"The Real Royal Albert Hall 1966 Concert" vs "The Bootleg Series, Vol. 4: Bob Dylan Live, 1966"

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by bluerondo, Dec 5, 2016.

  1. Tom Thumbs Booze

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    I totally agree. The whole 26th acoustic set in my opinion is perfection on first listening and possibly the best of the tour, although Sheffield and Dublin are also highly regarded. The electric set on the other hand sounds a bit rough compared to Manchester which admittedly we have been familiar with for years even before BS 4. I'm just disappointed they didn't include a dvd of 'Eat the Document' plus extras with the box set. Why tease you with colour stills of footage on the cd sleeves and fail to include video? Tell me, Momma !!
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  2. Matty

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    I finally bought the RAH set, and I agree that the acoustic set is a big improvement over the Manchester one. I've always had issues with the first (acoustic) disc of the Manchester concert; a couple of the performances I find acutely annoying. (I'm looking at you in particular, Mr. Tambourine Man--why is Bob spitting out your lyrics with such contempt, as if he hates the words he's written? And why is he playing such an awful, and endless, harmonica solo?) I'll likely never listen to the Manchester acoustic set again now that I have the RAH set.

    I have a much harder time deciding between the electric sets. Maybe the Manchester one is slightly better, and of course it has the legendary "Judas!" bit; the recording is fuller, too, though the badly miked vocal on "Thin Man" is a bummer. But I do like the raw performance and sound of the RAH release--it somehow feels a bit more vintage and exciting than the Bootleg 4 recording.

    Verdict: If I had to choose, I'd pick the "Real RAH" release. I'll be keeping the Bootleg 4 set, but mostly for sentimental and historic reasons; for this casual Dylanphile, the RAH set is all I need of Dylan-Live-In-1966.
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  3. Rne

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    Gee, I've always considered it a flawless epic set.
  4. Nick Dunning

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    I'd go along with the real RAH acoustic set being definitive. The version of 'Just Like A Woman' is just beautiful.
  5. notesofachord

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    Did anyone else have sibilance issues with the vinyl pressing of The Real Royal Albert Hall album? I spun the acoustic set on the day I bought it and it was very difficult to listen to. Every "sh" sound in the vocals was harsh and sibilant. I was so disappointed that I haven't even played the electric set yet.
  6. Folknik

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    "Judas!" That's a pretty pivotal moment. Surely that guy didn't follow him around for the whole tour.
  7. PaulKTF

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    I just bought both shows (Bootleg Series 4 and Real Royal Albert Hall release).

    Until I saw this thread I actually didn't know the thing about the bootleg RAH show being mislabeled and that BS4 RAH was actually Manchester- I guess that explains the quotes around "Royal Albert Hall" on BS4! :laugh:

    I haven't listened to either of the two releases yet (they're on the way) but I'm looking forward to hearing them both as individual shows and also comparing and contrasting them.
  8. All Down The Line

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    Are you referring to the first or second night at RAH as I did not buy either but heard the first was good & then on the next and last night of the tour he was exhausted.
    Incidentally I love the acoustic set in Manchester so would buy an improvement on that if correctly identified.
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