Tanita Tikaram — thoughts?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Dave Gilmour's Cat, Dec 3, 2017.

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    The issue is she has got about zero publicity for the last 25 years. I doubt many people are aware she is still performing and making records. Since her albums only came out on CD I pretty much didn't notice any releases, but for me that went for many artists that went to CD only after the early 90s. I've only got partly back into CD recently due to improved playback capability and been catching up on various artists 90s and 00s back catalogue. Yet to delve into TTs latter catalogue yet.
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    Was never seen in the same room as Lloyd Cole back in the day, which raised suspicions in some quarters.
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    For a long time, I think there was a scene centered around feminist/lesbian/women artists that was pretty good about supporting its own. (I'm not talking Lilith Fair, but something far smaller-scale, and network-based.)

    My impression is that many artists in that demographic who had a brush (or more than a brush) with mainstream success were, later in their career, able to putter along through a combination of small-scale touring plus consistent sales in, I'm guessing, the 5K-20K range. For some of them, that was more than satisfactory, and allowed them to live their lives and have economic stability without chasing anything bigger.

    Of course, a lot of smaller "scenes" operate exactly the same way -- hardcore punk, free improvisation, certain types of New Age, whatever. But this one had a high degree of loyalty, and had enough people (many of them 40+ years old) willing to pay premium prices for small-venue shows and CDs so that the artist could make a living.

    I don't know if CD sales have cratered in that demographic as much as they have elsewhere. Nor do I know if it's still as robust as it used to be -- obviously COVID-19 has destroyed the touring aspect -- or how much TT participated. But it wouldn't be unusual for an artist like TT to be 100% OK with a smaller-scale career, playing to small audiences who know her music.

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