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  1. kevin5brown

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    Return of the Roughnecks, d1:

     DR          Peak            RMS          Filename
     DR9      over        -11.61 dB    01 Silence, Sea and Sky.wav
     DR7      over         -8.76 dB    02 Swamp Thing.wav
     DR6      over         -7.75 dB    03 In Shreds.wav
     DR8      over        -10.15 dB    04 Home Is Where The Heart Is.wav
     DR8      over        -10.24 dB    05 A Person Isn't Safe Anywhere These Days.wav
     DR7      over         -7.54 dB    06 Mad Jack.wav
     DR9      over        -10.20 dB    07 Don't Fall.wav
     DR7      over         -8.88 dB    08 Caution.wav
     DR7      over         -8.56 dB    09 Second Skin.wav
     DR7      over         -9.46 dB    10 Perfume Garden.wav
     DR9      over        -10.90 dB    11 Tears (Original Version).wav
     DR8      over        -11.55 dB    12 Monkeyland.wav
     DR6      over         -7.86 dB    13 Nostalgia.wav
     DR10      over        -12.02 dB    14 View From A Hill.wav
     Number of files:    14
     Official DR value:  DR8
     DR          Peak            RMS          Filename
     DR7      over         -8.88 dB    01 Is It Any Wonder.wav
     DR6      over         -7.33 dB    02 Free For All.wav
     DR7      over         -8.91 dB    03 The Healer.wav
     DR7      over         -8.38 dB    04 Denims And Curls.wav
     Number of files:    4
     Official DR value:  DR7
    Nice. Dreams in Celluloid is more dynamic!
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  2. kevin5brown

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    Any thoughts on Dali's Picture and the Fan and the Bellows, vs Dreams in Celluloid? I'd normally gravitate to the earlier releases like Dali's Picture and the Fan and the Bellows for sound quality, but there is some overlap there too. ??
  3. patient_ot

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    I don't have Dali's Picture, but I've got FATB on both CD and vinyl. Nearly all the tracks on FATB are also on DIC. The mastering is different but not necessarily better on FATB. Keep in mind the band never even wanted FATB to be released. If you are a completist, buy both FATB and DIC.
  4. kevimetal

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    Exeter, UK
    i want OP @bettesaj to let us know if they have Strange Times yet, and if their mind is blown...?

    I think I paid more for it than that 15ish years ago!
  5. kevin5brown

    kevin5brown Forum Resident

    Yes, the Nostalgia 7" is only on TFATB, along with Endlessly Falling. Did you notice this one:

    Less Than Human
    2:31 on Dali's Picture
    4:10 on SotB
    4:35 on TFATB and DiC

    I need to figure out about those too now.
  6. katieinthecoconut

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    United Kingdom
    The Fan and the Bellows is a great compilation, not listened to the full albums.
  7. Rgfinch

    Rgfinch King Rocky

    I haven't played Dali's Picture for quite a while. It's mostly demos from 81 or maybe 82. For completists only I would say.

    DIC is the preferred choice over TFATB for me.
  8. bettsaj

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    Of course I have Strange Times..... And Stripped on picture disc signed by Mark, the Script remaster double LP also signed, and Why Call It Anything, I have to confess i'm not a huge fan of Strange Times, I do love Soul in Isolation though, and of course Swamp Thing.

    My favourite album is What Does Anything Mean?... Basically. Love that album, and I'll be seeing them do the whole thing later this year.

    Here's my son a few years back having been pulled up onto stage by Mark playing Bass on Second Skin. Filmed at the Garage in Islington, London.

    And before the gig at the pub, with the band who are all out of shot.

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  9. kevimetal

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    Exeter, UK
    Sorry! I was thinking of @bherbert who was saying that they were going to get Strange Times upthread. Note to self: don't post after coming home from the pub.
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  10. Jim B.

    Jim B. Forum Resident

    I think the John Peel Session versions of those tracks on the second album are far better than the eventual album versions, which sound overproduced to me.

    Script of the Bridge is their masterpiece by a long way, the second album was seen at the time by fans to be a bit of a let down after the classic debut, and the third album sounds too much like one of those Steve Lillywhite 80's albums to appeal to a US market. Although Swamp Thing is an immense tracks.

    So my recommendations for a complete novice would be:

    1. Script of the Bridge
    2. The Peel Sessions
    3. The Fan and the Bellows
    4. Tony Fletcher Walked On Water EP.
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  11. John54

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    I believe I have to part with the consensus and put in a big plug for Strange Times, which is easily my favourite Chameleons LP. In Answer, Time, Swamp Thing, Ever After ...

    In Answer, with is awe-inspiring bridge:

    Honestly, in almost any incarnation of Mark Burgess, you're going to find some amazing songs:

    From the Tony Fletcher EP, Denims and Curls

    From The Sun and the Moon album, The Price of Grain

    From Zima Junction, Up On the Hill

    From Invincible, Only You Could Save Me

    ... and so it goes ...
  12. kevin5brown

    kevin5brown Forum Resident

    Strange Times also gets my vote for the best that they'e done. (Haven't yet listened to the Tony Fletcher EP though, that's in the queue.)

    I like Why Call it Anything too. Doesn't seem to get high marks on Amazon at least, but I like it more than most I guess ...

    I have DiC on the way, kind of hoping it sounds good. I'm listening to the Fan and the Bellows and Dali's Picture, and while I love the material, the CD mastering is a little thin and trebly. Could use more balance and low end. Ok, maybe Dali's Picture sounds a little better than TFATB ...
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  13. Sebastian saglimbenI

    Sebastian saglimbenI Forum Resident

    I have and love the CHERRY RED live d.v.d.....I highly recommend this for sound and close camera work.
  14. lonelysea

    lonelysea Forum Crustacean

    If you can find the 1992 Here Today...Gone Tomorrow compilation, snatch it up. If for no other reason than the inclusion of the sublime Sally:

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