Things Hollywood has been doing wrong for years.

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  1. timind

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    Just like super hero movies, as long as there’s an audience, they’ll keep making it
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  2. Joe Stewart

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    At the beginning, the awards were like an industry trade show and in the 50s television approached Hollywood and asked if they could televise it. It turned into a TV event from there and has gotten more cringeworthy with time. :) Kind of like what ESPN did to the NFL draft. :)
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  3. Raf

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    There’s only one awards show?
  4. spencer1

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    This year around 19 million in the U.S. gave a ****.
    Not what it used to be but still the most watched show that night.

    Personally enjoy it and if I didn't I'd simply change the channel.
    Wish the BAFTA's were as easy to watch over here.
  5. Rocker

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    Attractive women in movies and TV shows (often in romantic comedies, but not exclusively) who claim that they haven't had sex in a long time, and/or that their sex lives are non-existent.
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  6. Rich-n-Roll

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  7. unclefred

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    They haven't gone full Grammy yet but they're working on it.
  8. dprokopy

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    That's just called "having standards."
  9. Klavier

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    Scenes that show people playing bowed string instruments: they rarely get vibrato or left hand positions correct. The piano is a little easier to fake if the actor can’t actually play it. Still, I’ve seen some bad attempts over the years.
  10. Phil Tate

    Phil Tate Miss you Indy x

    South Shields
    This isn't Hollywood, but here's Larry Lamb playing the keyboard in a clip from the first Gavin and Stacey Christmas special. Watch at the very start, and at the end of the clip as the camera pulls out. It's hilarious, he's not even pretending to move his hands!

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  11. Klavier

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    Wow...that's about the worst I've seen!
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  12. HGN2001

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    The pitch and tempo changing in a capella singing or chanting when two different angles are edited together.

    Example: M*A*S*H, when Potter is first introduced, he, BJ and Hawkeye are in the swamp singing an old WWI song; when the scene switches to outside the tent, the musical pitch drops.

    Example: STAR TREK, when the children are chanting to bring forth the friendly angel, the pitch and tempo changes from edit to edit.

    Often happens on Happy Birthday celebrations.
  13. Roland Stone

    Roland Stone Offending Member

    The exciting real life world of detectives! Investigating the unsolved murder! Digging deeper than the stumped police detectives! Brawling with henchmen! Falling in love with the widow! Outsmarting Mr. Big's plan to steal the entire enchilada!

    A friend briefly worked with a detective agency. Every single one of his assignments was photographing a straying husband, preliminary to serving divorce papers. Every. Single. Job.

    I asked him, Is the guy ever not cheating? He said, Nope, he's always cheating because by the time his wife figures it out, the husband's brazen and lazy about it. Same bat place, same bat time, same bat channel. My friend would just park in the hotel lobby and wait for the inevitable evidence to present itself for documentation.
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  14. KevinP

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    All planets have the same gravity as ours. (Nevermind atmosphere.)

    I'll grant Hollywood and the BBC the universal translator as a plot convenience, but even when they don't give us a throwaway line about it, the characters often don't react properly to aliens speaking Californian English. Think how differently Planet of the Apes would have been if any character, human or ape, said, 'Wait. They're not just speaking. They're speaking the same language I speak.'
  15. finslaw

    finslaw muzak to my ears

    Westerns in general. It was standard issue for guns to have to be checked in when you enter a town, but in Westerns they wanted the whole rogue gunslinger vibe so they ignored that reality. Westerns were also created as propaganda of sorts to condone the westward movement and genocide against Native Americans, and then that propaganda genre became like one third of all movies in Hollywood for a time. The thing about it that was wrong is Hollywood always portrayed warring "Indians" and ones that were more or less asking for it. But out of thousands of Westerns made I can't think of one that portrayed the genocide of peaceful tribes in California. Dances With Wolves and Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee were about the Lakota tribe in the Dakotas. So Hollywood has made many films about Slavery and the Holocaust, but they have not made one movie about the very thing IN THEIR STATE that they lied about for a century in thousands of movies, and the lie that basically built their entire industry.
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