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The Who Sell Out - Deluxe Editions, 2021

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by jlf, Dec 31, 2020.

  1. jlf

    jlf Custom Title Unlocked Thread Starter

    United States
  2. rainingdogs

    rainingdogs Death Of A Clown

    United Kingdom

    7 discs? I wonder if we might see a live show included :cop:
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  3. Humbuster

    Humbuster Big hat, no cattle

    I hope the 7discs are CDs.
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  4. joe1320

    joe1320 Forum Resident

    dublin, ireland
    Where does it say on Amazon link that's it's The Who?
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  5. rainingdogs

    rainingdogs Death Of A Clown

    United Kingdom
    Wouldn't it make sense for a super deluxe to be the LP version (in this case 2LPs), AND - CDs/DVD/Blu Ray?

    each record being 1 disc? then the 5 cds.
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  6. hallucalation

    hallucalation Forum Resident

    7 discs? Last i was told, it was going to be 5 CD and to be released around April. Cool!
  7. rainingdogs

    rainingdogs Death Of A Clown

    United Kingdom
    the label makes it obvious. Polydor.
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  8. rainingdogs

    rainingdogs Death Of A Clown

    United Kingdom
    7 discs because it likely includes the double LP. Hence it being "7"

    most super deluxes do a combination of vinyl and cds and even dvds/blu ray
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  9. hallucalation

    hallucalation Forum Resident

    Don't think they will toss double LP. Format should be the same as Tommy, Quad and My Generation. Maybe a couple of singles.
  10. rainingdogs

    rainingdogs Death Of A Clown

    United Kingdom
    I wonder. WE shall know soon hopefully :goodie:
  11. Post-Punk Monk

    Post-Punk Monk Seeking divinity in records from '78-'85 or so…

    North Carolina
    The one Who album I'd be tempted to go down this path for. The bonus material on the 1995 DLX RM CD only made the scope of the album that much better! By a far amount my favorite Who album.
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  12. georgwithoutane

    georgwithoutane Forum Resident

    Posting to be reminded of this. Sell Out is in my Top 3 favorite Who albums, the other two being Quadrophenia and By Numbers, so I'll definitely be getting this.
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  13. mestreech

    mestreech Forum Resident

    Nice can't wait.
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  14. HappyFingers

    HappyFingers Forum Resident

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  15. vince

    vince Stan Ricker's son-in-law

    This'll make the FIFTH time I've bought this!!!
  16. Pim

    Pim Forum Resident

    Awesome, can't wait for more details. Really hope we'll get a Who's Next deluxe edition one day too!
  17. Benn Kempster

    Benn Kempster Who else?

    Tring, UK
    Interesting - wonder how much new WHO content will be on it as opposed to being flushed out by Townshend home demos?

    Hoping to see a band Shakn' All Over and hopefully a Fillmore West show and as much material as they can get from the session takes that shows how much fun they appeared to be having making it all - especially Keith and John when left to their own devices......
  18. rainingdogs

    rainingdogs Death Of A Clown

    United Kingdom
    I wonder if we could also be getting a WHO'S NEXT deluxe as it is the 50th for it next year....
  19. Oatsdad

    Oatsdad Oat, Biscuits and Abbie: Best Dogs Ever

    Alexandria VA
    Ha ha!

    Boy, I don't know how many copies of "Sell Out" I've owned over the years. Off the top of my head:

    -Vinyl - 2-for with... "Quick One", I think?
    -US late 80s CD
    -WG 1980s CD
    -90s remaster CD
    -00s Deluxe CD

    If there's a major plus to a new CD set... I'm in! :cool:
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  20. Revolver

    Revolver Forum Resident

    Hmmm...will the vinyl be mono/stereo or stereo plus bonus tracks? I'd like to have the bonus tracks on LP. Would also be cool to see somebody like Chris Bellman or Kevin Gray cut this, but based on previous releases this probably won't be.
  21. Colinjpush

    Colinjpush Forum Resident

    Erie PA
    I'm in, immediately. My favorite Who album, gonna snag it no matter what.
  22. Arnold Grove

    Arnold Grove Senior Member

    Good memory:

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  23. Bill

    Bill Senior Member

    Eastern Shore
    UDiscover Music will discount this heavily. Waiting for that announcement.
  24. vince

    vince Stan Ricker's son-in-law

    That's the one I got, too....
    Oh...if you count Petra Hyden's 'cover version', that'll make 6!
  25. rainingdogs

    rainingdogs Death Of A Clown

    United Kingdom

    (Depending on what's on the 7 disc set, i might get that. If it's just lacklustre - the 2 disc set, heh.) ;)
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