SH Spotlight The Steve Hoffman Music Forums 15th anniversary is January 12, 2017, congrats to all of us!

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Steve Hoffman, Jan 8, 2017.

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  1. Zep Fan

    Zep Fan Sounds Better with Headphones on

    N. Texas
    I like the reel-to-reel logo at the top of the SH web page.

    I like music.

    I like rock'n'roll music.
  2. motorcitydave

    motorcitydave Enlightened Rogue In Memoriam

    Las Vegas, NV, USA
    happy anniversary! i've been here for 10 fun filled years; met some real cool dudes here. thanks for creating this forum Steve!
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  3. ledsox

    ledsox Senior Member

    San Diego, CA
    Pretty darn cool! Congrats, Steve and all of us.
  4. Gavinyl

    Gavinyl Remembering Member

    Happy Birthday !

    THE best place on the interwebs.....

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  5. SamS

    SamS Forum Legend

    Pretty cool. Wow, 15 years (and more - I remember the old forum) flies by so fast.

    Thanks Steve.
  6. ggjjr

    ggjjr Forum Resident

    Grosse Pointe
    It was this forum that educated me on the importance of mastering. Thank you all. I, now, don't buy music without searching here first. To another 15 years!
  7. kaztor

    kaztor Music is the Best


    My wallet shivers by the thought of another 15 years!

    Honestly, as a severe music nut this place has brought me A LOT of pleasure! :targettiphat:
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  8. Philip Davis

    Philip Davis Forum Resident

    Thanks to our host and all who work to provide us with this forum!

    I really enjoy reading everyone's posts - even the ones that I don't agree with - it's my favorite music forum on the web!
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  9. BNell

    BNell Forum Resident

    South Norwalk, CT
    Congrats to all!!

    I'm proud to be a member here for almost 11 years. I don't remember exactly how I stumbled upon the forum, but no one will be surprised to hear that the first major topic I followed was related to the Beatles (it was the Capitol Albums Vol. 2 release). Thanks for all the years of informative and interesting discussions. Here's to 15 more years.
  10. Murph

    Murph Enjoy every sandwich!

    Member since 2003. I come to this place to read, listen , learn - and laugh! Thanks to Steve, the Gorts (past and present) and the members here who make this place special and a welcome respite from the craziness in the world!
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  11. RiverCity45s

    RiverCity45s Forum Resident

    Tampa, FL, USA
    One of the best places, with the best content, on the interwebs. Thanks, everyone (especially our host!).
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  12. mavisgold

    mavisgold Senior Member

    bellingham wa
    being that this is a Beatles forum :hide: I can't believe no one's posted this yet

    or did I miss it?
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  13. Vinyl Addict

    Vinyl Addict Forum Resident

    Happy Birthday SHtv!!!!
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  14. j.barleycorn

    j.barleycorn Forum Resident

    MN, USA
    I chimed in earlier but wanted to add that one of the things that made this place so great for so long is that it is virtually free of politics. I joined FB three odd years ago and for a couple years spent more time there than here. That's flipped in the last six months because of having to wade thru constant intrusive poltical rants from about half my FB friends. Now I rarely check into FB but I'm back here everyday, and loving every minute of it.
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  15. RoyalScam

    RoyalScam Luckless Pedestrian

    Congrats, Steve! I came aboard in Sept. 2006, and barely missed a day since. That's 10 years of my life well spent, with great people.
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  16. '67 Chevy

    '67 Chevy Forum Resident

    15 years.... really?

    Wow... time flies. I remember the old DCC forum, in fact, the DCC forum discussions used to come up in the search results, if I remember correctly. I don't know if they do anymore.

    Happy 15th! :righton:
  17. John Adam

    John Adam An Introvert In Paradise

    Happy 15 years and thank you to our founder and his great team for making this forum one great place to talk and live music.
    It's a dream come true for many of us! :)
  18. elfary

    elfary Forum Resident

    Happy to be a part of forum where you can talk about music and dynamic range ;)

    Long live!
  19. Matt Starr

    Matt Starr Forum Troglodyte

    Los Angeles, CA
    Happy 15 years to this amazing forum! I am so grateful that I joined in 2012 and have been welcomed into the community by all the music lovers here. Thanks to Steve and all the staff for doing an amazing job keeping this place the best destination on the internet.
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  20. TokenGesture

    TokenGesture Forum Resident

    Congrats guys! :edthumbs:
  21. HiFi Guy 008

    HiFi Guy 008 Forum Resident

    New England
    Wow - I'd thought this forum was around a little longer than 15 years - considering the immense volume of information and 60,000 members. At the same time, it makes me feel a little younger for a change.

    Thank you guys, and the handful of gals who make this a consistently friendly, fun, helpful, civilized place to be. Compared to the other audio forums out there, this one stands head and shoulders above.

    And thank you moderators for your natural non-judgemental presence, although I'm still not exactly sure what you do or how you do it.

    Thank you Steve. Your attitude and light hearted wisdom has influenced tens of thousands of people. Especially me.

    I like the new banner. It's a bit loud, but smooth.
  22. Dugan

    Dugan Senior Member

    I just realized that tomorrow (Jan 14) will be my 15th anniversary!
  23. ssmith3046

    ssmith3046 Forum Resident

    Arizona desert
    I look forward every day to checking in here. We're fortunate enough to have a wealth of information at our fingertips at this great site. Thanks to all who make it possible.
  24. Mitsuman

    Mitsuman Diamond Tone Junkie

    I am very grateful to be allowed to run around this place. Congrats, and thanks for having me. :goodie:
  25. sami

    sami Mono still rules

    Down The Shore
    Came here looking for the best Stones CD pressings (when i was still buyong CD's) six years ago, and I never left.

    Thanks for all the work you guys do, and especially thanks for the Listening To On Vinyl thread, our little corner of the forum.
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