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    Love your post because it really fleshes out why maybe I enjoyed the prequels, perhaps as a group, even more than the last three. It was pretty easy to follow what was going on, with senators getting together and pushing the story forward, but very foreboding as you knew huge betrayal was going on at the back door. It just made sense, as if it could really happen. Geez, hard to say that regarding a lot of the last two imo. There were some genuine tense moments, and really, the first film from the prequel was pretty darn good (just like Force Awakens, the first of the last three). The pod racing scene was very well done, and I have to say, for me a lot of the prequel elements felt more true to the first three classic films than these last three. And that scene showing all of those fighter droids (and the “factory” making them) and just about ready to go out and fight...scary! Those films did a fine job creating tension and the desire to see what would happen next. I just didn’t feel that with the last two, though I think Rogue One did a good job telling it’s story. Just didn’t care much about anything in Solo, and I’m not buying the disc either.

    I tend to group the three trilogies as simply three very long films. If looked at that way, if it weren’t for Force Awakens I would have an easy time saying I enjoyed the prequels more than the final trilogy. Force Awakens kinda lifts all the boats, as there is an awful lot I didn’t really love about TLJ, and I’m not sure I liked Skywalker significantly better, despite many seemingly enjoying it more. Here’s the weird thing: I didn’t really care for Rogue One or TLJ in the theatre, but loved them upon a second viewing at home. So I feel I need to give this last one a shot at home before I nail down how I really feel about it. And part of it could very well be I’m simply burned out on Star Wars and so the quality of this last trilogy as a whole wouldn’t have made that much of a difference, despite my love for Force Awakens.

    A sign I may be burned out: I know that not long ago I would have preordered the upcoming box set without even thinking about it. But when it was put up on Amazon for presale, I quickly decided that I only need the Rise Of Skywalker and I’m good, already owning the first two trilogies on that very nice blu-ray box set. I’m not going into the 4K pool. Blu-ray is good enough for me, and I just don’t think we’ll see that many films re-done for 4K physical disc release. Some classics aren’t even on blu-ray, plus there is no way I’m replacing all my films yet again, or my plenty good enough 150” HD projection system. So, that aspect didn’t come into play in my decision not to order.
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    I do agree with the first paragraph y0u quoted. I never bought it either, and geez, some of it is silly and cringe inducing. But there were a lot of other elements to enjoy, Again, those were films imo where it was best to just eat your popcorn and not do much thinking. I guess I respect the fact that the prequels were not rushed on the cheap, made as a cash grab. I think a lot of care and thought, not to mention effort, was put into those films and I think it paid off. George’s strength wasn’t doing stellar work writing killer dialogue or directing his actors for academy award wins. Not sure the miscasting of the two leads was that surprising, and given the success Natalie has had since, I’m not sure it was even a casting blunder as it was poor writing and directing. And flow...some of those scenes with those two were way too long.
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    I don't think it's a chemistry issue, I think it's a mixture of the writing and Hayden's performance. In Attack of the Clones his advancements even the first time I watched it when I liked the movie came off as a bit creepy. Hayden performed all of the dark stuff really well but I at least never really got a sense of the Anakin that Obi-Wan so fondly remembers in the Original trilogy.
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    I do get bits of that Anakin in Revenge of the Sith near the beginning ,but in AOTC he was a bit of a petulant creepy stalker type for a lot of it. Don't know if that's down to George's direction or Hayden's performance. Probably both.
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    Really coming out of the closet with this one...
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    The problems were beyond the love connection with Portman's character. It was about Hayden's performance and the fact the he has no on-screen chemistry with anything.

    How they could cast a male lead that had zero on-screen chemistry with Natalie Portman is baffling, to begin with.

    How any male lead could not have on-screen chemistry with Natalie Portman is beyond me.

    Hayden did make a contribution in episode IX as the voice of Anakin Skywalker.
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    Not that there's anything wrong with that...
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    It was just dreadful. I saw it to get it over with and see how bad it could possibly be.

    It was bad.
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    Not sure if any actor could pull off lines like this and create "chemistry". o_O

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    I don't know, it's all in the execution really. Whatever, as long as it works, and it clearly didn't in this film.

    It would be cool if it was really Darth Plagueis at the Sith temple, and he had been manipulating everyone. He tricks Palpatine into thinking he's dead. That would make more sense as Palpatine's 'plan' from day one is so far-fetched and implausible. His plan keeps getting defeated but somehow that's all part of his 'masterplan'?
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    Those are awful lines for sure. I do believe that a better actor could have been more convincing there.
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    She is pretty funny and seems pretty smart.

    I assume she is at least college age but it is hard to tell.
    I don't have a daughter* so let me ask a question:
    Is moving home after college and living in your old bedroom making youtube videos an equivalent of living in your parents basement playing video games.

    Possible answer: Not if you make an income making youtube videos.

    *I do have a son in college. As far as I know he has not made a dime playing video games.
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    That is the general problem with Lucas and his Star Wars screen writing, as Harrison Ford noted to George Lucas, back in the day; As Harrison Ford famously told him, “George, you can type this s**t, but you sure can’t say it.”
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    A lot of people who play video games do.

    But, they are the ones who play video games to understand them and then go on to work, making them.
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    ...and his direction to actors consists of, “Let's do it again. Faster and more intense.” :D
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    Why is his resurrection implausible? We know that Siths and Jedi don't die. They pass into the spiritual realm. Palpatine was such a nasty chap that he decided to come back, having his trashed corpse hooked up to some machine and communicating through it, waiting to steal the life-force from Jedi's to re-animate himself and rejoin the physical world completely. Doesn't that work for Star Wars nuts?
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    Judging from the number who've complained about it, I guess not? Though maybe the real issue isn't plausibility but rather that it feels unimaginative to rehash an old villain.

    As far as "we know that Siths and Jedi don't die"... in the movies, anyway, we only ever saw Jedi as force ghosts.
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    For sure.
    Works for me, I know it's just a movie. No more implaussible than half of earths population coming back in Avengers Endgame, or ET coming back to life, Or Ben or Yoda as "force ghosts" in the first place.
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  19. Works for this one. Particularly since, not to gatekeep, but a lot of the true "nuts" would have been familiar with the concept of a resurrected Emperor from the old EU.
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    Well, the whole film was like a hommage to the first trilogy anyway. I though it was great to see Palpatine return. Just like in Dr. Who where those damn Daleks just keep coming back!
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    Released on physical media on 31st March in the US, with digital download from March 17th

    In an effort to beat piracy, Disney have done their usual step on delaying the release in the UK/Europe until April 20th

    The strategy worked out pretty well for The Mandalorian (I don't know of any Star Wars nut I've spoken to that hasn't seen it in some form since release, and the UK launch of Disney+ still another month away on 24th March).

    Absolute imbeciles
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    tbf Rogue One probs is the best Star Wars film since Empire so ... not too bad woman!
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    Nope, not for me... he was thrown down a ventilator shaft, promptly exploded in blue flame, then the battle station he was on was blown to nuclear smithereens less than ten minutes later... his corpse was vaporised, period... Ian McDiarmid subsequently asked George Lucas if Palpatine was dead after ROTJ and 'Uncle George' replied "yes, he's dead, absolutely dead"... good enough for me.

    Now, as the late and great Richard Pryor once said, "I have a theory... would you like to hear it...?"

    What if... Palps incorporated the Sith Eternal cult - as seen in TRoS and the two regal-looking figures who were seen with him on Death Star II in ROTJ - particularly as a contingency plan during his 22-year reign as Emperor, having them build up infrastructure and a following on the Unknown Regions world of Exegol for such a scenario if he and the Empire were ever defeated (he was nothing if not canny, after all)... once that scenario actually happened, the Sith Eternal used both occult practices to bring Palps' spirit back from the netherworld, and cloning (gained from the Clone Wars) - being as Sith cannot become Force ghosts - to create a new-if-imperfect body for the resurrected, non-corporeal Palps to inhabit... et voila, you have the undead Palps in TRoS... and three decades later, the contingency plan to re-conquer the galaxy set in motion decades before is ready to go.

    Not that they seemingly thought of or even explained any of this in the film... which might have actually sold the idea of bringing Palps back a little better... never mind; J.J. was always better at exposition than explanation...

    To me, Palpatine's story ends at ROTJ... as does the SW saga as a whole... 'nuff said.
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    Palps return makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, and the Sequels are absolutely incoherent fanfiction lists of Cool Stuff Disney Thinks We Want To See, Man.

    His return is handwaved away with a dismissive line from Lord of The Rings Dude who shrugs and goes "mmmmmmaybe cloning, right?"
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    (Raises hand). I don't subscribe to the Disney channel. Therefore, I have not seen any of Mandalorian.
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