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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Curiosity, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. wolfram

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    Aaaah! :doh:

    Thanks a lot, George.
  2. Jonno

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    What does bounce by request mean?
  3. billnunan

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    DSOTM means "Dark Side of the Moon"....the great album by Pink Floyd from 1973 that stayed on the charts for many years.
    AHDN means "A Hard Days Night"....the Beatles song and movie title.
    Don't know ITCOTCK.
  4. glenecho

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    Don't know if serious.

    In The Court Of The Crimson King just in case you're not.
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  5. billnunan

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    I didn't notice the grin face on his post. I thought he was serious. Sorry.
  6. Chris Carter

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    I have a few. What is HFPA, DRC'd, FWIW, IIRC? SHM I'm assuming means Steve Hoffman Master?
  7. billnunan

    billnunan Forum Resident

    New Hampshire
    FWIW = for what it's worth
    IIRC = If I recall correctly
    SHM = Steve Hoffman mastered

    I'm lost on HFPA, DRC'd
  8. MaltairX

    MaltairX Well-Known Member

    a capriccio
    A free and capricious approach to tempo
    Joined (i.e. smoothly, in a connected manner)
    Pinched, plucked (i.e. in music for bowed strings, plucked with the fingers as opposed to played with the bow; compare arco, which is inserted to cancel a pizzicato instruction; in music for guitar, to mute the strings by resting the palm on the bridge, simlulating the sound of pizz. of the bowed string instruments)
    Making each note brief and detached; the opposite of legato. In musical notation, a small dot under or over the head of the note indicates that it is to be articulated as staccato.

    Credit (and far more terms):
    Also see:
    Beats 2 and 4 in 4/4 time, particularly when they are strongly accented. A term more used in rock 'n roll.
    A slang term used by keyboard players to refer to the growling, biting tone of a vintage Fender Rhodes electric piano when played through a tube amp.
    A slang term which refers to a mis-played or out of tune note, often by a horn player.
  9. Grant

    Grant Life is a rock, but the radio rolled me!

    Nope. It is a Japanese-made CD produced by a different manufacturing process.
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  10. Steve Hoffman

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    Bumped by request.

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