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  1. Jrr

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    Hey guys….so many people post about amazing sales on Amazon etc. I got the Lindsey Buckingham vinyl box set stupid cheap a couple years ago because someone here was nice enough to post it. So, here’s some payback.

    I was in my local Target and they have an end cap close out section for vinyl. They’ve actually had it a long time but usually there are maybe four titles. Like the Barry Gibb album from last year for $4.88. Today there were lots! I’m listening to the Steely Dan two album live set as I write this. $9.44. And that was a higher priced title! Got the Streisand album from last year, unreleased tracks she authorized, for around four bucks! I got that for an unreleased duet track she did for that Guilty Too album from a few years back. Worth it to me just for that, but it’s actually pretty decent. That Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga that I almost paid full price for when released not long ago…$7. And a LOT of others! Respect soundtrack for like $4, Marc Anthony, $4, Selena Gomez, $4. Demi Lovato $6. So, not junk.

    But maybe better is a significant number of current albums at half off or more. I got the two disc Janet Jackson Decades compilation for just $12. Probably a third of the stuff was marked down like that. I don’t think they are parring down on newer titles, just having a very aggressive sale instead of doing a buy two get a third free, like they’ve done a few times.

    Anyway, I don’t know if it’s chain wide but I’m sure they all have close out sections. Hope this helps a few folks out!
  2. hutlock

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    Cleveland, OH, USA
    Yep, there is a thread going for this in the Marketplace section with a link to the online stuff that is on sale. It is definitely chain-wide and if your store doesn’t have it, you can order online and get the bargain prices. Free shipping over $35 (and in most cases you can have it just shipped to your local store too).

    Anyway, here’s the link: Vinyl Records : Target
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  3. Clucking

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    From the link above - Dark Side of the Moon:
    reg $49.95"

    Why on earth would a single 33rpm disc that's available at literally every music shop in the world be "reg $49.95" -

    That being said, $15 for A Love Supreme, which I think everyone agreed is actually the same all-analog cut as the Acoustic Sounds series, is a no-brainer if you currently own less than 6 copies of this album.
  4. George Blair

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    Portland, OR
    Prince "Sign 'O The Times" Bernie Grundman mastered $15.99. :righton:
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  5. CWillman

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    L.A., CA
    But none of the albums the OP mentions are part of the online sale. Hmmm...
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  6. cwitt1980

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    Carbondale, IL USA
    Glad to know it may be in store too. I'll have to go check (hopefully tomorrow). I did order some things online. They really suck at packing these things. I've had four different giant boxes (GIANT!). Each one contained less than five albums from one order I made. On top of that, I saw UPS was supposed to send one to my place while I was going to be at work. I rerouted it to a UPS drop off center for a fee. They didn't bother telling me about the other two packages being sent to my house. Having it rerouted was pretty pointless. These suckers got to sit out in 100 degree heat all day. I have some bent corners too btw.
  7. quicksrt

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    That and the Marvin Gaye on green vinyl are the two I'd be after. Next is the remixed Pepper, and Abbey Road album if I did not own 10 copies already. Not really, I only currently own 7 or 8 copies.

    I wish the white album with bonus LP of demos was there on sale, that would be a neat addition to the over-bloated collection of repeats.
  8. Jrr

    Jrr Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Those are probably the clearance titles and my bet would be they vary from store to store. Those clearance titles are the real value, and an absolute steal.
  9. Jrr

    Jrr Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Yup…the Marvin Gaye was cheap and in stock. I’ve never heard it but at that price it was tempting! And to reiterate to cwitt, these were in store, not on line. I just hope they aren’t getting out like they did a few years ago. Like our big Walmart, they have a pretty respectable selection. They are doing an extensive full store remodel so I think if they we’re getting out of vinyl they would not have allocated the space within the remodel.
  10. jim249

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    Boise, ID, USA
    There are a few I would like to get but being in the southwest where it is hot I would be leery of them getting warped. How does target ship records? USPS, UPS, Fedex?
  11. captouch

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    Bay Area, CA
    For me (located in CA), it’s always UPS, though sometimes they use UPS Mail Innovations where at least the last leg seems to go via USPS.
  12. maxwelledison1

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    Received BeeGees Timeless today in a sack. Needless to say I spent time with customer service.
  13. Went online to order new vinyl copies of Sgt Pepper, Let it Be, Abbey Road, and Ones since they were all half price. I figured it's a great chance to get new versions since I've played what I have to death.

    Bad luck - When I clicked to finish the sale, it moved Sgt Pepper to save for later. Apparently it sold out while I was trying to complete the purchase.
    I went by my local store today and did not see a bargain bin.

    They occasionally have buy two get one sales. I'm thinking I'll wait and pick up Sgt Pepper, Revolver, and Rubber Soul at the next one.
  14. I'm bummed to hear this. I've had good luck with Target as far as packaging. Last month I ordered four Chet Baker and two Pink Floyds' They all came together in a nicely packaged and padded box.
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  15. brass_monkey

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    St. Louis, MO
    I went into Target yesterday to get the Almost Famous Soundtrack which was 50% off. Got sucked into buying more that they had on clearance. I've got an original of the Wings album but less than $12 seemed too good to pass up.

    Paul McCartney III ($8.09)
    Wings over America ($11.84)
    Robert Plant / Alison Krause Raise the Roof ($8.39)
    Steely Dan Northeast Corridor Live! ($9.44)
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience Winterland ($5.39)
    Chris Cornell No one sings like you anymore ($8.39)
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  16. Just opened my Marvin. No poster, and a massive dish. I don’t really care enough about the missing poster to return it for another, but if my VinylFlat is unable to flatten it, I will return it.

    I also got Marley’s Exodus that I am spinning now. Decent. Very slight edge warp, no big deal. Pressed in The Netherlands.

    I got two shipments for 3 records…as others have said, loose in a large square box. One had no additional packing, one had a bit, but it served no purpose.
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  17. Tjazz

    Tjazz Music is my Mistress

    During the buy 2, get 3 sale, all the LPs were shipped in proper LP mailers. This half off online sale, big il-fitting boxes have been used for shipments. Supply chain or policy change?
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  18. Fred Dender

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    Eastchester, NY
    Is the $1 off shipping for packaging preference a factor?
  19. zeppage2

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    Oakland, CA
    Yes, I am receiving the oversize 'toaster' box for 5 records and 1 record. Each box contained air pillow and thankfully the records arrived unscathed.
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  20. Davidmk5

    Davidmk5 Forum Resident

    Marlboro , ma. usa
    was reading on Discogs most of the Marvin G. lps are warped some much worse than others , hopefully it plays .
    I grabbed one last night at my local store .
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  21. I haven’t played it yet, but I just pulled it from the VinylFlat; 2 hours at medium heating, 6 hours cooling. Perfectly flat. I will say that it is very thin vinyl which may have made it easier to flatten.
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  22. fmfxray373

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    san diego
    The Coltrane LP is great but I think the Walmart exclusive blue vinyl is a better pressing.
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  23. Ron Mexico

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    Raleigh, NC, USA
    Got the George Harrison 50th Anniversary version of All Things Must Pass for $20.99.
  24. GentleSenator

    GentleSenator what if

    Aloha, OR
    checked every target in my vicinity today. only about 3 of the 7 even had their vinyl shelves stocked with anything.

    the lone store that actually had clearance tags out on the shelves was ransacked. essentially nothing left!

    was able to get copies of the chili pepper's greatest hits, nathaniel rateliff's the future, gaga & bennett, and demi lovato. none had any clearance tags but they showed up as heavily discounted when is scanned them in the store.
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  25. curbach

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    The ATX
    But the Target version looks like a creamsicle :drool: Mine has a slight warp, but plays fine. I’d be more annoyed about that and the crappy inner sleeve if I had paid full price. I’ve got two more lps coming to get the free shipping, but Target is shipping all three records separately. Not sure how that is a win for them :shrug:
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