"The Last Of Us" TV series. WARNING: Spoilers within..

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Aggie87, Feb 3, 2023.

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    I highly doubt this was going through Joel's mind, or he thought this through in the couple of minutes before he started his shooting spree. Stop making up phony justifications just because you want to defend the main character.
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    Episodes ago when it was mentioned about using Ellie for a vaccine I turned to my wife and said the same thing about making and distributing vaccines.

    So much of this show made no sense to me.
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    I hope they don't milk it like Walking Dead or else it will literally be the same plot lines with different groups. The Walking Dead series ended with nothing resolved and 11 seasons under their belt. I bailed after Season 7 or 8.
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    Mazin and Druckmann have discussed that the events of the second game are too much to fit into one season, so it sounds like they are planning on at least two more seasons. They haven't mentioned moving beyond the events of the second game.
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    Neil Druckmann decides what's going through Joel's mind. Joel isn't a real person. So the question becomes why isn't Druckmann facing the underlying reality in this situation and instead choosing to make Joel be the bad guy for what amounts to embracing his role of father figure. There are two possible answers. Druckmann himself is ignorant of biotherapeutics and public health and wouldn't understand the impossibility of developing, manufacturing a distributing a vaccine given the lack of infrastructure. Or...Druckmann knows this, chooses to hide it from the audience and needs to demonize the father figure for other reasons.

    I haven't seen Walking Dead because my impression is that the writing, acting, etc. isn't great. But the theme of TLoU is fascinating and Druckmann is a genius. So I think his work commands attention more than typical zombie stories.
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    There you go with the "demonizing a father figure" stuff again. I've had enough, hitting ignore like many others have.
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    That's fine. I'll ignore you back. Seems counterintuitive to a good discussion, wherein you'd explain why you feel so strongly the show is not demonizing the father figure and we'd exchange ideas about the show. But whatever. If you'd rather have a little temper tantrum, so be it. Mutual ignore.
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    Or maybe he thinks the audience are intelligent enough to figure it out for themselves and don't need to be spoon fed everything?
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    I predict Bella Ramsey (Ellie) will be nominated for the Emmy best actress.
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    Pretty rich from a dude who has me on ignore.
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    I'll be shocked if she isn't.
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    Miss the show already. Can't wait till season 2.......
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    Hmm. Fireflies and FEDRA? Seem like stand-ins for today's two major political parties...:shrug:

    Well, while Chernobyl is based on an actual incident, it took a ton of liberties from what really happened (like most movies/shows "based on a true story").

    So, real life, it was not.

    Joel, knew what was at stake. He knew the mission. What he didn't know was that it would entail murdering Ellie. Ellie is Joel's surrogate daughter. He lost his daughter before. He was not about to lose Ellie.

    Seemed like clear thinking to me. Especially if you are a father.
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    I didn't see it that way at all. I mean, not even a little bit. Not today; not by the standards of over 10 years ago either (when the game was written).
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    Lack of agreement is of no surprise to me at all.

    That's all I'll say on the matter as political discussions are verboten (thankfully) on this forum...;)
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    And this just in: the second season of The Last of Us is rumored to be bringing in an additional member of the family to travel with Joel and Ellie...

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    I would think the uproar would be more over the fact that Joel tapped the surgeon in the head. My wife and I were appalled by the massacre at a hospital, when not too long ago we had nutballs trying to break their way into ICUs, claiming that COVID was a hoax. Regardless of whether such a killing is justified in terms of the show (personally, I do not think it is), the glorification of a mass shooting at a hospital is very troubling.
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  22. A few thoughts I have had since watching the finale....Hey, my mind wanders.
    1) How do the infected survive? They are an infected human so I presume they need food and water. When they attack they seem to do so in order to infect rather than kill and eat.
    When they bite that bite is to infect. We see the infected amassing in some areas and that group of infected is not doing much of anything other than gathering.
    What do they eat? What do they drink? How do they keep the human body alive?
    From what I observed in the show it would seem an infected has about a two week lifespan before the human body perishes due to starvation or dehydration.
    I say this because the infected are not what I would consider dead humans because when they are injured they bleed, telling me the heart is pumping blood to keep the human body alive.

    2) During this whole season we are lead to believe Ellie may carry the makings of a cure for humans against being infected.
    Everything changes when Joel rescues Ellie from being murdered by the Dr. at the hospital in order to extract what they postulate will be the cure ingredients.
    What if the cure is Ellies ability to produce immune offspring, thus opening up a new chapter in human evolution?
    This plausible thought means Joel did the exact right thing in keeping Ellie alive at all costs instead of allowing the Dr. to kill her and, in the process, losing the ability to cure anything concerning the infecting fungus.
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    I enjoy the show and think it is about bonding and relationships. There might be an allegory regarding the death of one person to save the rest of humanity. But this is a fictional show and I am not getting caught up in the minute details. The infected are simply the Macguffin.
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  24. I don’t think the Mass shooting at the hospital was “glorified”.

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