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    See My Friends *
    Rosie Won’t You Please Come Home *
    Little Miss Queen of Darkness
    Two Sisters
    Rosemary Rose
    Australia *
    Oklahoma USA *
    Return To Waterloo (film) *
    Come Dancing *
    Don’t Forget to Dance
    Come Dancing the musical *

    I've tried to list the Ray songs and projects that are (or could be) influenced by his sister(s), as per earlier Thread comments I was able to gather (cleverly using the word 'sister' in the search box – yep, I'm that astute!). From what I could read or remember, I've put an * to the ones that were acknowledged by Ray himself in interviews or live speeches to be about his siblings. Two Sisters is the odd one out, generally considered to be about two brothers…
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    Ouch. :(
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    Come Dancing The Musical part 3.

    Entracte - an interval between two acts of a play or opera.
    - a piece of music or a dance performed during an entr'acte.
    Entracte - gives us a bit of a swing opening, and then we get a sort of Latin type music follow on, and I get the impression this is the Dance ...
    It actually rolls through a few different eras of dance songs on its journey, until it moves into

    Come Dancing
    We get some variations on the original track here, that are clearly written for the show.

    Dialogue 10
    Opens with Ray speaking about Rosie and Arthur's wedding,

    The Wedding Quickstep/ A Penny For Your Thoughts
    We get the wedding couple chatting and singing, and more dialogue as a guy comes in and says they shouldn't get married, and wants Rosie to sing at his club, and it gives me a slight feeling of reference to Soap Opera and making someone a star.

    A Penny For Your Thoughts has Rosie introduced as a new singing star and she launches into this song.

    Believe In Yourself (reprise)
    We get another bit of song and dialogue

    Wherever You Go
    This is a longer song that uses the Come Dancing melody as a linking section.
    Rosie reflects on some things.

    I Know This Girl
    The guy reflects on things and sings of his love for Rosie.
    This is more of a song and I think it is a good time for there to be a more full song.

    And Whatever The Cost
    Opens with Arthur? singing solo, and then the music joins in.
    Then Rosie and Arthur join together with a sort of resolve to move on together.
    This all works really well.

    0:00 Entracte
    2:23 Come Dancing (Reprise 2)
    4:08 Dialogue 10
    7:10 The Wedding Quickstep
    10:22 A Penny For Your Thoughts (Reprise)/The Wedding Quickstep (Reprise)/Dialogue 11
    14:16 Believe In Yourself (Reprise)
    16:17 Dialogue 12
    18:04 Wherever I Go
    20:55 I Know This Girl
    24:00 Dialogue 13
    25:14 And Whatever The Cost
    27:36 In Heaven
    31:03 Putting On The Face (Reprise)/Dialogue 14
    34:02 Let Her Grow
    37:56 When The Band Begins To Play (Reprise)
    40:07 Downfall
    40:48 In Heaven (Reprise)
    41:53 Come Dancing (Reprise 3)/Epilogue
    45:43 Rhythm Of The Dance (Finale)
    48:16 Curtain Call (Come Dancing)
    49:53 Come Dancing (Encore)
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    Not much Ray singing today… no Ray singing at all I'm afraid. It seems hard to stomach for our beloved Thread kontributors. But we still get three nice tunes almost in a row, Wherever I Go, I Know This Girl and And Whatever the Cost. All three could almost be enjoyed as proper tunes, though I must admit I don't quite understand why the convention of the outré operetta singing is still going on in 21st century musicals. All these little tunes would be so much better if sung in a more natural style.
    By Ray Davies, for instance.:rolleyes:
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    I know the play isn't really as stimulating (in this form) as most of the material we have looked at so far guys.

    Fear not, there is one more day to clean up the play, and then I think we will enjoy a nice week and a bit of reflection on how damn good the Kinks music has been over the decades.

    Hang in there folks :righton:
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    I listened to the whole thing two days ago. I guess I have some ambivalence about such projects. When I saw Pete Townshend in 1993, the middle section of the show was a complete presentation of Psychoderelict with professional actors. I preferred the sections of the show where Pete played a cross section of his solo material plus the occasional Who tune. I think even if we had a professionally shot performance of Come Dancing, I would still prefer Ray at the Roundhouse.
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    I hate to have to post this, but since it’s a slow day today might be a good day to dump it, and it’s era appropriate… and hey, some might find it entertaining..

    During our discussion of Rays appearances on the Stern show many pages ago, I promised the thread an encounter with ‘an even more obnoxious radio host’, and here it is.. in 2009, Ray appeared on George Lamb’s BBC6 show ostensibly to promote the Come Dancing musical. However Lamb (whose show atypically of BBC6’s usually serious music-focussed programming was a witless bants and catchphrase filled ‘personality DJ’ type affair) wasn’t interested, and attempted to get Ray to take part in a demeaningly banal trivia game instead.. as you will see, realising the situation, Ray backs out of this in the most politely passive aggressive way possible, leaving Lamb alone to curse Rays name in his own uniquely asinine and entirely unedifying manner over the obligatory spin of ‘Waterloo Sunset’..(it’s never sounded worse!).. consider yourself warned..

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    That DJ is a total wanker, perhaps reflecting the expectations of his audience at the time. There's no excuse for that sort of cretinous engagement with a well-respected man like Ray.

    I haven't been engaging on the stage show because they are the kind of things I like to experience in person. I regret that I didn't get the chance to see this one.
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    Thankfully never had the "pleasure" of listening to this person, whoever he is. Only one person comes out of that with any credit and it isn't him or his co-host.

    DISKOJOE Boredom That You Can Afford!

    Salem, MA
    This guy makes Tony Blackburn sound like Brian Matthews! Howard Stern sounds like Einstein compared to him! And to think that you Brits have to pay his salary! (If he’s still on).

    Otherwise, I took another bit of a walkabout re: the Come Dancing musical. I couldn’t concentrate on it due to a bunch of personal and family medical issues, which have turned out OK. It’s too bad that it basically ended up like 80 Days and that Ray had to rely on his back catalogue to get a musical hit w/Sunny Afternoon.
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    I’m pleased to report his BBC career ended in 2010:

    George Lamb - Wikipedia
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    I’m sure most of us are lurking even if we’re not contributing.
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    And I'd like to warn all members of the club that tomorrow's not to be missed, as there will be a beautiful unknown Ray Davies ballad (complete and sung by Sir Ray himself) for us all to enjoy!
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    Yes.... Don't Forget The Pants!
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    Come Dancing P.t.3

    So there IS more, I'm used to Ray having 2 Acts!
    Just over halfway we hear an ok attempt the remake Heatwave by Martha And The Vandellas and then I Know This Girl has a recurring motif that sounds like Tattoo from The Who Sell Out.

    This aside I'm inadvertently switching of from the dialogue and wondering if we have heard the best music in offer?
    As for Ray's greater career this is kind of an ordinary outlier oeuvre oddie than one of his gifted goodie garden gems!
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    Dumping it on us is an apt expression as this DJ was enjoyable and peaked right before he opened his mouth which was a patently bad idea leaving me wishing he capsized in a canoe and couldn't be self-righteous or do i mean self righted?

    ** Edit: He started out his career as a George of the (radio) Jungle shock jock but came out a Lamb!
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    yes, lurking but not contributing.
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    I wonder if the “new” guys in the band will be part of the promotion for Part II? And whether they’ll be asked for tune suggestions?

    Sidebar: another band came up with a bizarre x-year anniversary offering: Three (or maybe it was four) members each came up with their own collection of songs, independent of each other. So there were many songs that were duplicated across the board. Absurd.

    And then the one long-since-overlooked-original-member was so humble and unassuming…that he didn’t even put his own songs onto his selections! Ha!

    (I can’t even imagine anyone buying that collection.)
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    I’d say doubtful, as vol.1 goes up to nearly the end of the Dalton/Gosling era, and Rodford and Gibbons are no longer with us. That only leaves Henrit as a ‘major’ Kink who could be involved in Vol.2, and since 1) he still played on little of their successful material from this era and 2) they appear to have re-inducted Avory as an official current member of the non-playing-but-promoing group I’d say BH ‘s involvement is probably unlikely
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    Buffalo Springfield? The Doors?
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    Ha! I’m not saying as I was pummeled for referencing them before…and I’m a sensitive chap! :D:D
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    I just listened through Part 3 and couldn’t catch the big secret that Julie’s parents have sworn they wouldn’t talk about. I have a general idea…I think…but not 100% certain.
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    I just checked. 6 members, each with a curated collection. 3 collections include one particular song and another six songs are duplicated (on two collections).

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