The Great Amazon Studios open script submission experiment ends

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Ghostworld, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. Ghostworld

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    I just got this in the mail:


    As we have grown and evolved over the last several years, we are making changes to our website and closing our open call for script and concept submissions. As of April 13, 2018, we are no longer accepting submissions. Submissions received will continue to be reviewed and evaluated by Amazon Studios and will be available on our website until June 30, 2018. Thank you all for your contributions.

    Amazon Studios Team

    I think the whole affair was a flop. I wonder how many outsider screenplays they even developed? I was angry when I saw show after show they produced was penned by the usual Hollywood "royalty" -- Woody Alan, Ridley Scott, actors, actresses, all the same industry people -- I think it was all just a big show: "Look we're the outsider!" when all they ever wanted to be was the "insider."

    Good riddens to their phony baloney something-new/outsider status.
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  2. PhilBorder

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    so, they'll never consider my script about Bezos taking over the world?
  3. Vidiot

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  4. Studios hate this idea - they won't even look at unsolicited scripts unless a known agent, producer or actor is pushing it. Mostly because they get sued if movie X borrows elements from a script they saw before.
  5. the pope ondine

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    I had a great script about teen girl fighting in a dystopian future time travel movie...oh and she's a vampire. their loss
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  6. Ghostworld

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    Son, youre ready for Hollywood!
  7. fitzysbuna

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    there goes my idea about a musical forum changing the world with their leader a little bit like facebook but could have some big music pieces in the middle
  8. The Wanderer

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    They thought it was a typo - "Bozos Taking Over The World!"
  9. alexpop

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    They dropped the IMDb message board. Things are getting tight I guess.

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