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    There was a doco on some (UK) channel I videoed / taped / downloaded off the box thing which was interesting. Mostly Europeans interviewed including SL's daughter. Footage included up to the end of his life. Interesting. Looking forward to the film. I'll treat it as a 'real life story' in the same way I treated 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. Hopefully they won't get too inventive to create drama.
    I used to watch them on BBC2 way back in the eighties. They always used to be on then.
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    Out on dvd January 2019.
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    Really looking forward to seeing this film tonight, massive fan of theirs:)
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    Absolutely beautiful film.
    Even at the end (after 5 or 6 earlier tour show clips) and the final County Hospital performance in Ireland I was still chuckling at the 'Eggs and nuts' line.
    I didn't know that Stan continued to write scripts after Ollie's death.
    They should go through them and see if a new film could be assembled from the gags,using the two leads ........ They were that good in their roles.
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    Sorry to take the thread a bit off-topic. It was related to a post about how dark the superhero movies had become and my response about how the same thing happened in comics until someone did a series that brought back humor to superheroes (two of the characters, Fire And Ice, even compared themselves to Lucy And Ethel due to Fire's ridiculous scheme to join the Justice League [literally just walk up to the door and ask to join]).

    To resteer back to topic, I think that this movie will be serious for the most part with the humor coming from the stage performances for their routines (as it seems from the trailers). It was the same with the TV biographies of The Three Stooges and Abbott & Costello (both of which I enjoyed).
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    Stan & Ollie.
    Its not a funny ha ha film ( I found) more endearing bio pic. I was expecting bigger production values, but I’m glad what I got .,good old BBC.
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    BD out when?
  14. Saw this the other day. Liked it a lot, but there was one scene that really jarred. They're coming into London on a train and it's clearly on a bridge crossing the Thames 'cos Tower Bridge is very close in the background. There is no rail bridge that close to Tower Bridge and there almost certainly wasn't either in 1953. I know they have to establish the location but this was just really really clumsy. Especially as it seemed they were travelling in from the north and would have completed the journey at one of the northern terminals long before they reached the river.
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    Rating ? 7/10
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    It's not strictly speaking true that L&H "couldn't find work" in the US in the early 50s. Offers were made but Stan didn't think they were a good fit for, say, Vegas nightclubs. L&H's movies were enormously popular on early television, but Laurel didn't want to appear on Live TV or on a weekly series, which naturally cut off a lot of options. A series of specials that would have begun in 1955 was cancelled by Ollie's stroke.
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    A bittersweet film. Loved it loads.
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    I watched this over the Christmas break. Really enjoyed the performances. The casting I thought was spot-on. Never knew much about their back story and I thought it was interesting to pick up on the tail end of their career.
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    Looking forward to this, L & H shorts were shown on a regular basis when I was young, I remember a few 'old' people who saw L & H, 1947, at the Lido in Bolton reminiscing about the great event.

    Even though I was very young the impression I picked up on was some disappointment and sadness that they were in their decline.

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    L&H were synonymous with the 1920s/30s by the time the 1940s /1950s kicked in Abbot & Costello were the new comedy team.
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    No need to post in 3 threads and why are there 3 threads?

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