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Sign O' the Times - Prince (super deluxe edition)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by masswriter, May 29, 2020.

  1. thekid87

    thekid87 Forum Resident

    The Netherlands
    See masswriters post (#130).
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  2. warewolf95

    warewolf95 Forum Resident

    Greenville, SC
    I just want 2 things:

    Splash - the incredible version with Claire Fischer orchestration

    In a Large Room With No Light

    Everything else that circulates from the period is pretty much available in great quality, so I friggin love to finally just get those 2 dang tracks...
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  3. HotelYorba101

    HotelYorba101 Forum Resident

    Sign O' The Times has not had a "mastered for iTunes" unique mastering done, and is derived from the only mass produced mastering that is available - which means it has the same faults as the other ones.

    If you have heard the latest remaster of 1999 to the original CD you will notice what going back to the master tapes/digitized high resolution source can do with an album - SOTT can certainly use such treatment.
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  4. thekid87

    thekid87 Forum Resident

    The Netherlands
    Isn't that the version of Splash from the NPGMC? That's already released in great quality, right.

    I 100% agree with In A Large Room With No Light!! That's an amazing song!
    Personally, I would like Cosmic Day to be included. To me, that's the final Camille song where he pulled out all the stops and killed the character.
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  5. Izozeles

    Izozeles Pushing my limits

    Isn’t that Good Love (the unedited version from that movie) also sounds like a Camille track ?
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  6. puddingdish

    puddingdish Forum Resident

    It's kind of ironic that Prince's relationship with Warner soured because they wouldn't release a 3 LP version of this material in 1987...and here they are years later, issuing a 13 LP version of said material.

    GLUDFSSR Senior Member

    Los Angeles, CA
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  8. thekid87

    thekid87 Forum Resident

    The Netherlands
    Good Love was recorded two weeks before Cosmic Day.
    He did credit U Got The Look and Scarlet ***** as Camille songs, but both are not typical Camille
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  9. schnitzerphilip

    schnitzerphilip "Modern Dad" Unlocked Award

    NJ USA
    Disagree. My listens on Apple Music make my SOTT CD's sound shrill by comparison. Apple Digital Masters are a requirement. Albums are remastered to that protocol per Apple.
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  10. opiumden

    opiumden Forum Resident

    This is the one thing we truly need in pristine quality. With the guitar solo, intact.
    I have no doubt they'll include Splash and Large Room. Those two are already released in one form or another, or "out there".
    As with the previous deluxe editions, the songs that I look forward to the most are the tracks we never even knew they existed.
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  11. Parade was slated for superdeluxe release but was shelved for Sign o the Times- announcement is supposed to be around his birthday June 7th- also during this prolific period he did work w a band he put together called The Flesh- improv jazz/ funk- which might make an appearance on this set- there are over 100 known songs in bootleg circles that are from the SOOT period- will be interesting to see which ones make the cut- rumor also states that the live dvd may be Milan 1987- and that the infamous gig w Miles Davis from NYE 1987 may make an appearance-
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  12. HotelYorba101

    HotelYorba101 Forum Resident

    I have heard the Apple Music version (via family member who has the service) just now side by side with the CD version (ripped in Apple Lossless format on my iTunes library) and I hear the same mastering, same pretty much across the board.

    Not all albums go through the "Apple Digital Masters" process, only the ones with that "Apple Digital Music" label on Apple Music / the iTunes music store do. Sign O' The Times does not have that label (the Purple Rain deluxe remaster does if you want to see the visual-indication related difference between those with and without said labels)

    All in all, whatever may or may not be done to the music using the pre-existing mastering for it to get onto Apple Music, it is not the same process as a new and modern transfer of the tapes and doing a completely new (and tasteful) mastering based on that new transfer.
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  13. Also the Purple Rain remaster was done by Josh Welton- who is Hannah Welton’s husband- she was the drummer of 3rd Eye Girl- i agree the remaster is awful and the added tracks aren’t even indicative of what music Prince was working on at the time- Prince was not interested in the Pirple Rain remaster and banded it to him to do- also heard from an inside source that it will be given a rerelease more along the lines of 1999- in 2024 for the 40th anniversary-
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  14. Turntable

    Turntable Senior Member

    Sydney, Australia
  15. 99thfloor

    99thfloor Forum Resident

    I want the best material, presented in the best possible quality, period.

    I'm afraid you will be disappointed then because everything points to "Crystal Ball" and "Dream Factory" (the songs) not being on here, at least not in their final versions.

    All versions of all songs that have been officially released are essential and to leave hit single versions off a remastering campaign like this would be a disaster.

    I have read many of your posts here over time and I have to wonder, do you know what forum you are on, and if you do, why are you here?

    "Good Love" was part of the Camille album.

    That's good news about Purple Rain, it needs to be redone to be in line with these current reissues. :thumbsup:
    Last edited: May 30, 2020
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  16. Turntable

    Turntable Senior Member

    Sydney, Australia
    Perhaps you should. You may start to enjoy the magic.

    iTunes is hardly known for sound quality
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  17. Dark Horse 77

    Dark Horse 77 A Parliafunkadelicment Thang

    Purple Rain redone as a super deluxe edition a la 1999 would be a most welcome addition to the collection.
  18. Matthew Tate

    Matthew Tate Forum Resident

    Richmond, Virginia
    just take my money now. i love the 1999 set
  19. Dflow

    Dflow Listening in the time of Dylan

    Was Love or Money on the Camille album?
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  20. ad180

    ad180 Forum Resident


    Side 1:

    Rebirth Of The Flesh
    Strange Relationship
    Feel U Up

    Side 2:

    If I Was Your Girlfriend
    Rockhard In A Funky Place

    More info Album: Camille - Prince Vault
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  21. Edmoney

    Edmoney Forum Resident

    New Jersey
    Is the remaster of 1999 done for the SDE considered the best mastering available (as far as digital versions go) for that album?
  22. TheSeldomSeenKid

    TheSeldomSeenKid Forum Resident

    I concur, as I never really listen to Edited Songs on any Box Set, when I would rather just hear the Complete Versions of those Songs that are on the Albums. Now, Extended Versions, Alternative Versions or Different Mixes of a Song, then if those are good, I like to have them included in the Deluxe Box Set. Also, Live Versions(if not getting a Complete Concert, as part of the Deluxe Box Set).
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  23. TheSeldomSeenKid

    TheSeldomSeenKid Forum Resident

    Nothing Comes to Sleepers, but a Dream(Factory):agree:.
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  24. David G.

    David G. Forum Resident

    Austin, TX
    I'm all-in here. This is what I've been waiting for ever since the expanded deluxe remasters started. Of course, I want a super deluxe Around the World in a Day, too...
  25. HotelYorba101

    HotelYorba101 Forum Resident

    I am not sure what the overall consensus is on that, however I must say that I really enjoy the remaster and find the added low end and overall "fuller" sound fantastic. If you look at the dynamic range is technically is a little lower than the previous masterings digitally that came before (the original mastering and the HD Tracks mastering) however I honestly don't even notice that much, and the sound just feels more filled out and full to my ears due to the tamer high end and more pronounced bottom end

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