Superman - Cavill Out!?

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Chazro, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. Chazro

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    Seeing a ton of reports today saying that Henry Cavill may be hanging up the cape! Apparently there was a money problem with a Cavill cameo in the upcoming Shazam (the original Captain Marvel) movie. Although his run as Supes has always been polarizing, the general concensus is most people want him to stick around. MY biggest problem with this whole scenario is how DC is making ANOTHER mistake with their handling of Superman by placing him in a movie that has such low expectations. Looks like a desparate attempt by the studio to salvage another potential flop!
  2. soundboy

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    Cavill now available for James Bond!
  3. Encuentro

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    His agent, Dany Garcia, is refuting the report.

  4. ampmods

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    He's a likeable, good-looking guy who was perfect for Superman. Too bad the movies were such dour disasters.
  5. Encuentro

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  6. alexpop

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    Thought i just posted this a couple of hours ago, different thread mind. :)
  7. Luvtemps

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    While I love Henry as the man of steel,I don't think he would be a good fit as Bond.
  8. Bender Rodriguez

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    New Jersey
    Keep Cavill. Get rid of Hack Snyder.
  9. The Hud

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    Cavill definitely looks the part of Superman better than anyone, IMO. His Clark Kent could still use some work.

    Christopher Reeve was the perfect Clark Kent, and a very good Superman. He is still my overall favorite.
  10. Chazro

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    ….and now I just finished reading about how Afleck has confirmed today that he's out as Batman, although he's been saying that forever. The most laughable (and scary!) rumor I read today that there's been talk of hiring Michael B. Jordan (Black Panther) to be the next Superman. The DC cinematic universe is such a compete and total mess. Over at Marvel they're figuring out how to retire Evans and Downey with some semblance of class, at DC they're trying to make a Black Superman! I have absolutely NO problem with the idea of black superheroes, but I really hate the current trend in the books to change established, long-time, characters into whatever's the latest trending focus group (black, female, gay, etc.). Shows a stunning lack of creativity although I will say this; most modern comic book creators don't want to create new characters because they become the property of the company.
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  11. Encuentro

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    It’s nothing more than a rumor at this point, but I’d be okay with it. Superman is not defined by his skin tone.
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  12. Luke The Drifter

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    Superman has perhaps the most established look of any superhero. A complete race change would be a disaster.
  13. Vidiot

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    I think it's fair to say that the people now running the DC Comics movies over at Warner Bros. have a lot of problems on their hands...

    Warner Bros. Not Developing ‘Superman’ Movies With Henry Cavill As Priority Shifts To ‘Supergirl’ – Update

    Henry Cavill’s Future as Superman in Doubt, Warner Bros. Focusing on Supergirl

    Henry Cavill Out as Superman Amid Warner Bros.' DC Universe Shake-Up (Exclusive)

    I think it's very goofy for them to assume that because Wonder Woman was a success, what they need to do now is to concentrate on female superheroes. To me, this is not a good long-term strategy.
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  14. Encuentro

    Encuentro Forum Resident

    Yet, for all their problems, I still find the DCEU more interesting the MCU. Infinity War was only slightly better than Justice League, in my opinion. But Marvel rakes in all the cash, and that’s the bottom line. How can DC start raking in the cash? Not by looking at Marvel but by looking what has worked for them: Wonder Woman. Their biggest success is also the only movie with a female lead. So they’re banking on Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Supergirl and Birds of Prey. And they should. It’s a smart move. Women are the future of DC.

    And for the record, I hope they cast Michael B. Jordan as Superman. That would be wonderful!
  15. Chazro

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    West Palm Bch, Fl.
    Superman has been a white character for 86 years. While I'd agree that his skin tone doesn't define him, it's who he is. Suit's blue & red, hair's black, skin's white. This is a universal image known throughout the world. Should never be changed, every time they've tried, they eventually come back to the original. Every time.

    They shouldn't ever consider making Black Panther a white dude either, ever!;)
  16. Time Is On My Side

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    Best one since Christopher Reeve. I think they're making a mistake letting him go.
  17. Rhett

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    Yes they are!
    It's typical. Warner doesn't know anything about DC like Disney doesn't know about Star Wars.
  18. Time Is On My Side

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    Madison, WI

    Eventually don't you think they're going to wear out the whole "superhero" genre?
  19. DigMyGroove

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    It is SO worn out, please tell them: “Stop the Madness!”.

    Oh right.......

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  20. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    well Micheal was great in Creed and Black Panther...I'd say let's give him a nod to Superman...
    bad photoshop?, but...
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  21. bartels76

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    Since Daniel Craig has had one foot out the door, Henry Cavill should now play James Bond. He was up for the role against Craig to begin with but he was considered too young back then. I agree that Henry was great as Superman but unfortunately aside from Wonder Woman all the DC stuff lately has been pretty average.
    Ben Affleck as Batman was pretty terrible.
  22. Ghostworld

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    Or as Cavill portrayed him "Capt. Moribund."
  23. Encuentro

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    I'm just not sure why it's necessary to get into name-calling territory. If you have a point to make, make it. If you have an objection to something I've posted, address the points that I've made. I've been a member of this forum for many years. I've had many disagreements with people, but I've never referred to anybody's thoughts or ideas as "dumb." Until now, I've never had anybody refer to any of my thoughts or ideas as "dumb." In fact, I don't recall anybody referring to anybody's thoughts or ideas as "dumb."

    So let me reiterate, a move like casting Michael B. Jordan would piss a lot of people off, and that would probably be a good thing for a franchise that has not been relevant since the first two Christopher Reeve films. It would shake things up. The DCEU has not been doing very well. It could use a little shaking up. Controversy sells. Always has, always will. Casting a black actor to portray a character who is not defined by his skin tone but by his values and his heroism should not be a controversial move, in my humble opinion, but alas it is. But perhaps not cow-towing to people who would be upset by such a move would bring us one step closer to a time when it wouldn't be a controversial move.

    If you can put aside the name-calling for a moment, what have I said that you object to or disagree with?
  24. Deesky

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    Oh the horror! Why, that would be tantamount to... to casting a female actor for the role of Dr Who! :eek:
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  25. David Egan

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    I generally enjoy Zack Snyder movies and find the dark intensity of BvS a healthy alternative to Marvel's keep it light approach. But Suicide Squad & Justice League (and Green Lantern) were more about selling concepts than telling stories. They should have held on to Cavill & Affleck as they could have sold both to ticket buyers with better writing. JL2 will be Wonder Woman and a bunch of new guys?

    Negotiations broke down with Cavill over Shazam? Great Caesar's Ghost! DC revived Captain Marvel in 1973 (not being able to call the comic Captain Marvel not helping much) and reworked the concept numerous times since and it's never been successful. It's another DC movie but you've never heard of this guy so stake out your place on the sidewalk now folks. The last time this many powerful people ran around in a blind panic was the fall of Krypton.
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