The Allman Brothers Fillmore Concerts BluRay set 16.62. At Amazon now

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    New York
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    Have one but tempted to pick up a back-up should..
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    San Francisco
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    Thank you!

    I gotted one.
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    Thanks!.........did you click the box for an extra 5% off? :cheers:
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    Double thanks to the OP and yes, be sure to take the extra 5% - $15.79 pre-tax w/ the discount
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    Here's the link so that you don't have to go searching for it as I did:
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    Thanks! I guess at the price it's OK if I get it in a month. (FREE Delivery Wednesday, Jan. 23 - Wednesday, Feb. 20)
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    Ordered! Crazy good deal, thanks for sharing.
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    Thanks for the tip!
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    Thanks! Ordered.
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    Thank you for link. Yet another copy... but what a price
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    Ohio, USA
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    I couldn't pass this up at that price! Thank you for sharing!
  17. There's really no other way to hear the Fillmore Concerts after this Blu-ray set came out. I paid $54 for it five years ago and thought it was great at that price.
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    Shows as temporarily out of stock on Amazon now and my order says its arriving January 30 - March 4 . Price was too good to be true. Somehow I doubt I will ever see it, but who knows. Fingers crossed!
  19. Yes - let's see if it turns up at that price - couldn't resist.
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    Every time I've seen that there's been an older item on Amazon with a crazy low price but it's out of stock for a month or two, Amazon has delivered the product at that price.

    Amazon has made me really angry this holiday with their evening deliveries to my work, poor pricing, and eroding two-day delivery window, but they have always honored sales like this one.

    I fully expect the item to show up in a month or two.
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    I’ve only ever had one order cancelled saying they couldn’t fulfill it and I completely expected it too given it was out of print and their price was old retail but took a shot

    Unless this is out of print I expect it to come, amazon beats their estimate many times
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    I have not had similar luck. Many items cancelled but most were out of print.
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  24. I can't believe Amazon still has this listed at $16.
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    Too good to be true? We will find out.

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