The Bridge (Bron/Broen) Scandinavian production.

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Pastafarian, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. Pastafarian

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    Very surprised to see this appears not to have had a thread, even though it's been shown around the world including UK & US remakes.

    We're up to series 4 now, currently being broadcast by the BBC (subtitled) and it's still as strong as every, brilliant TV.
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    Thanks for the post - had no idea a fourth series was even being made! Just checked and the fourth series (along with the first three) are available in the US on Hulu (titled "The Bridge (SE)"). I agree that this is brilliant TV.

  3. Pastafarian

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    Series 4 so far excellent, I'm up to episode 4 and we might even have a happy ending but don't hold me to that
  4. C4rl

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    Excellent program, I’ve been a fan from the beginning; I've enjoyed all the series the latest included. The Saga Norén character is fascinating, her Autism has not really been discussed or over played throughout the series, I’m glad it was a Scandinavian production, if it was someone like the BBC the fact that she is on the Autistic spectrum would have become central to the story line and they would have focused on her character a lot more.
  5. Deesky

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    I've not seen the Scandinavian production (I despise subtitles with a passion!) , but the short lived American version with Diane Kruger was done very well, at least in the first season. Kruger's performance was excellent and subtle, where her condition was portrayed more as an unusual character trait, rather as a full-0n 'condition'. Unfortunately, by S2, the writers more or less forgot about her Autism and wrote her character mostly as a conventional detective/partner.
  6. Edotl

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    Sofia Helin brought to life one of the best characters in television. Saga is kind of an adorable robot--all work, efficiency, and lack of social skills.

    I believe the series is over, with series 4 bringing a resolution to Sofia's behavior.

    By the way, look at this picture of Helin on IMDB--

    Sofia Helin - IMDb

    Saga is nothing like that!
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  7. smilin ed

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    I miss Martin, however!
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  8. Stringman

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    Great series. We binge watched this and couldn't get enough of it
  9. Scope J

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    Love the show, watching |||| now!
  10. TheSeldomSeenKid

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    I loved the version that was on FX and disappointed when it was not renewed after 2 Seasons. I will have to watch this version on BBC, but do not get Hulu. Are the first 3 Seasons for sale on Blu-Ray or DVD?
  11. Pastafarian

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    I presume you're in the U.S. so region 1 here:
    The Bridge: 1-3 Combo Pack
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  12. woody

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    Love the original and can’t wait I see season 4. I watched it alone but I think my wife would like it a lot, too, so might have to get the set when they release season four on disc or do Hulu again for a couple of months.
  13. jriems

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    Thank you for the Hulu heads-up. We've been waiting for it to show up on Netflix! How long has season 4 been available on Hulu?
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  14. Scope J

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    Wow! just finished ||||

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  15. woody

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    Maybe since mid to late Spring, not long.
  16. Pastafarian

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    Well it's all over, I said it may have a happy ending, was it(?). Sad to see Saga leave my life but she left me with another great series.

    Next up series 3 of The Unforgotten, high hope after series 1 & 2, I see 1 & 2 have been broadcast on PBS
  17. LivingForever

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    I’ve just finished it. Overall, another great series - and I was happy that the ending was happy-ish but without that fairytale “happily ever after” ending which would have completely gone against their characters and the whole tone of the show. It was good enough for me :)

    The only disappointment is that we figured out what had happened to Henrik’s kids in the second episode so there was no big twist/reveal there but instead we were able to enjoy seeing what the writers had done with red herrings and false trails in the rest of the episodes.

    Also, we called the killer about halfway through but that was a bit less certain and at least they made us waver back and forth on that a *little*.

    Great series, never been anything like it - and I count myself as a fan of both Martin and Henrik, they did a lot with Henrik’s character whereas there might not have been much left to do with Martin.

    (I was disappointed though when Saga went to visit the jail towards the end of the last episode and it wasn’t Martin she went to visit, I thought that would have been a nice touch.)
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