Spandau Ballet - Journeys To Glory. Original 1983 CD vs 2010 remaster comparison

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Sondek, Aug 26, 2017.

  1. Sondek

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    I put this comparison video together.

    All the tracks on both versions of the CD have this difference in sound.
    The original is quieter so the volume level has been adjusted for it to be a fair comparison.
    This particular track runs a tiny bit faster on the 2010 remaster, as you might be able to hear, especially when it changes between the two

    The 1983 sounds punchy, and more natural overall, whereas to my ears, the 2010 remaster sounds tinny, metallic, and, well... not too great in comparison.

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  2. Sondek

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    It's one of the worst remasters I've heard tbh.
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  3. Bobby Morrow

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    That's a good comparison video. I can tell the difference even on my iPad!

    Long before I came on here, I remember the Spandau and Duran Duran remasters of this time getting ripped to shreds on Amazon. With good reason. I have the Parade remaster and it sounds just like this. This original CD had a tendency to be shrill in places but it was a lot better than the 2010 version.
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  4. Diablo Griffin

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    These Spandau Ballet remasters are in my top 5 worst sounding reissue campaigns. The drums sound like razors going through your ears. Really, I just don't see how these CDs got past quality control. I just received the original German versions of True and Parade (plus the US Through the Barricades), and to say that they sound better than the remasters is a big understatement. Now I just need to find old versions of the first 2 albums and then I can finally sell that awful sounding 1980-84 box set. On the other hand, the 2015 remaster of True isn't all that bad. It's a bit compressed, but definitely still listenable.
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  5. c-eling

    c-eling I never dreamed another way.

    You're a brave one man, no way I was going to even contemplate em, or Icehouse (remasters) for that matter :laugh:
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  6. Bobby Morrow

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    I only have the 2003 remaster of True. I think it was replicated in the 2010 deluxe edition? It sounds good to me, though I’ve never heard the original. I have the WG Parade with no barcode. The vocals can be a bit sharp, but the LP was like that. It’s a lot better than the remaster, obviously.

    I have the DE of Seven & The Ragged Tiger. The one in the clamshell box with the DVD? The extras are great, but the sound of the main album is pretty bad. Ironically, this particular edition has been OOP for a while and now goes for good money.
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  7. ProfBoz

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    Jumping on this thread to ask if anyone knows if that atrocious remaster of Journeys to Glory has ever been corrected. I have the SACD of True, which is one of the best sounding 2CH SACDs I own, and the companion remaster of Diamond, which sounds just fine, but that Journeys is so bad that clearly something went wrong at the manufacturing stage. But that remaster has been carried forward for a decade, as far as I know. Unless it's been replaced by a later remaster. Any info on this would be helpful.

    Incidentally, the second disc of that 2010 remastered edition sounds just fine. Cue up the 12" "To Cut a Long Story Short" to get a sense of what the original album remaster was supposed to sound like.
  8. ProfBoz

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