Star Wars: Rogue One [Now with GIANT SPOILERS, so beware!]

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Encuentro, Apr 19, 2015.

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  1. Seems I'm one of the folks that really enjoyed this and the different tone from the other films in this series. I felt that it had more interesting themes and was better written than J.J. Abrams "The Force is A Remake of Star Wars".

    I thought the characters, while less inviting than the ones in the "Star Wars" films, were more hardened and more realistic to me.
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  2. FVDnz

    FVDnz Forum Resident

    I find it crazy how they're releasing separate comics based on members of the Rogue One team in order to flesh them out, setting them within events in the movie. Sounds like deleted scene service apparently. Had they actually write the story out better and had given us a reason to give a damn about the characters in the first place, then the film could have been better than the finished product. Sometimes I don't want to read tie-in novels or comics as I really wish I could have seen visual interpretations in the film. Also feeling that way with how The Clone Wars series got abruptly cancelled and having comics and novels on Ahsoka and Darth Maul being released makes me wish we could see those mediums on screen. Ah well, I'm still going to check out those Rogue One comics anyway...
  3. Wounded Land

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    That's the first I've heard of this. They are doing a comic version of the film, but I hadn't heard that there will be comics based on individual members of the team.

    I have all the Marvel Star Wars comics, some of which are extremely good.
  4. FVDnz

    FVDnz Forum Resident

    Yeah, apparently the latest Star Wars Insider revealed in the Rogue One comic series that additional scenes that didn't make the film will be included so maybe this could be the same comic you're referring to?
  5. Wounded Land

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    Yes, the comic adaptation of Rogue One will include some extra scenes not seen in the film.
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  6. will_b_free

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    Boulder, CO
    Finally saw it, and, it was awful.

    Having read the 2013 comic book adaption of Lucas' original (unfilmed) rough script for Star Wars, which was published as "The Star Wars", it was clear that most of the plot of Rouge One was derived from that story - the effort to hide/save a child, who is then given to a family friend who uses an artificial lung/limbs, who all then end up along with some fellow war buddies up to their necks in Imperial forces, and on and on.

    So in the way it borrowed from Lucas' rough draft, it was an authentic Star Wars film. But, "The Star Wars" was not a good story, and this film didn't really improve on it much.

    Started out well, with Mads Mikkelsen lending the film some gravitas. Sure, some lines were cringeworthy, but that's not his fault - a father in a movie called Star Wars nicknaming his daughter Stardust, you know, because space? Just no.

    But soon enough we are presented with the now-adult Jyn, a main character who is neither likable nor unlikeable, whose prior existence as a child isn't really enough to win this viewer over. Slight trace of personality when she cracks wise with the robot. The robot was good - could have used more of him. But mostly, we are supposed to accept that this generally personality-less character (is being glum a character trait?) is remarkably gifted in giving pep talk speeches to bands of rebels despite the suggestions that her life was a solitary one. When she quoted the "Rebellions are built on hope" to the assembled delegates of the alliance, most of them should have rolled their eyes at the sight of a newbie using lines they had earned (but which she had not).

    At the rebel base, I myself was rolling my eyes every time a minor background character from the original Star Wars was shown, because the camera lingered on them longer than appropriate, clearly to give time for the expected applause. Old guy with beard and white jacket - whoo. Guy from LA Law - whoo. Just stop it. It drew too much attention to itself.

    And then, the mission itself. Was it supposed to make sense? Rebels planning to kill the designer of the Death Star - after it had already been built. Why is that again? Kind of late for that to have any effect. Sending in some waves of X-wings to also fail to retroactively stop the Death Star from being built, great way to lose some pilots for no apparent reason. (The later parts of the mission made sense though).

    French Stubble Guy was ok. He only existed to get Jyn from one place to another, but at least he brought along an amusing robot. The actor playing the defector cargo pilot was, along with Mikkelsen, one of the few high quality actors in this film. And, um, Donnie Yen's character was good, and Yen was a convincing blind person in terms of how he moved his head and such. So yay for some bits.

    The events happening over on the Imperial side at least made some sense. Krennix may have been the ping pong ball of the universe (or maybe he's more like the ball in a game of miniature golf?) but at least he felt like a well developed character. As did Tarkin for that matter.

    Let's not discuss how the "shield gate" also happened to be the device that created the shield around the planet. Ok, a little discussion: it makes more sense that the "gate" would be a device in stationary orbit that holds open a hole in the field, while the planet-wide shield itself would be generated somewhere else entirely - the surface of the planet perhaps, or a myriad of other orbiting satellites given that planets are spheres. It felt like lazy writing that the gate also turned out to be the shield generator.

    Vader's first appearance (at his castle) was kind of weird in that his voice did not sound right at all, even though it was still James Earl Jones. The new body actor shook his finger correctly - so again, yay?

    Vader's later appearance (out of the smoke) was great, though the cinematography was dull - not unexpected given how Gareth Edwards is kind of well-known for his dull visual style (which worked well in Monsters and worked horribly in Godzilla). It was still one of the best parts of the film. Maybe the only really great of the film.

    In conclusion, this is not a film I'd have in my collection. I'll watch it maybe once more to see if there's some genius in it that I missed.
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  7. Encuentro

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    It's been awhile since I've seen it, but I believe that they wanted to kill Galen, because they were afraid he would reveal the Death Star's weakness to the Empire.

    Edit: General Draven wanted Galen Erso dead to prevent him from doing anymore work for the Empire. Galen is considered a genius and capable of engineering weapons even more destructive than the Death Star. From General Draven's point of view, there is no limit to what the Empire can come up with with Galen's assistance. Best to get him out of the way.
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  8. will_b_free

    will_b_free Forum Resident

    Boulder, CO
    Makes sense. I'd have liked him to be tortured and offer up false weaknesses - "If you flush all the toilets on B deck at the same time, the whole thing blows!"
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  9. FVDnz

    FVDnz Forum Resident

    Which was Bail Organa who had every reason to be there. Shame we'll never get to see his reaction as he was about to face his demise in the wake of Alderaan's destruction. That would be a scene in ANH that would have added some emotional impact knowing that Leia was going to lose him forever. Once of these days, I must track down the book 'The Princess, the Scoundrel and the Farm Boy' which greatly details the perspectives of Leia, Han and Luke respectively - further fleshing out their characters set during the film.
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  10. Mistermono

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    If only Lucas still had control. He could do that for the next special edition!
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  11. robertawillisjr

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    Good movie except Darth Vader wasn't up to par AND the atrocious CGI of the princess at the end of the movie. It took me a few minutes to get the gist of the plot (which filled a nice niche). Much better than the three "prequels".
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  12. Jim B.

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    You kind of lose all credibility with 'French stubble guy' - Diego Luna is Mexican (Mexico is central America, France is in Europe, go to the UK and turn right).
  13. will_b_free

    will_b_free Forum Resident

    Boulder, CO
    was he trying to do a Space France accent?
  14. DetroitDoomsayer

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    No, that's his real accent. A Mexico City English accent.
  15. bluesbro

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    Let's make Star Wars great again!
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  16. Oatsdad

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    "Force Awakens" already did that! :shh:
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  17. HGN2001

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    We missed this one at the theater. I sort of wanted to get to it, but somehow the holidays got in the way and it disappeared before we had a chance. Our community scheduled a showing on Friday night this week, and we had planned to go, but just before 6 PM, we ran into another couple who told us it started at 6. we weren't ready right then and there, so I decided to run up to Target and just buy a copy and we'd watch it at home in the comfort of our living room.

    I went to Target with the idea of just grabbing the Blu-ray. But they also had a 3D version that included the Blu-ray and a DVD. It was only five bucks more, and we DO have a 3D TV, so I went with that. Not feeling like watching the 3D version first, we watched the 2D Blu-ray. I've not paid any attention to hype or stories or reviews of this movie, so I went in pretty much unaffected by any preconceived notions and both the wife and I were pleasantly surprised. The 2D Blu looked great on my TV and sounded pretty good too through my 3.0 sound system.

    Next time we watch, we'll probably give the 3D version a try.
  18. Deuce66

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    I watched it yesterday for the first time and I sort of agree with the general tone of your review, I wouldn't call it awful even though it kind of dragged a little. I found it dark, joyless (not surprising given the time line of the movie), I have to wonder what the original cut looked like before they decided to add/reshoot scenes. I'd give it maybe 3/5, essential viewing for fanatics of SW but not for casual viewers unless you want the back story of how Leia got the disk and the story behind it.
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  19. Rocker

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  20. neo123

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  21. Tough crowd. I loved it. My only real disappointment was in the sheer number of scenes and dialogue previewed in the trailer that didn't make it into the final cut. That, and the feeling that the film was a tiny bit rushed in the last third, leads me to believe that the rumors about the extensive reshoots were true, and the last third of the film was almost entirely rewritten. Still, what made it to the screen was good. However, that the Blu-ray does not contain any of the cut scenes or original plot is a major letdown.
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  22. Sheeeee!!!!tttt--I thought the CGI of the princess was fan-freaking-tasting and Vader was awesome. What do I know, though? I have only been watching these films for the last 40 years . . . Maybe I was just too young that first time . . .
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  23. BeatleJWOL

    BeatleJWOL Senior Member

    The Tarkin scenes were done better.

    Agreed on Vader, though. More of that please!
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  24. Voodoo Child

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    Do you mean the character played by the Mexican actor Diego Luna!?
  25. Fan-freaking-tastic, that is. iPhone autocorrect fail!
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