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The Yesterday film, yes or no?

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by MGSeveral, May 5, 2019.

  1. Neonbeam

    Neonbeam All Art Was Once Contemporary

    Planet Earth
    What is a "necessary" movie? "They Shall Not Grow Old"?

    On a forum where a large percentage of new threads is dedicated to discuss even the most absurd Beatles "what if's", "Yesterday" seems like heaven sent.

    Not out in Germany until next week but I thought the trailer was hilarious and I'm definitely going to watch it, so: Yes! :righton:
  2. Jeff W. Richman

    Jeff W. Richman The Richman Curse www.soundclick.com/qoquaq

    I haven’t seen “Yesterday” yet, but it seems like a
    cool idea for a movie. I hear a lot of contemporary
    pop music at my job, so I know what it’s like to
    live in a world where The Beatles never existed.
  3. MGSeveral

    MGSeveral Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I'm amazed at the comeback re "necessary", it's a term of reference..

    e. g. Someone swerves in front of you in an aggressive overtaking manoeuvre, "Well, was that necessary?"

    I'd add that to the thread start if I could!

    I mean, I don't really mind, but.
  4. Stephen J

    Stephen J Forum Resident

    Austin, TX
    I saw "Yesterday" yesterday, and the wife and I liked it. A sweet romantic comedy with a clever premise, sweetly executed.
  5. Sadcafe

    Sadcafe In the kingdom of the deaf, one eared man is King

    At least your critique is based on seeing it.... unlike some others...
  6. OberonOz

    OberonOz Forum Resident

    Not sure if anyone has replied to this or not yet, so forgive me if Im doubling up. I went and saw Rocketman and really enjoyed it. However, you really need to understand that this is NOT a standard bio pic and they don't intend it to be.

    Its more like a musical/musical fantasy about the life of Elton John using his songs to illustrate what is happening in the narrative. It uses the songs in that kind of narrative fashion. So, Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting appears out of chronological sequence to illustrate Elton's youth as he is growing up before he gets signed. Its where adult "Elton" first joins the narrative.

    I thought the idea worked really well, altho I must admit there was a moment where I went "I can totally see this becoming a touring musical".
    So Im not sure if that makes it better or worse for you. Personally, I enjoyed it. I thought it was very well done and Taron Egerton was great.

  7. DK Pete

    DK Pete Forum Resident

    Levittown. NY
    I admit, I'm guilty in the sense that I'm approaching the film for what it isn't rather than what it is. In all likelihood and as a pretty big Elton John fan of his entire 70's period, I'll make it a point to see it.
  8. Hall Cat

    Hall Cat Forum Resident

    Chicago, IL USA
    Yes, I was all set to enjoy it as simple, light entertainment.
  9. Purple Jim

    Purple Jim Forum Resident

    Again, the cool idea came from this 2006 French movie:

    Same concept. A guy bangs his head and wakes up in a world where Johnny Halliday had never existed.
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  10. ceddy10165

    ceddy10165 My life was saved by rock n roll

    Avon, CT
    My Mom - who got me in to the Beatles - and I went to see it. We liked it. It was fun entertainment.
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  11. DK Pete

    DK Pete Forum Resident

    Levittown. NY
    That's the best attitude to have with a movie like this. Sure, there are moments which can be looked at "deeply" and make it more frustrating than enjoyable....but the deepness needs to be suspended.
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  12. hardknox

    hardknox Forum Resident

    I'll watch it when my library gets the DVD in two or three months.
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  13. Chris DeVoe

    Chris DeVoe 3 months since last false death report!

    Here's something from a discussion forum from a piano teacher I know. I posted it in the thread in Visual Arts, but thought it might be appreciated here:

    I had an amazing lesson with a piano student this evening. He said he had gone to see the new film "Yesterday". We began talking about The Beatles, and I was surprised he knew so much about their music that they wentthrough four "eras" in just seven years; that they were courageous enough to experiment with style and sound that they risked losing their audience; that their lyrics were often multi layered and explored topics previously unaddressed in pop music. He was familiar with their less famous but significant songs. He understood that their cultural impact went well beyond the musical sphere. He shared with me that his great uncle helped George to learn the sitar (the boy is East Indian). This led to a discussion of the history of his native country, helping me to understand more of a place I know littleabout. We played no music but talked until nearly 9 p.m

    He is eleven years old.

    I LOVE my job.
  14. Chris DeVoe

    Chris DeVoe 3 months since last false death report!

    Here's the thing - DVDs and streaming don't impact the films being made anywhere near as much as box office.
  15. BluesOvertookMe

    BluesOvertookMe Forum Resident

    Houston, TX, USA
    This thread is about the movie Yesterday.
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  16. Lovecraft

    Lovecraft Forum Resident

    Isle of Bute, UK
    Rocket Man is brilliant, see it.

    Yesterday is tepid and bland, don't waste your time.

  17. Evethingandnothing

    Evethingandnothing Forum Resident

    I know. I was asked during my discussions on the film Yesterday. I didn't offer those opinions otherwise. Had you not read the other posts?
  18. BluesOvertookMe

    BluesOvertookMe Forum Resident

    Houston, TX, USA
    I saw a film called Yesterday that did not resemble your post. So I thought maybe your post accidentally ended up in the wrong thread. It happens.
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  19. Evethingandnothing

    Evethingandnothing Forum Resident

    Yeah, it was a comment on the Danny Boyle film Shallow Grave. And no, it doesn't belong in this thread. But like I said, I was asked to talk about Richard Curtis and Danny Boyle films other than Yesterday. I'm a polite guy, so I responded to the request. A discussion of the writer and director is quite valid though.
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  20. Brodnation

    Brodnation The Future Never Dies So Tomorrow Never Knows

    Just got out the theatre, I really enjoyed it. Sure there’s plot holes but who cares. Also *that scene* did pull at my heart strings a bit
  21. JohnG

    JohnG PROG Nation!

    New York, NY
    I loved it especially its momentous cameo near the end. Just a sweet nice movie and a must for Beatles fans.
  22. Brodnation

    Brodnation The Future Never Dies So Tomorrow Never Knows

    I avoided spoilers like the plague. That end scene, that end scene made me cry a bit
  23. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    cool Mom, my Mom loved the Beatles when they first came to the US in 1964! she even took me to both AHDN & Help! she dug them...what trooper! she dealt with all the screaming kids in the theater! she loved all of their albums...she liked John the best...
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  24. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    really looking forward to owning this on BD!
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  25. ARK

    ARK Forum Resident

    Charlton, MA, USA
    Oh. I thought you were paraphrasing a confused Nigel Tufnel. “This one goes to 11”.
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