Tekton 'The Perfect SET 15'...anyone hear them?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by eflatminor, Sep 12, 2019.

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    Shortlisting efficient speakers that will work well with under 10 watt directly heated triodes...AND that will fit in our little (12x15) living room.

    Not convinced they exist, but the search is enjoyable.

    My list thus far includes:
    • Volti Rivals
    • Altec model 15s (combo of new and vintage parts); and
    • Tekton's The Perfect SET 15

    Wondering if anyone here has heard the 'The Perfect SET' or the new '15' version, which is a bit more efficient.

    In particular, anyone heard them with SET amps?

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    6Moons has a review, of the Perfect Set. Maybe it'll help, until some better comments come along.
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  3. eflatminor

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    Thanks for that.
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    NW Indiana
    I own the Perfect SET 12" and I've heard Terry London's pair from that review in his setup. I do think they are excellent and very enjoyable speakers.
    The dynamics and impact are quite impressive with my SE amps. I've listened to them the most with my SE EL34 I built that was designed by Jack Elliano
    of Electra-Print. It has a stout 11 watts of output. I purchased them for a listening area in my basement due to my other speakers not working down there.
    The other speakers are the 8008-Corner designed by Troels Gravesen. They just didn't have enough bass for the larger basement area with a concrete floor, they
    are fantastic in a bedroom on the main floor though. I do think the 8008 beat the PSET in treble refinement and realism, but the 8008 have a more expensive tweeter
    and much higher end crossover components. I plan to upgrade the crossover with better caps and resistors, then I think they will truly be the "Perfect SET" for me.
    You might ask about a upgrading the caps to bring out the last bit of nuance and refinement to match your SET.

    There is a video on YouTube about the difference between the PSET 12 and 15. Eric recommends the 12 for amps that have 8 watts or more and the 15 for those
    that have less, like a 2A3 or 45 amp. The 15 have more bass weighting to compensate for low wattage amps and he says they may have too much bass with higher
    power amps. I think it would be much safer to stick with the 12 for your room size and if you have 8-10w amps. The bass is powerful enough to travel through my
    whole house from the basement with just 11w and I don't think you would need the extra 2db of efficiency, the 12 play way louder than I can listen.
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