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Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Scratcha, Jan 19, 2019.

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    Greenacres, FL
    I tried the Square Deal warranty on a Arcam Alpha CDP I bought on eBay.
    I was better-off giving the money to a good charity.
    Never again!
    The Red Flag should've went up; when I noticed who the Parent Company was, enough said.
    It seems like; from here on in, I'll just purchase new from companies who have outstanding customer service.
    That list is getting shorter every year.
    Serves me right for still thinking companies still "back" or honor what they are selling. A LOT of Snake Oil out there.
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    Luckily the square trade warranty did work for me on the Sherwood Newcastle dvd/sacd player i bought off ebay...had to jump thru a few of their hoops...however square trade did come thru and reimbursed my $199 for player that could not be fixed...im only out the $20 bucks for price of warranty
  3. Scratcha

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    Greenacres, FL
    I guess from now on; I won't be buying any used equipment from Ebay unless they propose another warranty option.

    It's really a shame; because there's high-end equipment for sale for good prices.

    There's another website; I think it's USaudiomart, I think I'll check their site.
    If they use "not so" Square Deal; then I won't bother.

    ALAN SICHERMAN Van Cortlandt Park

    Cleveland, OH
    I owned a Rega Apollo that died twice in two years. The first time it was still under the 2 year warranty (but I still had to pay the freight to Rega's guy in CA)! It died again in another two years and they wanted approx $300 to fix. I left it at the dealer. Unfortunately, in today's world, most normal priced electronics, IMHO, are just not made to last.
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    Firstly, you share no detail as to what transpired. Secondly, USAM is just a website like CraigsList that allows for people to sell to others from. No warranties are given by the platform and no additional warranty services are available.

    PayPal provides a 3-month return policy which is essentially a way to return a defective product to the seller. That is regardless of where it was purchased.

    Lastly, there is an advantage to both buying new and used. Used gives a break on the price but no warranty whereas new products are sold at a premium but include a warranty of some type.

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