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    I am a big Apple person, but comparing the remote controls for Roku with Apple TV, Roku wins on design and functionality.
    The Apple TV remote is not a very fluid design with the track pad. Roku’s remote is much better when it comes to actually using it. And when you have someone over you don't have to explain how to use the remote like you would for the Apple TV.
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    My son got me Roku and Disney+ for my birthday!
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    A correctly configured universal remote will allow channel selection using a numbered keyboard.

    In general for me:

    Apple TV > Amazon Fire stick > Roku
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    Yeah...but my personal experience is remotes would de-sync (cheapies). Even expensive ones I read that in reviews though it has been a long time. Yeah I'd think Apple TV has more. My brother-in-law runs everything off Fire Sticks.
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    Try a Logitech Harmony,.works great for me
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