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Survey: What Brand of Turntable Do You Use

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Tony Plachy, Oct 22, 2016.

  1. jcr64

    jcr64 Forum Resident

    I have two systems: a living room system for more relaxed/casual listening and a basement system for more serious listening. The Planar 3/Elys 2 combination is perfect for the living room (and I mean perfect--I love it, and I'm happy that I decided to go with the Planar 3 rather than the Planar 2). In the basement, I'm glad to have the extra detail and nuance of the Planar 6/Exact. Not to say the Planar 3/Elys 2 combination isn't detailed and nuanced, it is, but the Planar 6/Exact is more so.
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  2. Scott1951

    Scott1951 New Member

    Gemini XL-500 II turntable. Grado Blue 2 cartridge.
  3. GilesM

    GilesM Well-Known Member

    Rega RP1
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  4. Markym

    Markym Forum Resident

    London, UK
    Funk Firm Vector V (bought 2008ish) / Roksan Nima / Ortofon Vivo Blue MC.

    Unfortunately, I found the build quality of the TT to be average and after-service could be better. I had QC issues with their forerunner, Pink Triangle, back in the day too. In fairness, I also had some issues with my reserve TT - Rega RP3 too (motor hum, speed running too fast) so I sold that. Kept the Funk.

    I do most of my listening on a PC Foobar/Benchmark DAC2HGC/Senn HDVA600/HD800 system now. Vinyl is great if it all comes together but I find it a PITA really.
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  5. BDC

    BDC Forum Resident

    Technics SL 1200 MK5
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  6. Sweetspot

    Sweetspot Well-Known Member

    Technics SL1210MK2 and Dual 721
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  7. GurraG

    GurraG Senior Member

    Stockholm, Sweden
    Thoréns td-150
    Thoréns td-125 lb
  8. NielsSS

    NielsSS Well-Known Member

    Feickert Woodpecker w. Ortofon AS 212 arm and Shelter MK III cart. I am in the proces of replacing the Shelter with an Ortofon Cadenza Blue
  9. CrimsonKink

    CrimsonKink Forum Resident

    Boston, MA
  10. flvet

    flvet Forum Resident

    Jacksonville, FL
    Origin Live Resolution mk3 w. Origin Live Illustrious mk3c arm. Rotate Ortofon Windfeld Ti and Koetsu RSP
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  11. Jimmy Disco D

    Jimmy Disco D Forum Resident

    Shropshire, UK
    Technics SL1210MK2
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  12. Martin Takamine

    Martin Takamine Forum Resident

    East Coast
    Technics SL-1210GR/Ortofon Cadenza Red
    Pioneer PLX-1000/Audio-Technica VM740ML
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  13. mrlimbo

    mrlimbo Active Member

    Linn lp12 with Grace G-707 with a newer plinth.
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  14. csgreene

    csgreene Forum Resident

    Idaho, USA
    I currently use my mid-80's Technics SL-QL1 in my living room system and my recently purchased Technics SL-1210GR in my main system in the family room. I also have a Marantz TT-530 hooked up at the other house in a system my son uses. I am not currently using my old Denon DP-23F but it's a pretty decent auto DD table (certainly for the $45 I spent on it a few years back).
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  15. MGW

    MGW Less travelling, more listening

    Scotland, UK
    Michell Gyrodec Bronze, QC PSU, SME309, Ortofon MC30 Supreme, Michell/Trichord Delphini phono stage.
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  16. steve65

    steve65 Well-Known Member

    London. England.
    The lesser spotted Michell Micro, RB300 with Origin live weight and silver cabling, Ortofon Quintet Black (original, not the 'S') Trichord Dino. i've had the deck and arm for 20yrs. The Quintet replaced an ageing DL304
  17. Liquid77

    Liquid77 Forum Resident

    Langley, B.C.
    I'm all vintage. JVC QL-Y44F upstairs with a Ortofon Blue. Downstairs is a Pioneer PL-50L with a new Hana EH which sounds fantastic through my Sansui Au-9900.
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  18. jj128s

    jj128s New Member

    Thorens 145
    Thorens 160
  19. caracallac

    caracallac Forum Resident

    Turntable - SME Model 10
    Arm - SME Series V
    Cartridge - Grado Statement Reference 1
  20. Wally Swift

    Wally Swift Yo-Yoing where I will...

    Brooklyn New York
    Technics. SL1200MKII [modded] & SL-QD3.
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  21. dividebytube

    dividebytube Forum Resident

    Grand Rapids, MI
    recently added a Thorens TD309 to my system - now running two turntables (after removing the CD player!).
  22. manxman

    manxman Forum Resident

    Isle of Man
    A quadraphonic Bang & Olufsen Beogram 6000 – an early model with the AC motor and the same internals as the landmark Beogram 4000.
  23. RZangpo2

    RZangpo2 Forum Know-It-All

    New York
    Me too!
  24. hlennarz

    hlennarz Forum Resident

    Dual CS-750 "Audiophile Concept"
    got it for 30€ at a second hand store from an owner who had no idea what he was selling... :D
  25. theprivateer

    theprivateer Active Member

    I love my Funk from a sound standpoint, but have the same issues with fit and finish. Not a deal breaker, but makes vinyl more of a hassle than it should be.
    Arthur K. has been very forthcoming in communication, so I have no issue with service (apart from promptness sometimes).

    I recently added a Yamaha GT2000L to the stable and actually breathed a sigh of relief at how unfussy it is compared to the Funk.

    Funk is a brand with “character” and all the attendant inconveniences that come with that. If only there were more corporate discipline, it would be a great brand, instead of a cult one.

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