The Monkees complete TV show on Blu-ray box set.

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    Yes, horrid editing for sure. However, even the full-length ones they played on Much Music up here in Canada about 30 years ago (with some later song substitutions) were of pretty decent quality. Not as good as the syndication prints, but better than most of the DVD prints, IIRC. I think I have them all recorded on VHS somewhere, if they are still playable.
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    I forgot to mention that these were ABC reruns. That was the only channel that had the nice looking copies. IIRC, these had Sat-Am songs, originals, and some just cut and pasted in randomly, like the Daydream Believer clip and a very shortened Goin' Down.
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  3. Fixed.

    Keep in mind this is the same company that told Peter Jackson to shove it when he approached them about releasing a new anniversary boxed set with hours of unseen footage and features for The Lord of The Rings trilogy and instead released the discs as is in some fancy new packaging and charged $800.00 US for the set.
  4. ...buuuut they contain the famous "piano scene" and the new set doesn't.
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    Most of it is on the bluray. It's only like a 10 second cut. The stacked pianos are there. Personally, I'm not losing any sleep over it.
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  6. [​IMG]
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    Just saw this - paging @FredV on your behalf...

    This was the first I'd heard of the "missing" BluRay components. Unfortunately, in the post-Warner takeover years, this is not surprising. The 50th Anniversary LP box was also riddled with issues. I bought a Warners box about 15 years ago that had multiple copies of the same DVD. It's happened to two other friends on separate Warner releases since. As an organization, I feel they are just "too big to care" about QC on the larger collector's item releases.
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    Harold Bronson was the other guy at Rhino who was behind the original Rhino Monkees reissues.

    I also got that 10 Blu-ray case and I agree it works beautifully, as well as the online insert. If Rhino had used this design they could have priced the set at a lower price. Definitely a lost opportunity.
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    They were just fine for me. It’s a show I can take or leave.
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    I won a copy of The Complete Series in a promotion when it came out and since then it's been sitting, unopened, on my entertainment center shelf. While I love the Monkees, I came to the realization during some quarantine cleaning that it's just not something I'm ever going to sit down and watch. Ordinarily, I'd just list it on eBay but given the history of this set, I'm a little reluctant. A sealed box is usually what buyers most desire, but I would feel terrible if somebody bought it for $300+ and got a set with missing discs or defective packaging. (I'm assuming Rhino is not going to replace missing discs of sets purchased four years later on the secondary market.) At the same time, if I were to open it to check the contents, would that make buyers more comfortable they're getting what they're bidding on or would it just dramatically reduce the price? Just curious what you guys think. I'd like to sell it for a fair price given the demand, but I also want to put it in the hands of a fan rather than a re-seller and I don't want to have to deal with any drama if the buyer is ultimately disappointed with his or her purchase. Any advice?
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    Send it to me.
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    Unwrap the sucker and make sure all is well inside. For this set, the shrink won't make ant difference. When you list it, you can include the limited edition number as a selling point. Set whatever price you like and let the bidders figure out the rest!
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    I was in the same situation except that I bought my copy. It just sat there unused until I decided to sell it. I unsealed it, checked all the contents, took pictures put everything back into the box. I just sold it on Ebay on July 15, 2020 for $490.99 plus shipping. I have no way of knowing if the buyer was a fan or a reseller.
    The sale went smoothly and the buyer gave me positive feedback. Be prepared for people messaging you to give you low offers or beg you to change the auction to buy it now for a set price. I had one clown offer me $150.00 for the box and when I turned him down he sent me a message about how he knows
    that Rhino has a ton of them in their warehouse waiting to be sold later this year.
    I used the money towards a used guitar that will get used and loved much more.
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    How do you remember that? And what kind of television were you watching these on back then? My DVDs look awesome on my old tube TV, not so much on a 40” flat screen.
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    I had crappy summer school that year— would love to forget it!
    Fisher 34” tv, it had this removable glass panel over the screen that collected dust and nicotine haze (‘rents smoked the place out!)..

    Vcr was a 2-head thing that had an odd door on it that was louvred and opened in two pieces that pointed inward and loved grabbing loose labels on tapes. Looked just like this on the front, but it was a linear stereo model and had a Dolby nr switch:
    Those flippin' tape doors kept getting stuck on the right side when ejecting tapes and, eventually, I just broke them off to save aggravation.
    It was also the first time I started taping The Monkees so I could watch when I got home at 11:30 every morning (just enough time in class to wreck a day for 6 weeks!). Monkees and Late Nite with David Letterman every afternoon.

    Since these Monkees eps ran on our ABC network affiliate, there were these awful teaser commercials promoting the New Monkees which would air on the same station in September for, oh, about 4 or 5 episodes before being canned.

    Think the Head advertising was bad?! The New Monkees teasers were really lame 15-30 second affairs with the 4 guys roaming around desert terrain in space suits and looking clueless. Ultimately, pretty accurate to the actual show, I guess.

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    Wow. A lot of this was like bad public access TV material.

    The one of Dino Kovas in a water-filled TV was pretty much an out-and-out lift from the underwater swimming sequence at the end of Head. And, while never in space suits, the Monkees did their fair share of cavorting in the desert and driving around in a classic car.

    From all accounts, they were four pretty good guys. And some (Marty Ross and Larry Saltis, particularly) had musical skills. But this just highlights what a car crash the New Monkees idea and execution ultimately was.
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    Many people say "they should have chosen a different name! Then were would have been a chance!"

    But good luck on selling a tv pilot in syndication to multiple tv stations under any name other than "The New Monkees."
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  20. FredV

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    I've read about the unsold sets in the Rhino warehouse right here on these forums, but I've never sen (i.e. "read") anything that indicated they were going to be selling them later this year.

    I hope that guy is right, but I'm not counting my chicks before they're hatched.
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  22. Grand_Ennui

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    I was watching Letterman back then too, but in real time, no need to tape him, although I remember taping bits from his show and watching them whenever...

    "The Monkees" aired in the morning on Summer, then the next, it was on in the late afternoon...
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  23. Grand_Ennui

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    I think a syndicated show would have had a chance of being picked up back then, without "The New Monkees" name... There were a lot of independent stations back then, stations that were looking for "new" product to place in their schedules. I mean "Small Wonder" was somewhat successful back then...
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    I remember in 1987 when The Monkees were on "The Sally Jesse Raphael Show" and they were asked something about "The New Monkees", to which Peter said words to the effect of "We wish them well... Them personally, *not* their project"...
  25. Michelle66

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    Too bad Coca-Cola didn’t have Max Headroom plug New Monkees the same time they had him plugging New Coke...

    The results would have been just as glorious.
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