Super-duper supergroups, which one was the most «super»?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by TinMachine, Feb 13, 2022.

  1. TinMachine

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    Trondheim, Norway
    From the top of my head...
    The Firm
    Travelling Wilburys
    Bad English
    Black Country Communion

    It seems like the 80s was the decade for forming supergroups. Some of them lasted a couple of albums, others just that one album or single (Queen + Bowie = «Under Pressure»). But the common factor seems to be that they never really lasted (unless you count Toto?). Or am I wrong?

    Last night while digging out old boxes from the back of the shed (as one does on a Saturday night after the age of 50 instead of going to the pub), I found an old vinyl album I had completely forgotten about. It was the debut album from Phenomena (Bronze label, 1985, reached the official album charts at #63 in UK). Phenomena wasn't really a band (unless my memory serves me wrongly) but more of «rock music project» by producer Tom Galley and his brother Mel Galley (Whitesnake, Trapez).


    Anyway, I had a listen to it, and although it didn't sound bad at all it did remind me of...well, a dozen other bands from that time (late '70s, 80', and early '90s). That got me thinking: what did happen to all those supergroups? Are they a thing of the past? A phenomenon that reached its peak during the '80s? And how many of these «supergroups» did something that still holds up today?

    And what are the requirements for being classified as a «supergroup»? Where does one draw the line? Could Boston ever be considered a supergroup? Surely U.K. (John Wetton, Bill Bruford, Eddie Jobson, Allan Holdsworth) and Asia (John Wetton, Steve Howe, Geoff Downes, Carl Palmer) fit the definition.

    And last but not least, are there any supergroups that have been completely forgotten, and now just lies waiting to be re-discovered, like a hidden gem or buried treasure?
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  2. monovinyl

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    I’ll go with original super group… The Beatles
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  3. Nakamichi

    Nakamichi The iceage is coming....

    Travelling Wilburys.
  4. CoachD

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    Foreigner, 3 of the first 4 albums are stone cold classics.

    Most of the Clapton groups didn't last long enough. Cream being an outlier.
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  5. Monosterio

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    A few more candidates to consider:

    Derek and the Dominos
    Blind Faith
    Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
    Bad Company

    YMMV as to whether they all qualify as supergroups.
  6. JohnJ

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    Are we actually putting Bad English in there as a serious option, or did we get the joke option in on the first post?

    Them Crooked Vultures for me. Would love them to release a new record and tour.
  7. Penny24

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    San Francisco, Ca
    Velvet Revolver


    Killer Be Killed
  8. JohnJ

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    seriously - do you fanboys have no shame?!
  9. Claus

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    No one!
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  10. davenav

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    For me, it’s gotta be the Wilbury’s.
  11. Huxley

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    I like the way your mind works! However, my understanding of "supergroup" is that it refers to a group comprised of artists who were successful as solo artists or as members of other bands prior to the formation of the "supergroup". The Beatles don't fit that definition, though I agree that they are super :)
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  12. davenav

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    A supergroup is a band comprised of already-famous players.
  13. Most of these are underwhelming in relation to the hype and hope generated. You can’t have a supergroup without members of previous reputation and accomplishments. Thus Boston can’t be a supergroup, but Asia is, ELP was/is but the Beatles weren’t.

    It seemed from the late 70s onward as the term became overused and empty as the players had less and less charisma and distinctiveness. Plus every collaboration isn’t a supergroup: Bowie/ Jagger, Bowie/Queen, etc., just collaboration with no intent of ongoing collaboration.
  14. JohnJ

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    Iggy Pop and Post Pop Depression. Having seen Iggy Pop quite a few times as support/ festivals I’ve never been particularly impressed. When I saw him play with this incarnation, it was bloody good and a latter career highlight.

    Slash with Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators is a modern day supergroup - and they are very good.
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  15. fairies

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  16. rockin_since_58

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  17. JohnJ

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    Not particularly my taste, but The Highwaymen has to be up there.

  18. EwaWoowa

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    I don't think you can really beat Bob Dylan, a Beatle, and Roy Orbison all in the same group can you?

    And that's still not mentioning giants of the next generation in Tom Petty & Jeff Lynne...

    I mean, aside from digging Elvis up, how much super-rery can you go...?
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  19. ironbutterfly

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    Damn Yankees is the answer
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  20. georgebz1

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    The great guitars. Byrd, Kessel, and Ellis.
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  21. Jay_Z

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  22. I guess we could have a poll as to for whom the bar could be the lowest to qualify or embody the term, Damn Yankees or Bad English.
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  23. Dream On

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    These guys:

  24. Penny24

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    Two incredible albums then poof! The light shined brightly for such a short period of time. :sigh:
  25. mike sullivan

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