Spending 10% of earning for Audio Hardware, is it sensible?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Melody50, Sep 16, 2021.

  1. Melody50

    Melody50 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Did my Maths few weeks back to my surprise, have spend 10% of my earning on Audio products especially on Speakers and amplifiers for last 20 years , not sure if everyone in this Hobby is similar or spending more than that and not sure will this spending will have any full stop.
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  2. JackG

    JackG Forum Resident

    I dunno, people seem to spend way more on cars exceeding basic transportation needs.
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  3. IllinoisCheesehead

    IllinoisCheesehead Forum Resident

    I think the sensibility is up to each person to decide for their self. It's none of my business how much anybody spends or on what they choose to spend it.
  4. Tony C.

    Tony C. Forum Resident

    Cheapskate. :winkgrin:
  5. SteveFord

    SteveFord Forum Resident

    Shnecksville PA
  6. luckybaer

    luckybaer Thinks The Devil actually beat Johnny

    If I spent 10% of my post-tax earnings on audio gear, I’d have one heck of a system. Good for you! Enjoy yourself!
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  7. KL-lite

    KL-lite Well-Known Member

    Kuala Lumpur
    There’s no right answer. It’s more than sensible and money well spent if it has been making you happy and the remaining 90% is sufficient for other important stuff. But if one was in their 20s and aim to retire early, say by 35 or 40, then this isn’t sensible.
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  8. Francois1968

    Francois1968 Forum Resident

    Do you need our approval or appreciation?.........Isn't it up to you how you spend your money?
    I'm not trying to be smart, but I feel this is kind of a immature question / approach of things.............
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  9. Gibsonian

    Gibsonian Forum Resident

    Iowa, USA
    10% of the 20 year income or 10% of 1 years income?
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  10. Bert Oz

    Bert Oz Forum Resident

    I spent a lot of money on booze, birds, and fast cars. The rest I just squandered.

    George Best
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  11. Ah, the all important question in this thread.
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  12. Vibrolux_Reverb

    Vibrolux_Reverb Forum Resident

    New Orleans, LA
    No, but I do spend about 10% of my income on records.
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  13. Melody50

    Melody50 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Every year 10% of that years annual income, around teenage it all started with Sony cassette tape deck (Sony TC-WE475 Dual Cassette Deck)use to roam around every audio hardware shops, use to do window shopping, never had courage to enter the shop for inquiry, then we use survive with stipend.
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  14. Gibsonian

    Gibsonian Forum Resident

    Iowa, USA
    So with that said, you should have a very fine system, assuming you chose well.......
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  15. Ingenieur

    Ingenieur Going with the flow...

    10% of the .20 year total?
    So 0.5% / year
    Not extreme, you enjoy it
    Actually a bargain
    People drink more booze than that

    if 10% per year every year, that is getting up there

    I estimate 10% over 10 years
    1% / year
    But I rebuilt my system and have 1 more item to go, most of it over the last 2, so 3%/year
    Including media, lp's add up fast
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  16. Pastafarian

    Pastafarian Forum Resident

    I think a better starting point is how much 'disposable' income you have and then spend 100%.

    Also from what you say, you're less likely to feel the need to upgrade, when I bought mine 37 years ago, holidays were excluded in my figures and I saved for 2 years.
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  17. Bryan T

    Bryan T Forum Resident

    It really depends on your priorities. I don’t see why you’d need to spend a lot year after year, as you’ll already have great stuff.

    Pro tip: buy used and sell at a minimal loss when you wish to upgrade.
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  18. Tim 2


    Alberta Canada
    I think disposable income should be a bigger factor than base income.
    That aside, I just purchase what I want, price be damned. :shrug:
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  19. Tim 2


    Alberta Canada
    Pro tip: buy new and you won't have costly repairs, in some cases the repair out weighed the value of the component.
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  20. lv70smusic

    lv70smusic Senior Member

    San Francisco, CA
    There's no way I spend 10% of my income (either gross or net) on audio equipment. Maybe when I made a lot less money it might have been true in a specific year when I upgraded a piece of equipment, but I never did that every year. I say if you have the money and want to buy something, go for it. However, as with any other hobby, if one is borrowing money to enjoy luxury I don't think that's wise. Pay off revolving debt first and then buy things that you can afford to pay for in full when the next credit card statement comes.
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  21. The Pinhead

    The Pinhead SUDACA ROÑOSO

    Much as I've liked to..............no.
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  22. luckybaer

    luckybaer Thinks The Devil actually beat Johnny

    Holy ***t! Good for you!
  23. Ingenieur

    Ingenieur Going with the flow...

    Sometimes things get in the way:
    A roof over your head
    You know, inconveniences

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  24. Old Zorki II

    Old Zorki II Storm Watcher

    near Tampa, FL
    And earn well )).
    I definitely spent way more then 10% last several years, but my earnings simply not what they're used to be..
  25. Bryan T

    Bryan T Forum Resident

    Fair point. I guess it depends on what you’re buying. I’d never have spent $7k on a pair of speakers, but under a grand used from a friend was a no-brainer.

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