginning of the scene for a few seconds, then is obscured/replaced by a cover version.

    Robert Shaw Chorale And Orchestra-Handel's Messiah
    Living Voices-Sleigh Ride

    S3 Ep. 8 Baby, It's Cold Inside:

    No music cuts. Running time 24:55

    Included (all present):

    Pete Townsend-Rough Boys
    Bruce Springsteen-Hungry Heart
    Gene Chandler-Duke Of Earl
    Ray Charles-Tell The Truth
    New York Philharmonic Orchestra-Someone To Watch Over Me (Instrumental) (vocal by Carol Bruce/Mama Carlson)

    S3 Ep. 9 The Painting:

    No music cuts. Running time 24:55.


    George Benson-Breezin'

    S3 Ep. 10 Daydreams:

    No music cuts. Running time 24:56


    Latin guitar music (Herb's daydream) unchanged
    Piano playing "Stardust" (Jennifer's daydream) unchanged
    Arthur Dooley Wilson/Elliot Carpenter-As Time Goes By (Les' daydream) present.
    Godfather Love Theme (Andy's daydream) present.

    S3 Ep. 11 Frog Story:

    One song replaced. Running time 24:57.


    The Kinks -You Really Got Me

    Randy Newman-Gone Dead Train replaced with a cover version of the same song. Dialog original.

    S3 Ep. 12 Venus And The Man:

    2 songs replaced. Running Time 23:54.

    Candi Staton-Lookin' For Love replaced with generic music. Venus' announcement altered to sound like "Andi Taton" (as in the 90's syndication version).

    John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band-Remember obscured with generic music. Dialog unchanged.

    Della Reese-Bein' Green present.

    S3 Ep. 13 Doctor Fever And Mr. Tide:

    Presented in it's original single episode format (like "Filthy Pictures") Running time 47:35.

    Wilson Pickett-"Land of 1000 Dances" present.
    Chuck Berry lyric spoken by Johnny present.
    Olivia Newton-John-"Xanadu" present.
    Rolling Stones-"Sympathy For The Devil" replaced by generic music. No overdubs. (can hear Stones under dialog).
    Chic-"Le Freak"-replaced by generic disco music.
    Alicia Bridges-"I Love The Nightlife (Disco 'Round)" present.
    The Police-"De Do Do Do..." present
    Carl Perkins-"Blue Suede Shoes" present
    Stone City Band-"Strut Your Stuff" present (thanks, Soundhound for identification).
    Little Richard-"Ready Teddy" present.

    S3 Ep. 14 Ask Jennifer:

    No music edits (no music). Running time 24:56.

    S3 Ep. 15 I Am Woman:

    No music cuts. Running time 25:00.

    Included (all present):

    "Lady Be Good" (piano in bar)
    Ray Charles-What'd I Say
    Jean Luc Ponty-Happy Robots
    Sir Douglas Quintet-Who'll Be The Next In Line
    "Bye Bye Blackbird" (as performed by Andy Travis).

    S3 Ep. 16 Secrets Of Dayton Heights:

    One song replaced. Running Time 25:02

    Booker T. And The MG's-Green Onions present.
    Tommy Dorsey-After You've Gone (song on radio at barber shop) present.
    Benny Goodman-I've Found A New Baby (second song in barber shop). Replaced with generic Big Band music.
    The Reddings-Remote Control present.
    (There's also some piano music in the bar scene which hasn't been changed).

    S3 Ep. 17 Out To Lunch:

    2 songs replaced, a third song gone.. Running time 24:58.

    Bee Gees-Jive Talkin' (obscured with a sound-alike) Dialog unchanged.
    Paul McCartney-Every Night present
    Delbert McClinton-Giving It Up For Your Love present
    Beatles-Here Comes The Sun (obscured by piano music) Dialog unchanged.
    U2-I Will Follow. Gone, as if the song was never there. Dialog unchanged. Either it wasn't on the master, or it was edited out very well.
    The Sherbs-I Have The Skill present.

    S3 Ep. 18 A Simple Little Wedding:

    No music changes, running time 24:38.


    Eric Clapton-I Can't Stand It
    Gene Dunlap (f/ The Ridgeways)-Rock Radio
    Otis Redding-I Can't Turn You Loose

    S3 Ep. 19 Nothing To Fear But...

    No Music changes, running time 24:56.


    Otis Redding-Rock Me Baby (misidentified by Johnny as The Singing Nun)
    Otis Redding-Love Man
    Les singing The Great Pretender
    Bob James-Westchester Lady (Bottom Line)
    Bill Withers/Grover Washington Jr.-Just The Two Of Us

    S3 Ep. 20 'Til Debt Do Us Part:

    One song removed, running time 24:55.


    The Monotones-Book Of Love

    Dave Mason-We Just Disagree removed. No replacement track. Dialog unchanged.

    S3 Ep. 21 Clean Up Radio Everywhere:

    One music change.

    Carlson's "computer baseball game" sounds are altered (originally played "Take Me Out To The Ball Game").

    "Imagine" lyrics read by Dr. Bob Halyers intact.

    S4 Ep. 1 An Explosive Affair Part 1:

    No cuts. Running Time 24:06.

    Included (all present):

    Herb singing "Hot Diggity"
    Greg Kihn Band-Can't Stop Hurtin' Myself
    Arthur Conley-Sweet Soul Music
    The Tubes-Talk To Ya Later
    Bob Marley-Could You Be Loved
    Johnny singing "Day-O (The Banana Boat Song) (next week promo)
    Pointer Sisters-Slow Hand (next week promo)

    S4 Ep. 2 An Explosive Affair Part 2:

    One song cut, one song shorter. No announcer on "last week" recap. Running Time 24:05.


    Pointer Sisters-Slow Hand. Present, but shortened. In the original, the song played under the entire scene with Johnny and Venus. Here it stops just after Venus announces the record. Dialog unchanged.

    Kool And The Gang-Celebration. Removed (under the scene with Andy and Bailey in the booth). Dialog unchanged.

    Johnny Singing "Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)" present.
    Lauren Wood-We're On To Something present.
    Carl Carlton-Bad Mama Jama present.

    S4 Ep 3 The Union:

    One song replaced. Running Time 23:45


    Pat Benetar-Promises In The Dark present.

    Rolling Stones-Start Me Up. Replaced. Dialog announcing song altered.

    Johnny, Bailey, Venus singing "Union Theme" present.
    Norrie Paramor, His Strings and Orchestra-I'll Get By (As Long As I Have You) present. (Garden scene with Mama and Art Carlson).
    Herb humming "Union Theme" present.
    Los Amigos Mariachi Band performance intact.
    Norrie Paramor-Stairway To The Stars present. (Andy/Mama Carlson's scene).

    S4 Ep. 4 Rumors:

    No songs replaced. Running time 24:05

    Included (all present):

    Ian Thomas Band-Tinkerbell
    The Go-Go's-Our Lips Are Sealed
    David Lindley-Your Old Lady (behind Andy and Venus in office)
    Johnny singing "She's So Fine"
    Toni Scott-Gettin' Up
    Joe Walsh-Theme From Boat Weirdos (song in Andy's office)

    S4 Ep. 5 Straight From The Heart:

    No music cuts. Running time 24:05.

    Included (all present):

    Yellowjackets-Matinee Idol
    Maze f/ Frankie Beverly-Running Away

    S4 Ep. 6 Who's On First:

    No music cuts. Running time 24:06


    Albert King-Born Under A Bad Sign present.

    S4 Ep. 7 Three Days Of The Condo:

    No music cuts. Running time 24:06

    Included (all present):

    Jerry Lee Lewis-Rockin' My Life Away
    Max Steiner-Main Title "Tara's Theme" from Gone With The Wind (Commercial, transition music)
    Johnny and Venus humming "Tara's Theme"

    S4 Ep. 8 Jennifer And The Will:

    No music cuts. Running time 24.04

    Included (all present):

    Violin player performing "Fascination"
    Herb Alpert-Magic Man
    Marvin Gaye-I Heard It Through The Grapevine

    S4 Ep. 9 The Consultant:

    No music cuts. Running time 24:05

    Included (all present):

    Bailey singing "Nestle jingle".
    James Brown-Papa's Got A Brand New Bag

    S4 Ep. 10 Love, Exciting And New:

    No music cuts. (No music in this episode).

    S4 Ep. 11 You Can't Go Out Of Town Again:

    One song replaced. Running time 24:05


    Midnight Star-Hold Out present.
    David Sanborn-Carly's Song (2X) present.
    Frank Sinatra-I've Got You Under My Skin present.

    Rolling Stones-Satisfaction replaced with generic rock music.

    S4 Ep. 12 Pills:

    One song replaced. Running time 24:04


    Ray Charles-What I'd Say present.

    Barry Manilow-The Old Songs replaced with generic country song. 2 lines of dialog overdubbed.

    The Police-Spirits In the Material World present.
    Teddy Pendergrass-Keep On Lovin' Me present.
    Venus' theme song ("Talk to me children...Venus is rising....") present.

    S4 Ep. 13 Changes:

    No music changes. Running time 24:56

    Included (all present):

    "Fever In The Morning" theme present.
    Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers-Magnolia
    Tom Scott-So White And So Funky
    Bob Marley And The Wailers-Real Situation
    Peabo Bryson-Love Is On The Rise

    S4 Ep. 14 Jennifer And Johnny's Charity:

    One song replaced. Running time 24:54

    The Beatles-Come Together replaced with a cover version. Johnny's dialog edited to remove John Lennon reference.

    Quarterflash-Harden My Heart present.

    S4 Ep. 15 I'll Take Romance:

    No music cuts. Running time 24:58

    Included (all present)

    B.B. King-I Know The Price
    Al Hirt-I'll Take Romance (in commercial)
    Band music at dinner (is the original)
    Johnny "Guitar" Watson-I Miss Your Kiss

    S4 Ep. 16 Circumstantial Evidence:

    One song replaced. Running time 24:57


    Kool And The Gang-Take My Heart replaced (Venus' dialog replaced with dialog from another episode)

    Tom Scott-We Belong Together present
    Missing Persons-Mental Hopscotch present
    Instrumental version of "High Hopes" (in elevator) present.

    S4 Ep. 17 Fire:

    No music cuts. Running time 24:44

    Included (all present).

    Luther Vandross-Never Too Much
    Johnny singing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"

    S4 Ep. 18 Dear Liar:

    No music cuts. Running time 24:55


    Wilson Pickett-Mustang Sally

    S4 Ep. 19 The Creation Of Venus:

    One song replaced. Running time 24:55


    Ernie Watts-Chariots Of Fire
    Ted Nugent-Queen Of The Forest

    Van Morrison-Wavelength replaced by a sound-alike

    The Who-Sister Disco
    A Taste Of Honey-Boogie Oogie Oogie

    S4 Ep. 20 Impossible Dream:

    No music cuts. Running time 24:25

    Included (all present):

    Stanley Turrentine-Closer
    Aurra-Make Up Your Mind

    S4 Ep. 21 To Err Is Human:

    No music cuts. Running time 24:59

    Included (all present):

    Huey Lewis And The News-Do You Believe in Love
    Jr. Walker And The All Stars-Shotgun

    S4 Ep. 22 Up And Down The Dial:

    No music cuts. Running time 24:55

    Included (all present):

    Albert Collins-Frosty
    Jerry Lee Lewis-Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
    Selection from Tim Reid's jazz/poetry LP "As I Feel It" (scene with Venus, Johnny and Andy in the booth).
  23. Obtuse1

    Obtuse1 Forum Resident

    If my math is correct, Shout! Factory managed 85-90% clearance.

    Oops....looks like I missed a "Running Time" or three....just note that all episodes run longer than 24 minutes, with most around 25 minutes (no syndication cuts here).
  24. RoyalScam

    RoyalScam Luckless Pedestrian

    There is definitely a very brief, very subtle play of Donny Hathaway/Roberta Flack "The Closer I get To You" near the beginning of one of the first six episodes of Season 1. I have to go back and listen, but I could bet it's there, and would have to be added to that stellar list.
  25. Obtuse1

    Obtuse1 Forum Resident

    The first song on "Bailey's Show" S1 Ep. 6 was thought to be Roberta Flack, but turned out to actually be L.T.D.'s "We Deserve Each Other's Love" (confirmed with 2 types of song recognition software). It does sound fairly close, though.

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