The Godfather Coda: Part III (2020 Director's Cut)

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Bowie Fett, Sep 3, 2020.

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  2. Holerbot6000

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    Instead of de-aging, Francis is going to de-Sophia the movie and replace her with a digital version of Wynona Ryder. :pineapple:
  3. SurrealCereal

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    Maybe if they were to change the whole plot, cut out all the dialogue, rewrite all the characters, and recast everyone, then they might come up with a decent movie.

    But I guess a better ending would be nice too...
  4. mikeyt

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    So this how Coppola quarantines. Cool I guess. But I hope the movie has a new middle, too.
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  5. Dr. Funk

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    No Director's Cut is going to save this one.
  6. twicks

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    The ending is the only good part. I find Pacino genuinely unnerving in the scene on the steps.
  7. mj_patrick

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    My biggest problem with The Godfather Part III is that it's become impossible to discuss this now thirty year old film without having to listen to the same repeated criticisms towards Sophia Coppola. None of it is new. It more or less ended her acting career in the early 1990s, but that's still apparently not good enough for some. She's become quite the accomplished director since then and is doing quite the job following in her father's footsteps.

    With that said, I look forward to the recut, it will be something I'll add to the collection.
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  8. PhilBorder

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    it's an ok movie. Under the shadow of its predecessors. It has its good and bad moments , and doesn't quite work. But I think it has more of a reputation for having a bad reputation that isn't true. For instance 69% on Rotten Tomatoes. Somebody likes it.

    IDK what Copolla can do to improve it but he maybe can address some problems stemming from it being rushed into production
  9. Michael

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    good news...I'll add it to the franchise when it shows up on home video!
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  10. Michael

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    Godfather III
    Like the previous two film in the series, Godfather: Part III was a box office hit and nominated for seven Academy Awards.

    NOT HERE! ah ha ha ...
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  11. Vidiot

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    I was hoping they'd remove George Hamilton and put in Robert Duvall in that role instead (which was the original intention). Duvall was insulted that they didn't want to pay him as much as Al Pacino, so he walked and was replaced, and I think the movie suffered.

    It made about $140M after a cost of $54M, which is a very modest hit. Coppola has admitted he made the film solely for the money, because he was doing very badly financially back in 1990. Since that time, his wine ranch has done extremely well and he's reportedly made far more money in the wine business than he ever made in the movie business.
  12. kreen

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    She didn't have an acting career to begin with, as she was an amateur. She was neither talented as an actress nor good-looking enough to make it as a star in Hollywood.
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  13. cdcollector87

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    What's wrong with Sophia Coppolla? Anyway, I probably won't get this as I already have the Coppolla Restoration ones on Blu-ray and am happy enough with those.
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  14. Jrr

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    I’m in!
  15. Uther

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    She dared to be the daughter of Francis Ford Coppola. I've always thought that people went into the movie already hating her because she was the director's daughter, "Hollywood nepotism, how dare they!", etc. I remember going in to the movie and the scuttlebutt was that Sophia Coppola stank, and I walked out wondering what the hell people were talking about.

    She's playing a teenage girl surrounded by Type-A gangsters and extraordinarily powerful businessmen. What else was her character supposed to be like other than the meek, out-of-her-element teen girl that we got? I've never understood the hate. And frankly, I don't think Winona Ryder would have really been any better (Bram Stoker's Dracula, anyone?)
  16. Holerbot6000

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    Sorry if the Sophia joke offended but it was intended as a joke (and I thought a pretty good one). I thought the dancing pineapple might connote irony but I guess it just connotes a dancing pineapple.
  17. CoryS

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    Ironically, I was actually offended more by the dancing pineapple.

    I was watching The Ousiders a couple of nights ago. It's been quite some time, but I've seen the movie many times and this was the first time I noticed Sofia's credit and scene. A bit part, that is ultimately insignificant to the overall quality of that film.

    All three Godfather movies are good, IMO. A couple are just far better than the other.

    I am surprised by Sofia's casting for such a significant role to the overall story. Francis is known for his excellent casting choices, both seasoned and young actors included. Whether he really saw potential there that just didn't come across in the film, or was a victim of his owned bias, who knows.

    I am curious what options he has at his disposal, as far as footage, and how far he is willing to go in this cut.
  18. wwaldmanfan

    wwaldmanfan Born In The 50's

    Francis Coppola is a brilliant director, I don't see why viewers would have a preconceived bias against Sofia. Hollywood nepotism is real, all the way down to the craft unions, but it has produced many real talents--Judy Garland/Liza, Lloyd/Jeff Bridges, Kirk/Michael Douglas, Jerry/Ben Stiller, Donald/Kiefer Sutherland, and, of course, Buster/Diane Keaton. Coppola's sister, Talia Shire, certainly has acting chops, and nobody has second-guessed the director having cast his sister.

    Sofia's performance in Godfather III stuck out like a sore thumb because the artistic bar was set so high with the first two films, she cannot act, and it detracted, rather than added to the strength of the film. I'm not a fan of her directorial efforts, either, but that is a subjective judgement of the films she has made, and not a knock on her personally. I think it's fair to say that she would not have had the success she has had, or the opportunities in Hollywood, if her name was not Coppola.
  19. Claude

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  20. Holerbot6000

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    So now I have to come to her defense. I don't know that I always like her movies but they have a distinct point of view and are well made. Virgin Suicides isn't my personal cuppa but I can see why people consider it a good movie and a well made film. Lost in Translation is great and really captures that sense of isolation one can feel when enveloped in a completely foreign situation. Her dad may have gotten her in the door, and fair enough - nepotism is everywhere - but I think she had the talent to stay the course and I think she has something to say as a film maker. I'm looking forward more to her new film than I am a recut of Godfather 3, I can tell ya.
  21. Dennis Metz

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    I’ve always liked it:cheers:
  22. mj_patrick

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    That was my biggest problem with the film- no Robert Duvall.
  23. mj_patrick

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    Elkhart, IN, USA
    It wasn't offensive to me, it just gets old having to continually revisit criticism (some are more attacks) on a performance from 30 years ago.
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  24. Doctor Worm

    Doctor Worm Romans 6:23

    It's an okay film but one that I always fall asleep watching. It just doesn't grab me the way the first two do, though I think the ending is pretty watchable.
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  25. Steve Baker

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    Sophia is not THE problem. She is one small problem for a huge mess of a film. Coppola knew he was in the deep end, and still rushed the film. The story line was weak at best, the acting stemmed from excellent (Andy Garcia, Talia Shire) to WTF am I doing in this film ( Diane Keaton)? It is an amazing trilogy of film, at least the first two are penultimate for the genre. The third film could never stand up to Godfather I and II. Usually I watch these in sequence, once I watched III as a stand alone. Try it and see, the film barely resonates at all on it's own merits. None of the menace of the first two films was evident. None of the humanity of the first two was there on III either.
    Imagine David Lean doing a follow-up on "Lawrence of Arabia" with Anthony Quinn absent or Omar Sharif out. He could have made a film about Lawrence (Shaw) after Arabia, but hardly any one would have cared. Coppola should have made Puzo's "The Last Don" or "Omerta" instead, I think that might have worked better. Difficult to catch lightening in a bottle once, Coppola did it twice, third time? Not so much. Money and ego are not driving forces for artistic vision. That right there is the problem with Hollywood today. Very thin on substance, VERY thick on effects and CGI, but make the money and screw the idea of making something worthwhile.
    Also for the record Wynona Ryder would not have saved this movie.
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