Speakers for Hegel H95 that could use its full potential.

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by jak_juventus, Nov 24, 2021 at 5:10 AM.

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    I have owned the Hegel H90, which has the same power as the H95. I used the H90 to drive big full range Sonus Faber towers (89 db), and the very power hungry Magnepan LRS. I'm confident the H95 can drive the Sonetto I or Lumina I with ease. It's worth noting that the Sonetto I has more of the traditional Sonus Faber laid back sound, while the Lumina I is more forward and exciting.
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    my buddy has the Hegal H80 (75/125w 8/40hm) he ran in his main system for fun with Maggie 3.6r's and it was surprisingly good but very underpowered. In his other system its running a pair of Joseph Audio RM-33's with a Aris II and again its underpowered. Hes shopping for the more powerful Hegal or something else.
    I dont think so personally but im use to 2 - 16 watt amps and single driver speakers. But i see what he means, speakers are power hungry.
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    Thanks a lots everyone for the inputs.

    Sonetto I really seem to match with my taste of sound and good matching with the Hegel.

    Any opinions on Amphion Argon I ? It seem to be in a middle between Sonetto I and LS50 meta.
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    Honestly speaking, I wasn't in the market for Hifi for like 10 years already. Previous one is the NAD C320BEE and NHT Classic 2.

    Somehow in this month I read about the Hegel and the bug just hit me. Read almost every Hegel reviews over the internet including the user feedback. Then I decided to pull the trigger without even listen to it before and I couldn't be any happier once I hear it first day.

    Even by just Airplay directly to the Hegel, the sound is so clean and full.

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