The big disappointment: announced but never released

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by no time, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. DTK

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    I guess never ending sob stories for publicity from his poor ex wife isn't compensation.
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    Probably more of a minor disappointment...
    I really enjoyed the three albums from Ultimate Painting and recently read that they had a fourth album titled UP slated for release early last year. But they broke up and decided that they didn't want to issue the album.

    Promo CD's had been sent out so I think the album "got around" on the Internet, but I can't find it now.
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  3. As I recall, 12 Dreams was t available as another label snagged the rights to it.
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    A couple Jazz things, not exactly official:

    Producer Joel Dorn once said a box set of all of Rahsaan Roland Kirk's Atlantic recordings was going to be released.

    When John Coltrane's Stellar Regions (1995) came out, it was said that it was the first of an unspecified series of rediscovered Impulse sessions. Cut to the 2018 release of Both Directions At Once, which was theoretically lost until the tapes were to appear at auction and the label reacquired them. (And - the auction was in 2005 - did Impulse lose them again for 13 years?) Is that all there is?
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    Boxed sets, remixes and remasters don't count as far as I am concerned. We're talking vital artists in the prime of their careers who's albums are announced and then shelved for some reason or another.
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    Moe Bandy "Live In Austin" album was officially announced (the concert was advertised as such), but never actually given a proper release. I was in the audience at that show and he utilized a female vocalist who isn't usually included as part of his current touring band. Ironically, the concert didn't take place in Austin!

    More recently, tracks from the concert were added on YouTube. Based on the questionable sound quality of these mixes, I could understand why the release never materialized. If the recordings had been suitable, this would've made an excellent CD for Moe to sell at his merch table.
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  7. Yannick

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    Del Shannon - Nashville sessions from the mid-80s : The song "Nobody's Business" was later released as a single b-side.

    Soul Mission - Soul Mission 2 : a follow-up to the gospel/soul super group's sole 1993 album was announced but never released by Myrrh Records. If this was recorded with a similar lineup to the first album (Mavis Staples, Tata Vega, Booker T Jones, Steve Cropper, James Gadson, Freddie Washington, Randy Jacobs, etc.) it really should see the light of day rather sooner than later.

    Sunny Levine - Nothing Beats the Weather : the producer and erstwhile member of Maata Haari and Trilambs released just 2 songs from this unreleased album on a film soundtrack, "No Other Plans" and "As For Tonight". He put a 3rd one called "Aba Daba" on soundcloud but when the album was cancelled, he deleted it. That's too bad because it's one of his best tracks ever.

    Dave Stewart (of Eurythmics fame) previewed a lot of his unreleased 2008 album on MySpace before that website/community was shuttered, and then shelved it. "Let's Do It Again" was remixed and released digitally with a featured guest vocalist, and "Just A Matter Of Time" was given to Celine Dion to sing, which she did.
    Other shelved projects of Dave Stewart from the 2000s include the original 2000s-era-styled version of the "Platinum Weird" album he did with Kara DioGuardi and the recordings of his group "Da Universal Playaz" with Gary Mudbone Cooper and Nadirah X, which surprisingly did not get released even though the band played the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival.
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  8. Freezerburn

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    Rush catalog flat transfers and 5.1 versions by Steve Wilson. Makes me weep at the possibilities.....
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    The general purview here is much wider - including the original post. Shelved albums, box sets, ideas of box sets, remixes, remasters, formats, abandoned sessions...
  10. SonOfAlerik

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    The Deep Purple reunion documentary that would have accompanied the Providence RI show filmed in 85.

    The doco is mentioned in this interview which recently surfaced:

  11. DTK

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    There's a load of spring 1967 sessions that appears "lost". Perhaps more will be issued from the discovered tapes, but they're trickling them out.
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  12. gearyoleary

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  13. The DCCof All Things Must Pass.
  14. I was disappointed also in the Roxy boxed set for their albums. It was originally going to be a combo with the CDs and lossless discs (SACD or Blu Ray can’t remember which).instead, one had to buy SACDs separately.
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  16. It’s also too bad that Sony is not licensing like before. I would have liked to see Laura Nyro’s remaining Columbia albums be released by you folks.
  17. While this didn’t come come out, the intended tracks are probably the same as those on the expanded editions of the albums and those that ended up on the two CD set from Rhino.
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  18. I believe that the 12 Dreams was licensed to another company. I keep hoping one of the other labels will pick up “Clear” and put it out.
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  19. Instant Dharma

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    This was never actually announced, just desired by Rush fans who are frothing at the bit for it to happen. SW says he only works on things he has a special interest in, and he did the one Rush album he was interested in.
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  20. Audioresearch

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    So Peter Gabriel mfsl
  21. Rob Hughes

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    Still waiting on a pair of long-announced AP Eric Dolphy SACD hybrids...
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  22. John Fell

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    The Rhino Handmade release of The J. Geils Band's Full House - 2 discs with both complete shows. However, the band would not approve it so it was cancelled.

    Track Listing

    Disc 1: Friday, April 21, 1972

    1. “Sno-Cone”*

    2. “Wait”*

    3. “Gonna Find Me A New Love”*

    4. “(Ain’t Nothin’ But A) House Party”*

    5. “Homework”*

    6. “Pack Fair And Square”

    7. “Looking For A Love”*

    8. “Cry One More Time”*

    9. “Whammer Jammer”*

    10. “Cruisin’ For A Love”*

    11. “Serves You Right To Suffer”*

    12. “First I Look At The Purse”*

    13. “Floyd’s Hotel”*

    14. “Hard Drivin’ Man”*

    15. “I Don’t Need You No More”*

    Disc 2: Saturday, April 22, 1972

    1. “Sno-Cone”*

    2. “Wait”*

    3. “Gonna Find Me A New Love”*

    4. “(Ain’t Nothin’ But A) House Party”*

    5. “Homework”

    6. “Pack Fair And Square”*

    7. “Looking For A Love”

    8. “Cry One More Time”*

    9. “Whammer Jammer”

    10. “Cruisin’ For A Love”

    11. “Serves You Right To Suffer”

    12. “First I Look At The Purse”

    13. “Floyd’s Hotel”*

    14. “Hard Drivin’ Man”

    15. “I Don’t Need You No More”*

    16. “(Ain’t Nothin’ But A) House Party” – Encore*

    *Previously Unissued
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    Yes thank goodness. Only 20 plus years later. Lol
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  24. NunoBento

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    The winner of this thread might very well be the infamous Queen Anthologies, promised as far back as 2000-2001 (?) and never have seen the light of day.
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  25. I wonder if the whole band was against this or just Peter Wolf.

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