The Moody Blues album by album thread

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Glenn Christense, Sep 18, 2017.

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    Springsteen has a narrow range he has mined to perfection.
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    Tomorrow is the day!!! Moodies to the rock n roll hall of fame. A chance to see all 5 lads together may be coming up!!!
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  3. Glenn Christense

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    I'll take your word for it , because I've never cared for Bruce's music. :hide:
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  4. Glenn Christense

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    I actually have absolutely zero interest in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and think it's overblown and stupid . I ignore pretty much everything about it.

    But such is my love of the Moody Blues that I actually voted six or seven times for them. :D
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  5. No Bull

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    I just want the Moodies to get the credit they deserve.. And even more so to see all 5 band members on stage together.
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    Well that's a shame. I was looking forward to digging out some of those solo discs.
    And aren't you forgetting about Prelude?
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  7. Glenn Christense

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    I was originally planning on having Prelude in the thread, but if I remember correctly somebody couldn't wait and jumped the gun and added it early in the thread.

    I'm not particularly qualified to host a solo album discussion. I only own Songwriter, Among the Stars and Spirits of the Western Sky.

    To be honest, with the holiday season approaching I don't want to feel under the gun to keep adding solo albums in a timely fashion because it's a busy time of year.

    Feel free to start adding them after I post the Blue Jays album in this thread if you want . You can run all the solo albums in this thread if you are inclined to.

    And, I'd like to thank you again for adding the links to the Higher and Higher articles . They were very informative and much appreciated .
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    Thanks so much for orchestrating and moderating this. It's very much appreciated. Great job!!!
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  9. Glenn Christense

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    Thank you and thanks for your insightful participation !
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  10. Glenn Christense

    Glenn Christense Foremost Beatles expert... on my block Thread Starter

    Yes, those are my thoughts exactly.
    Now, if the five of them actually play together at the ceremony, it would be heavenly .

    I don't see why they wouldn't, just for one night anyway .
    They get along well enough for that I believe .
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  11. John54

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    There may or may not be interest, but there are several very good songs on Ray Thomas's From Mighty Oaks, and John Lodge's Natural Avenue doesn't really have a bad track on it. And it has one outstanding one in my opinion, which I posted earlier in the thread, Carry Me, which makes my top 10 songs of the decade. Finally, the title track of Mike Pinder's The Promise is also very good, and I think of it as his second-best song after Lost in a Lost World (although I like Simple Game and Have You Heard more!).
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  12. No Bull

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    Fingers crossed
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  13. Glenn Christense

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    Yes. At this late stage we see other veteran cosmic rockers getting RIP threads here almost daily now so it's wonderful that all five of them are still alive .

    Not only are they all able to pick up their induction awards, if they decide to play they don't need any fill in players.

    If the five of them don't play together I want my votes back. :D ;)
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  14. No Bull

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    I think they will play. I am so excited. I feel like they are in.
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  15. Lostchord

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    Glenn, HUGE thanks for starting and moderating the thread.

    Your final remarks on Justin's songwriting were very insightful.

    As were the contributions from the other Members of the Expedition (now it's us who keep searching for the lost chord, the guys themselves sort of gave up, didn't they?)

    I don't want to single out anyone, so I'm addressing all the active guys in the thread (I guess, no lady involved here?) - thank you, I've learned a lot!!!

    I apologise for any harsh remarks and personal stabs, it's all because of my love for the band, which has been jeopardised so many times :/ But I guess we managed to keep the discussions civilised if sometimes quite heated.

    As a postscript, I'm attaching my own version of a MB track which gained some unexpected comments here ;) It's totally lo-fi, totally amateurish, recorded in my kitchen) but perhaps you'll like it.

    (I've been critical towards the band so many times, feel free to bash me now ;))

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  16. kaztor

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    I love the old Deram cd of the debut with all the singles leading up to the Hayward/Lodge-era as bonus tracks (Fly !e High, Madeleine, etc.).

    I just started reading this thread and cannot help but feel the Prelude compilation with the first Hayward/Lodge-material (Leave This Man Alone, Vities, etc.) should've been sandwiched inbetween Magnificent and Days Of Future Passed.
  17. mrpleasant

    mrpleasant Music hoarder.

    Very nice, I do like it!! Thanks for sharing it here (you've earned your first of hopefully many likes for this song on YouTube), and thanks for sharing your perspectives and your story throughout this thread. You and many others here (huge shout out to Glenn!!) have greatly reawoken my appreciation for the Moody Blues with this thread.
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  18. Johnny Reb

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    While an unfortunate way to go out, December is an excellent album for what it is. The bunch of originals are all great, and they do a really nice job putting their sound on the others they do. "In The Bleak Midwinter" is one of my favorite Christmas songs and very underrated, glad they do a good job on it. "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)" even rivals the original imo. I also don't get the hate for "White Christmas", sure it's the only standard here, but they make the song their own and I like it. An album to play every year for sure.

    Thanks to @Glenn Christense for running this thread, it's given me a much, much enhanced appreciation for them, and has moved and cemented the Moodies into my top 5 bands. Thanks as well to the folks who encouraged me to check out their post-Octave output, there's much there to enjoy, and it's way better than I'd heard. Once more, if you've got any extra Moodies CDs lying around to sell, PM me and I'll take 'em off your hands!

    Oh, and bring on a new Moody Blues album, it's about time! :righton:
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    Nice thread Glenn. I probably didn't participate as much as I would have liked, but just keeping up and reading all the posts was a full time job. :D
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  20. bhazen

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    December is a great-sounding album, much better balance than the somewhat bright Strange Times. Too bad a "real" Moodies album couldn't have been done simultaneously ...
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  21. J. R.

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    How about a solo Moodie's thread, including Blue Jays? Quite a few albums to discuss.
  22. rushed again

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    Now you guys have my hopes up high to see them all on stage together for the awards.
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  23. Newton John

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    Thanks for the thread - some really interesting stuff.

    It was high time to revisit those core seven albums (or at least the first six of them).

    Just a shame about what followed. Mike Pinder was right artistically if not legally - they should have retired the Moody Blues name when he left. The spark had been gone for years even then.
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  24. Dylancat

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    Moody Blues IN THE HALL!

    Care to speculate who does the induction?
    I read that Quentin Tarantino was mentioned.
    And Howard Stern.

    That be cool.
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  25. Glenn Christense

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    Here's an interview with Justin about their Hall of Fame induction .

    He definitely doesn't kiss butt.
    He's pretty straight forward here:

    Moody Blues' Justin Hayward on Hall of Fame Honor: 'It's Amazing!'

    Congratulations! How do you feel?

    I want to start off by saying this is the first time that Rolling Stone is calling me in 51 years. [Laughs]

    :laugh: :agree:
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