Star Wars: Episode VIII (The Last Jedi) - SPOILERS POSSIBLE*

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    The first time I saw Phantom Menace, opening night 1999 at the movie theater in Framingham, MA-- I kid you not-- Darth Maul DID NOT get cut in half by Obi-Wan. He still fell down the shaft, but completely intact. When I saw it again the next day at a different theater, he fell in two pieces. I was like, What the hell???

    I later learned that Lucas wanted Maul so dead that fans couldn't hope for his return, as he didn't want anticipation for Maul's return to overshadow the rest of the prequel series. @Vidiot, can you corroborate?

    EDIT: Here's a pic:
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    Darth Maul might have been the only interesting thing about TPM. So of course they killed him off.

    Oh, and Ewan McGregor as Obi Wan was inspired casting. It's a pity The Mouse didn't own the franchise back then - we might have gotten a few good Obi Wan spinoff films. I suppose we still could, although the old Jedi couldn't have been involved in any adventures that attracted too much attention.
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    I disagree that the main reasons fsns are upset with the movie is based upon the science being off. Ive read many of the arguements against the movie and some are silly, but many are well thought out.

    I think this "fan boy" knock is a bit of an exaggeration the other way tbh.
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    I could see an Obi-Wan movie where he has to keep a young Luke safe from some kind of imminent threat while keeping himself at a distance.
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    But nobody knew about "young Luke". Maybe a story where Obi Wan has to leave Tatooine briefly to help the Rebellion out of an early jam...

    Since the Star Wars galaxy is like a small town where everybody knows everybody else, maybe Obi Wan could play a role in setting up Lando in Cloud City, perhaps even inadvertently.
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    I'll actually defend George there. Maul had to be killed to leave an opening for Palpatine to find a new apprentice at some point - if Maul lived, he'd "own" the spot Anakin eventually took.

    I guess George could've waited until the 2nd movie to kill Maul, but I also think George wanted him to remain a minor character - if Maul stayed through a 2nd or even 3rd movie, he'd become a distraction from the main plot...
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    Darth Maul is a character that should have been developed over the course of the trilogy. According to IMDb, "Benicio Del Toro was originally set to play Darth Maul. Del Toro left the film after George Lucas took most of Maul's lines out of the film."
    Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999) - Trivia - IMDb
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    He could have been killed off halfway thru the second prequel, or even later. That would have left space open for Anakin to move up.

    Count Dookie would have been more interesting as a Sith rival to Palpatine, perhaps with his own evil apprentice.
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    Yeah, I did allude to the possibility that Maul could've stuck around for a while. Not sure what real purpose he would've served, though - he worked in "Phantom Menace" as the baddie needed for the climax but I think he would've been less effective if he'd stayed around.

    I find many problems with the prequels, but I'm fine with Maul's demise as is! :)
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    Still a bad movie can make a lot of money like Fast And Furious..
    Eventually Star wars will crash and burn with dumb ideas..
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    That's true, if you accept the general shape of the prequel story without criticism. But if you're throwing around ideas for improving the films, anything is fair game.

    Among the things missing from the prequels is a strong central villain to root against. Maul was charismatic and mysterious and could have been developed over the three films while still leaving room for Anakin's fall. Imagine if Palpatine had sensed in the first film that Anakin was so much stronger than Maul and set in motion a successful plan to get Anakin to kill Maul and lure him to the Dark Side. This would have made the emphasis of the trilogy on character, which of course isn't Lucas' strong suit, but with a little imagination I think it's easy to see how the story could have been taken in a different, more interesting direction.

    Edit: It would also have mirrored the original trilogy in an interesting way.
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    Good review with a detailed rundown of some of the problems with the film:

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    Oh, I dare say I'll see it at some point. My kids will see to that.

    Maybe when it hits Amazon Prime....
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    If we're going on canon, Darth Maul didn't die. He also had a return bout with Obi-Wan on Tatooine :D
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    That's interesting about Lucas because it later emerged that Maul didn't die on Naboo after all. In the Galaxy, getting cut in two doesn't necessarily kill you any more than getting most of your skin burned off by lava.

    He was brought back in the (Lucas-produced) Clone Wars series for a story arc involving his home planet of Dathomir, an invasion of Mandalore (Boba Fett's planet,) and a rematch with Obi-Wan. They make him into an interesting character, not just the Jedi hunting muscle he was in TPM, representing Force users who aren't part of the Jedi or the Sith (kind of like Snoke.)

    I won't spoil what happens to him, but if I'm getting the timeline correct, some of the action of Rogue One takes place during his lifetime.
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    OK, fine - Star Wars Rebels spoilers to follow:
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    OK, fine - Star Wars Rebels spoilers to follow:

    That was so well done.
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    Agreed. I've been really happy with the series.

    I had it on demand on my cable. Sadly, all but season 4 expired last night. (I'm hoping they bring it back when they air the conclusion of season 4 sometime over the next couple of months.)

    The Clone Wars series really redeemed the prequels for me. I like the films a lot better than many Star Wars fans, but the series really fleshed things out and built up the backstory, which is part of what Rebels has done for the Rebellion.
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    Another character that really didn't have a point in The Last Jedi.
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    At the risk of seeming completely contrary - me? :angel: - I think Darth Maul is an awfully overrated character.

    I think there was a lot of hype about Maul pre-release because he looked so cool. When he played a small role, people felt disappointed... because he looked so cool.

    I'm not sure I agree he was especially charismatic - again, he looked cool, and Ray Park pulled off the stunts well, but as depicted in "TPM", he wasn't much of a character. He looked mean and jumped around a lot but didn't have much else going on there.

    I'm simply not really sure how much room for growth Maul had, as I feel "TPM" boxed in the character. It left him as such a role without much apparent space for nuance and I think he would've grown tedious after a while... :shrug:
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    Luke Skywalker is believed to be dead, and he must make the world believe he’s still dead :)

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