The big disappointment: announced but never released

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by no time, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. John Fell

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    My understanding is Rhino did not bother to check with them before announcing it. The band (not sure if it was just Peter Wolf or not) put out some sort of statement about the best tracks from the shows were selected for a reason and releasing it that way changes the entire album.

    I'm not sure why as a compromise they couldn't just release the best version of each song in some approximation of the concert running order.
  2. NunoBento

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    Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 2
  3. Jackstar74

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    Thank God!
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  4. MPLRecords

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    How far into the catalogue did you get?
  5. Man at C&A

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    Quite obscure, but a few years back it was announced that DVDs were going to be released from ITV's UK TV music archive. They said there were full unedited shows including unbroadcast footage. The first announced batch included live Motorhead from the Lemmy - Philthy - Eddie era along with Buzzcocks & The Monochrome Set.

    It didn't happen.
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  6. steveharris

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    Eddie Van Halen mentioned he wanted to release some of the club shows and early demos BUT he tried and sound wasn`t right,lost the fly on the wall aspect,couldn`t locate demo tapes,couldn`t do it!ARRGH!!!!

    Who could forget Jmi Page talking about releasing a live multitrack for the band`s 50th????!:waiting:
  7. heathen

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    No one in this thread has made a crack about a new Tool album yet?
  8. Pinknik

    Pinknik Senior Member

    They just posted the first single today. :D
  9. Rob Hughes

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    Shame, that.
    I'd love to get Ricky Lee Jones on MFSL. The MFSL Pirates was what hooked me on RLJ to begin with!
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  10. vonwegen

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    This. And they were not just rumors--SD actually wrote the head of Warners asking him why he didn't give the green light to Elliot Scheiner, who had almost all the multitrack masters for albums 1-6 and was ready to remix in surround.

    The jerk didn't even bother to answer them. Yet another reason why I hate record company top brass.
  11. Nostaljack

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    Why would they write the head of Warners? All pre-hiatus albums are owned by Universal.

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  12. dobyblue

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    I'll echo the Bridge over Troubled Water Quad SACD posts, really disappointed when it became clear that one was DOA.
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  13. anonsequitur

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  14. Peace N. Love

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    With all due respect, I'm not sure you can use the word "just" when talking about getting Simon and Garfunkel to agree on something. :)
  15. reverendjim

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    new york, ny, usa
    - The booklet for one of the Bomp Spacemen 3 albums (I think it was "Spacemen Are Go"?) mentioned a forthcoming 10" called "Forged Prescriptions" that seemingly was NOT what was later released as a 2CD by Space Age.

    - I don't know if it was ever actually announced, but a second Taang volume of Spacemen 3 singles made it at least to the test press stage. Curtis had one in the Taang store when I was there in the early 2000s, and a copy later turned up on eBay (I recall that it was pulled before the auction finished). My memory is a little fuzzy on this one, but I want to say there was something unusual about it, like that it was a double 11" or something odd like that.

    - Beck was supposedly putting together a concert video called "Computer Chips and Salsa" post-"Odelay" tour. YouTube has rendered this unnecessary, but I certainly would have enjoyed it at the time.

    - One that I'd love to hear some day: The remix of "Race for the Prize" that Mercury Rev did with the Flaming Lips. Ivins and Kliph have both confirmed to me that it exists, and Kliph gave some vague description of it being "crazy" or something along those lines.

    - The Idle Race box set never ended up coming out, did it?

    - It was announced that they were working together, but, as far as I know, nothing ever turned up: the Ray Davies and Yo La Tengo record in the years preceding "Other People's Lives". (EDIT: According to this old RS article, they only recorded five songs together. Still, would like to hear them! Yo La Tengo Rock Hanukkah – Rolling Stone )
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  16. reverendjim

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    new york, ny, usa
    That's really irritating, because it hardly felt like they bent over backwards to promote those reissues ("OFITG" did get fairly heavy promotion on his website, but it felt like "Odelay" just kind of slipped out into the world) or, in the case of "Odelay," even do a particularly good job at assembling the thing. For the powers that be to then be disappointed by the sales and kill future releases is frustrating!
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  17. lennonology

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    If I remember correctly, we put together multi-disc sets for McCartney through Flowers In The Dirt.

    Chip Madinger
  18. Radardog

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    Gamehendge CD-ROM
  19. MPLRecords

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  20. Freezerburn

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    Which one did he do? I wasn't aware of him touching any of them.
    As for his interest in the catalog, bah humbug on him.
  21. marc with a c

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    Modern Lovers Live was supposed to be reissued with the *full shows* included, and when it hit shelves it was... just the songs from the original LP. No explanation since.
  22. marc with a c

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    Orlando, FL
    I think that the two that I'm genuinely most sad about never appearing in their "intended state" would be:

    The Who's Lifehouse (yeah, I know we're getting a graphic novel, but... y'know)
    Juliana Hatfield's God's Foot.
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  23. Chris DeVoe

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    For all those people complaining about the non-release of Kate Bush's Before the Dawn DVD - she actually had a contract to write her autobiography called Leaving My Tracks. It got to an advanced enough stage to have a cover designed and an ISBN assigned...and then nothing.

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  24. BlueGangsta

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    There was also a Quad mix of Blue announced in a music magazine back in the 70's.

    In the early 90's she worked with Consolidated and Sep on Drugs. The results weren't too great.

    Then she did about 5 songs with Trickey in the late 90's. If you're into that kind of music, I'd say they made some good stuff.


    That's because Trevor Horn and his wife didn't treat them to nicely due to their sexuality (allegedly...).
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  25. vonwegen

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    Ah, brain fart. Yes, it was the head of Universal that refused to even answer them.
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